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community over personal construction over frustration and dissatisfaction

Personal not community perception not construction frustration and dissatisfaction propaganda
The attitudes and behaviors of the PNC and their supporters have always reflected hostility to the achievements of the shareholders. It is as though they never existed. The business of party over community is too ridiculous for my blood. I would not hesitate to remind all and or educate folks that good intentions are all resting in the cemeteries.
It is abundantly clear; in fact problems of objectives observations there is certainly a lack of validity and reliability in the reproduction of the thought process of parrots of the political entities. This phenomena is indeed a world wide
Guyanese society can ill afford to continue upon this path of reckless endangerment to its people. The situation as it exists today can not be described as at all favourable.
The main political parties resolutely oppose and alliance of the two major ethnic groups of the working class people of Guyana. They continue to twist the noose of our political and economic demise and underdevelopment.
Farmers, housewives – all the many mothers and fathers – who instill in me the need for respect for life, property and community. I am indeed grateful, they took their time to nurture me – especially in light of the abyss our young people have now apparently fallen victim in this era. Ronald Austin, Stephen Bamfield, Lennox Cush, William White, Lionel Abel, Edgar Henry, Ebenezer Alexander Trotz,
I am especially grateful to numerous souls who were instrumental in the welfare of my heritage, and the communities they were resident. Allow me; therefore to make mention of a number of them. James Alfred Trotman (1864-1961), Donald Ashley Bevel Trotman and their immediate relatives for nurturing my dearest ancestor of them al; Muriel Sancho. Leopold Duncan Sarrabo and Daniel Thomas Adolphus Jones (1855-1945) for their indomitable spirit. The teachers at Golden grove Wesleyan school who educated and encouraged my mother to be an educator. The members of the extended family and the people of the communities of the upper East Coast of Demerara who in whatever measures contributed to my mother's welfare. Sampson Nathaniel Collins for delivering the invitation to the Most Honourable Marcus Messiah Garvey (1887-1940) to visit the colony of British Guiana. James Donald Ainsworth for the historical articles of the rural communities – and for facilitating and or hosting the visit of E. F. M. Hercules at his residence at Victoria village, East Coast Demerara. LRD Ainsworth, one of my mother's favourite pupils for the interest in my welfare. Rohan Kanhai, another of my mother's favourite pupils for remembering her – and informing me of his appreciation of her efforts, at Enmore Community Center Ground, during his farewell tour of the cricketing venues in Guyana. Roy Clifton Fredericks for emphasizing to me the importance of education, academics over cricket. Fred Wills and Joseph Oscar Fitz Clarence Haynes for supporting my parents and my siblings. Eusi Kwayana and Walter Rodney for championing the cause of the underprivileged working class people. Edward Scobie and Nigel Westmaas for being my mentors. Captain George Arlington Davidson, Captain Victor D. Wilson, Colonel Carl Morgan, Colonel Marcus Monroe, Captain Ice Fraser, for encouraging me to be the best soldier I could be; while an enlisted member of the Guyana Defence Force.
Raymond Drepaul, Hemraj, Rampersaud Tiwari, Balram Singh Rai, Joe Doolam, Reginald Etwaroo, Slingshot Drepaul, Shango Umoja,
I am absolutely positive; their names do not honor their ancestors. I am cognizant Hemraj at Skeldon Line Path Government Secondary School, Derrick Roberts, Mamadou Lumumba and Shango Umoja at Golden Grove Government Secondary School – opened my eyes – with particular reference to knowledge of self.   I remain grateful.
In 1874, Reverend Reginald James Moore published - A Handbook of the causes of non-success and degradation of the Negro race in British Guiana - what is regarded to be the first book written by an African of the Guyanese experience. The twentieth century is littered with outstanding teachers. Among them superb historians, including Norman Eustace Cameron, Jan Carew, Ivan Van Sertima, Brian Moore and Walter Rodney. Eric Williams and Cyril Lionel Robert James among those in Trinidad.
Patrick Benn, Patrick Barker, Kingsley Coddette, Ralph Moore and countless others for touching my life in a positive manner.

Research Interests

I am a member of the kinship of Sancho of Nabaclis and Golden Grove Village District.  The following are amongst my research interests;
History of the kinships of Campbell, Sancho, Younge, Bentick, Solomon, Friday, Kissoon and Sandy and others.
The history of the working class people of the villages of East Coast of Demerara. The primary locations are; Nabaclis, Golden Grove, Victoria, Buxton, Friendship, Ann's Grove, Haslington, Beterverwagting, and Plaisance. I focus on the Slaves. Apprenticed and Indentured Labourers, Shareholders of Plantations, and the advocates of Community Development.
The aftermath of the Demerara Slave Revolt of August 1823 on the plantations.  The biographical information of the Guyanese teachers who were trained at Shortwood, Mico and St. Joseph colleges in Jamaica, Rawle in Barbados, Trinidad, Mico in Antigua and Bishop’s College , and Government Teachers’ Training College in  British Guiana, 1831-1966
Lists of Registered Sicknurses and Dispensers, Chemists and Druggists, Nurses, Nurse-Midwives, Dentists,1857 - 1966
Organizations and their organs, Education, agriculture and local government administration in rural communities. 
I am wondering whether you could point me to the immediate relatives of Leon Campbell, and Pamela Sancho.  I need to be enlightened regarding the relationships of Leon Campbell, and Pamela Sancho to my known relatives.
I would love to communicate with Col. Ulric Pilgrim, and Grease Lightning Pilgrim. I need to locate and communicate with members of the kinship of Pilgrim of Victoria and Buxton and Friendship village districts . . . 
I need to learn who the relatives of station master Charles Pilgrim are. I need to learn whether they are aware of the exact nature of his relationship to the people of Sancho.
I was also an enlisted member of the Guyana Defence Force. I am a younger brother of Captain Compton Ross. It is my understanding; Captain Victor Orlando  Wilson and Compton Ross were the officers in command of the first three groups of cadet officers in GDF who were trained in Guyana.  . He trained Davidson, Maynard and others.
I served from March 30, 1974 to November 15, 1977.  I was called for the most part, either Young Ross or Little Manish Puppy.  As the time went by I was simply called Puppy.  I did not mind that at all. In fact I rather enjoyed those aliases.  I do not think Captain Compton Ross wanted to be known as Manish Puppy. During the stint I had in the army; the commanding officers were Lt Boyce, Recruit Training, Tacama Battle School, Training Corps, March 30, 1974 - June 30, 1974 and Captain Victor Orlando Wilson, Captain George Arlington Davidson, and Lt. Edward Collins in D Company, June 30, 1974 - November 15, 1977. Collins would become a career soldier. He was appointed Chief of Staff.
During that three years’ period I admired the following;
Col. Ulric Pilgrim, Col. Carl Morgan, Col. Joseph Singh,  Maj. Fairbairn Liverpool, Maj. Marcus Monroe, Maj. Brenda Aaron, Capt. Ian C. Fraser, Capt. George Arlington Davidson, Capt. Victor Orlando  Wilson, 2Lt. Davis, and 2Lt. Aubrey Retemeyer.

WO 1  Bolton Sutton, WO 1  “Jungle Jim” Gerard, L/Cpl. Sugrim, L/Cpl. Moe, L/Cpl. Malcolm Grogan, Sgt. Leland Solomon, Sgt. Ewart Reynolds, and my squaddies Herman Reynolds and Dennis Simon.

I am trying to contact Curly Kissoon. I believe Curly Kissoon is a relative. I need to decipher the Kissoon-Solomon union. I also need to become enlightened respecting the names of my Kissoon and Solomon ancestors and their immediate relatives.

I am also curious; respecting the deaths of two Indo-Guyanese GDF officers, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I believe both were murdered. The officers hailed from the upper Corentyne region. Ramesh Narine  resided at Skeldon. The other was a resident of either # 67 or # 68 village. Ramesh Narine  was a school teacher at Skeldon Line Path Skeldon Government Secondary School. The Officers died in questionable circumstances. The official causes of deaths were said to be vehicular accidents.

GDF was military arn of PNC

I was an enlisted soldier. I was in the GDF. I did Recruit Training,  at Tacama, March 30 - June 30, 1974. I also did Trained Soldiers Course, 1976. Thus, I  served in Training Corps and D' Company, Pirai Battalion, March 30,  1974 – November 15, 1977. I was labeled Little Manish Puppy. 
My mother, Muriel Sancho was head teacher at # 68 Government Primary School, September 1966 – July 1972. Burnham retired Muriel Sancho, some  six years short of her career goal of fiftieth  (50) years service as a primary school teacher. 
While a youngster in primary school, I concluded I wanted to emulate Ramon Sattaur. I'm pretty sure, I'm not aware of an earlier non-Caucasian Guyanese commissioned officer. I'm sure. Ramon Sattaur is the first of the underprivileged working class peoples of Guyana to attend and graduate from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.
 I didn't realize how politicized the GDF really was until I received my first monthly salary in April 1974. Lt. Compton Ross, (Manish Puppy) was the officer handing out the salaries. Fifteen dollars was deducted for PNC dues. Another fifteen dollars deducted for credit union. Sometime, later, I learnt a number of soldiers had direct access to Margaret Ackman, Forbes Burnham and other PNC hierarchy. I wasn't going to run to Oswald Sancho, my uncle, former Chief of Burnham's security detail;  Joseph Oscar Fitzclarence  Haynes; Fred Wills, Winifred  Gaskin, and Rudy Kendall to pull Burnham's coattails. I could not live with politicians owning me. Ramesh Narine lived at Springlands. He was a teacher at Skeldon Line Path  Government Secondary School (SLPGSS). Harry Bissoon should be able to enlighten interested people on Ramesh Narine.  I  recall middle aged and elderly East Indians demanding I forget the foolishness of a military career and follow the footsteps of my mother as career schoolteacher. Talk sense to this young knucklehead. In retrospect I wish I had listened. College Professor would have been most appealing. Oh well my narrow mindedness couldn't think beyond primary school teaching.
I'm sure East Indians believed Narine was murdered. I also remember attending a funeral of a GDF soldier at #67 village. I believe he was a commissioned officer and a Muslim. His departure also was rumored to be murder. I  don't recall his name. I'm sure this transpired 1969-1972. Numerous Africans from the Corentyne were soldiers and commissioned officers. Joe Henry, son of Gershom Henry comes quickly to my mind.  Also, many of them, although birthed elsewhere have parents from the Corentyne.  Are you aware of the thoughts as expressed?

Africans who identify themselves as Christians, Muslims and Jews are out of their right minds

The people referred to as Africans are neither Jews nor Jewish.  The so-called  Africans are Hebrews, Dravidians, Naga, Muurs (Moors),  Mande, Kushities and so on. Jews and Jewish peoples are Caucasians. During the first half of the eighth century, the  Khazarian Ashkenazi misappropriated Hebrew cultural traditions . Perhaps around 732 C.E., the ruling warrior class of Ashkenazi in Khazaria converted to Hebrew cultural religious tradition. The Khazarian ruling class previously tried Christianity and Islam. Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), a philosopher, unleashed the concept of Zionism as a vehicle for world domination. Rothschild males (1790-2016) are the greatest prophet of Zionism. Rothschild, utilizing their system of central banks and paper money currencies have enslaved some seven billions of humans.  By controlling the governments of nations, and the access to supply of money, Rothschild seized control of earth. Rothschild currencies are the major Gods of the human experience. I'm not aware of any human being who isn't enslaved by Rothschild. Jews are Caucasians. It's ridiculous for Africans to refer to themselves as Jews. Africans who identify themselves as Christians, Muslims and Jews are out of their right minds. Macedonians (Greeks) and Romans are the founders of Christianity worshipping of the sun and Saturn. Indigenous African religious systems existed predating the elements of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.  Why would conscious Africans subscribe to being subservient to Caucasian vehicles of white supremacy and world domination? Ignorance has no place in this age of access to information. The super information highway  (internet) is the greatest educational facility of the human experience. Africans need to use the internet as a means of self-emancipation. It's African consciousness and sociology which is the route to salvation of Africans. A Luta Continua

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Don't Bother Me With Your Whites Diseases

I'm not with religions. If I were into religious conditioning; it would be indigenous African religious practices. I don't have Whites' Disease beyond language and clothing. I really don't want to discuss anything with anyone embracing an economic system which enslaved their people, and exploited Africans and Africa . All western religions are economic systems. These Caucasians vehicles aimed to achieve world domination. Deeply melaninated peoples aren't originally Christians, Muslims and Jews. Africans were originally into worshipping NATURE in the manifestation as a serpent (King Kobra) and trees ( Baobab and Sita trees). Before 642 A.D. it's unlikely an African Muslim existed. Certainly, no African was a Muslim in the eras of the kushite, Nubian, Kemetian empires. Africans became Christians, Muslims and Jewish in similar fashion as they became Americans, Jamaicans, Guyanese, Haitians Brazilians and so on. Africans were conquered and conditioned to adopt alien behaviors. Africans killing Africans is most disgusting to my palate. Asinine at best. Africans must value the lives of Africans and deeply melaninated peoples all over the earth. Religions be fanned. Religions don't make humans. I haven't witnessed religions giving birth to life anywhere. Humans make religions. Religions don't predate any animal on this planet. Religions are unnecessary evils humans can do without. Probably more than seven billions died resulting from religious intolerance. What a waste of human resources. Africans must eradicate foreign behaviors to establish African unity upon the African consciousness and African sociology. I rest my case. Long Live indigenous peoples and cultural traditions everywhere. A Luta Continua

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Cheddi Jagan

Ever since Dr. Cheddi Bharrat Jagan (1918-1997) joined the ancestors on March 6, 1997, the Peoples’ Progressive Party and their supporters have gone out of their way to deify Dr. Jagan. Ever so often, articles are published telling you and I, Dr. Jagan was;
Beyond reproof
The father of the nation
The architect of Guyana ’s independence.
Political scientists such as Dr. Prem Misir and Dr. Festus Brotherson have all but convinced many Dr. Jagan was god in human form upon earth.  Indeed Guyana , and Guyanese were truly was blessed by his presence. Those who questioned were berated as possessing hair-brained thoughts which reproduced only hog wash at best – and could only originate from racism. The members of underprivileged working class are, in the words of many professors, who for the most part, are suppressors of information; do not possess any rationale whatsoever. Questioning rhetoric and policies which have resulted in misery and underdevelopment of the people of Guyana is often up against ethnic and religious loyalties. As a result desperate people continue to romanticize Dr. Jagan. Thus, the PPP has lifted Cheddi Jagan and his legacy to heights bordering on creating a new religion, with Dr. Jagan is its messiah. Claiming it is wrong for those of us who has suffered the consequences of the actions, reactions of selfish political aspirants of the highest offices of the land to criticize those so-called men of national, regional and international stature.
It is incomprehensively that only the privileged few are to be immortalized and iconize. In my simple, humble mind, man was birthed to die, physically. I term it the great equalizer. Dr. Jagan lived as a man. Dr. Jagan died as a man – end of story – but no; his supporters continued to perpetuate a myth, upon the unsuspecting Guyanese nationals. Today, I have great difficulties understanding whether they are communicating about a man or a God. Their thought process. It is my understanding of the articles – no other leader mattered in the history of the human experience in Guyana . While the Jaganites are lifting Cheddi to a god-like stature – they have abandoned his seed. They have turned their collective backs upon Cheddi Jagan Jr. and Joey Jagan. The platform their father built into a mass movement – has a closed door – policy to Dr. Jagan’s sons. I am absolutely perturbed by such a development. I am positive something is amiss with such behaviour. I can assure you – in the English Speaking Caribbean – it is a very strange phenomenon for sons have followed their fathers in the political party which promoted the prior generation of the member of the family. Manley in Jamaica , Bird in Antigua and Adams in Barbados spring quickly to my mind. That is certainly a striking feature in the policy of the PPP.
It is commonly accepted the East Indians arrived in British Guiana on May 3rd, 1838 when they disembarked at Vreed-en-Hoop on the West Bank of the Demerara River . It seems to me, that it is logical to conclude East Indians were up against it even before they arrived in British Guiana .
Thus, it is likely, radicals advocating, self-emancipation – and improved conditions across the board were numbered among the indentured labourers from the Indian sub-continent. It is simply too ridiculous a notion for  intelligent beings to accept East Indians had no voice in British Guiana , until Dr. Jagan returned from the USA, in the era of the closing years of the second White War of the twentieth Century. Off Course, that is simply not accurate – not by a long shot. In a period of more than eighty years between the murder of labourers at Leonora on the West Coast of Demerara and that of the massacre of the sugar employees at Plantation Enmore in 1948 – there were numerous upheavals all over the sugar belt, which accounted for numerous deaths, and mayhem upon the east Indians in British Guiana .
The first notable voice in support of the East Indian workers, by an East Indian was that of Bechu who was indentured at Plantations Enmore and Cove and John on the East Coast of Demerara.
Joseph Ruhomon and his cousins, members of the Luckhoo kinship were among the leading lights. They established the British Guiana East Indian Association as a vehicle to promote the Indian Opinion. BGEA articulated on the behalf of the East Indian workers.
The BGEA advocated improved conditions in all phases of life for East Indians in the Colony of British Guiana.
Clearly, their were numerous, unsung heroes, who advocated on the behalf of the East Indians at various sugar estates, throughout the East Indian experience in the sugar industry in British Guiana.
It is an absolute necessity for historians to document the struggles waged by the people – as represented by their leaders on the various estates.  It is high time

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bartica Regulation Ordinance

The colonial government enacted Ordinances establishing the Towns of Bartica and Morawhanna in 1887 and 1891, respectively. Also, the colonial government enacted Ordinances repealing those provisions in 1892 and 1902, respectively. It appears Bartica was a town, April 23, 1887 - November 1892. Morawhanna was a town, October 17, 1891 - December 16, 1902. Please note there are several sources of information exhibiting at least two different dates for Ordinances Amending the Bartica Regulation Ordinance, 1887 and the Morawhanna Regulation Ordinance 1891.
The Village Ordinance 1892 seems to have changed the status of Bartica. Attorney General, John Worrell Carrington is the principal designer of the Village Ordinance 1892. This ordinance is best remembered for its provisions linking communities under singular Local Authorities such as Nabaclis with Golden Grove and Friendship with Buxton, and other locations, against the will of the people of those communities. Research in Local Government Administration is necessary to determine why the colonial Governments made those decisions.
The dates and time factors found in recent reports respecting Bartica is absolutely incorrect. It's highly unlikely either James Carmichael Smyth or Henry Light approved of town of Bartica Regulation Ordinance in 1838. Guyanese, perhaps, need to be reminded 1838 is the year which affected and changed the peopling of British Guiana.
On May 5, 1838 two ships docked at Vreed-en-Hoop. East Indians disembarked employed as Immigrant labourers of John Gladstone. On August 1, 1838, the Emancipation of Plantation Slavery and Apprenticeship legalized Africans as peasants of British Guiana. The colonial Government was comprised of Europeans. Sugar planters and slave owners dominated all branches of government and society. Also, the April 23, date is ample evidence that the correct year is 1887.
The digital print news media outlets have all ran with this disinformation. Certainly, it's asinine to believe the colonial government authorities conveniently forgot to include Bartica Regulation Ordinance 1838 in their publications. There was no Bartica Regulation Ordinance 1838. There is absolutely no doubt, that that no such enactment transpired in 1838. There was however an ordinance to establish Public Hospital Bartica in 1861.
This nonsense of embellishing the accounting must be eradicated. It is one hundred and twenty nine (129) years. It's not one hundred and seventy eight (178) years. The claim made is so very wrong. It’s not funny. It’s outrageous. Is it deliberate, blatant and malicious deception? Why make claims when it could be so easily proven fictitious? Moreover access to information is readily available on the super information highway. Guyanese need to access same and not swallow disinformation. Current Guyanese and other interested persons are likely to either accept or believe it possible. This truth warrior suggests you do the research yourself and rescue yourself. Also, correct if I am wrong. A Luta Continua.
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