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Blackman, when will you begin to make the necessary changes?

I think people ought to form unions with whomever they chose regardless of ethnicity and gender. I also think such scenarios aren't really any individuals’ business but their own; consenting adults. In simple words; I am saying unions between two human beings are civil matters. They are Civil Rights issues.
Let’s face it; Life is too damn  short to be bothered with indoctrination of bygones centuries. Forget the fables in the Bible. Enough already; when will the madness end? I am not with the nonsense of Methuselah living for 969 years. I would accept ole Methuselah survived for 969 months and longer, but  no more than 1464 months. I cannot in my right mind accept the ages and the acts associated with super-aged males as displayed in the Book of Genises  5: 1-32. I think for myself. Those accounts are unnatural. They are totally unrealistic. Crackers may take others for fools. I am not with that. How could I? Blackman why does your western Gods possess different physical characteristics from yours? Why are gods younger than creation? Why are there no Goddesses in the Bible, the  Koran and the Torah? Why are fully grown females reduced to property of males in the Bible? It is alarming. How are so  numerous so-called intelligent females subject themselves to the nonsense printed in the Bible? The accounts in the Bible are tantamount to domestic abuse. They are so anti-feminine. It’s such a shame.
Why do so-called “Africans” and the diaspora start their conversations with European conquest of our ancestors, especially those  south of the Sahara and not at the beginnings of human experience in Central East Africa? The Bible, Koran, and Torah are worst than guns.  Clearly, they are tools of Europeans colonizing schemes. Physical bondage was inhumane. Economic and mental bondage is the worst form of enslavement. Constantine was far more devious than Alexander. Constantine has overshadowed  every other conqueror. During the last seventeen (1700) hundred years, Constantine captured and imprisoned the minds and souls of billions of human beings.  Our  ancestors have faced  and their descendants are facing, for some seven hundred years, the worst forms of enslavement on both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Blackman in India, for 3513 years, has been up against it. Yet, indeed the human experience, every human being is a Blackman. Therefore, obviously, greed, indoctrination and treachery of the ruling class upon the backs of the underprivileged working class are the primary causes of human dilemmas on Earth. It’s nothing more than a scheme, a five thousand-year-old scheme, a con-game; labeled Old World Order.  Thus, the need is for the suffering classes to overturn the systems utilized by the ruling classes and their schemes of patronage and replace such with New World Order of bottom-up instead of the five thousand-year-old  top-down agenda and the business of icon making and worshiping. That’s the bottom line. A change is Gonna come. Better must come.  Blackman, when will you begin to make the necessary changes?
Truth will triumph . . . Walk in light and in truth. A Luta Continua.

How and Where May I Access These Publications?

Are you aware of these publications? And how and where may I access them?
Directory of British Guiana (Argosy, 1909)
Moore, John Richard (1874) A Hand Book of the Causes of Non-Success and Degradation of the Negro Race in British Guiana (Demerara, 1874)
Evans, William Walter (1908)  Biographical Portraits: Georgetown; British Guiana, 1908.
Ruhomon, Joseph (1931) Reminiscences of Old Berbice (The publication is said to be a pamphlet. I asked several Indo-Guyanese academics about it. None responded. That’s the nature of the beast.)
East Coast Demerara Almanack and Directory for the year 1888 ( and for all the available years)
Cummings, Leslie (1963) Land of Many: Article, September 1, 1963
Cummings, Leslie  - "The Name Guiana: Its Origin and Meaning", Journal of the British Guiana Museum and Zoo of the Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society. #38 (July, 1963 - June 1964) 49-58.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Conversation with Uncle Sydney

My experiences and my moods fluctuated rapidly on Monday, August 12, 2013. I expected a female at 9 AM. By 30 A.M. she did not appear where I am domiciled. Thus, I left. When I returned, I accessed a rather rude and disturbing note apparently written by her. However, between 1.54 P.M. and 2.24 P.M., I was fortunate. I contacted and communicated with my Uncle Sydney. What’s not to like about it? Well when my Uncle migrated from British Guiana to the United Kingdom; I was a two-month-old fetus.
I am ecstatic. I am nostalgic. I experienced my Uncle by telephone. Perhaps, I will also by email correspondence.
It’s my observations that siblings of natural family environment experiences great difficulties bonding with each other in this modern age in which humans dwell and especially in the metropolitan areas of western societies. The emphasis being placed upon the nuclear family. In poor neighborhoods, the “crabs in the barrel” syndrome are all too commonplace. Therefore, one can imagine the pattern of behaviors of siblings of some fragmented family experiences. The concepts of “a dog eat dog world” is ever present. People in this group are simply just too much; too full of themselves. Thus, quite often they conveniently forget to even mention their parents and/or siblings to their immediate relatives. Thus I was not at all surprised when I learnt from my Uncle Sydney dwelling for some sixty (60) years in London, United Kingdom; he never heard of my brother Colin and I. In the recent past he met Hamilton, Compton and Cheryl; probably in New York, USA. However, he had no recollection of the names of siblings; George, Mariette, Colin and I. Thus, he was quite surprised to learn his brother and my mother have other children. I told him I think it’s conceivable he was aware of six of the seven children as of the day he immigrated to the United Kingdom, and the fact that he had neither seen nor heard of them for the longest while removed them from his memory. I told him George was about eleven years and ten months years old; Hamilton was about eight years four months’ old; Mariette was about seven years and two months old; Compton was about four years and ten months old; Cheryl was about three years and one month old; Colin was about one year and three months’ old; and I was a fetus of about two months; when he left British Guiana.
He exposed a great sense of humor. Something, about George E. Ross (my father) was extremely handsome but still he was rather much more good looking than his eldest brother. He suggested I send an image of myself. I told several Guyanese claim even Ptolemy Reid was much more handsome than I. He was lost. So I said I am aware I Inherited his father's Y chromosomes and several mannerisms of his. However, I am afraid my father's good looks, his charisma and his skills as a master pianist escaped me.
I felt for about thirty minutes I belonged to the Ross experience in Hopetown, West Coast Berbice. 
Oh! Well I am still Sancho. I will always be Muriel's son. Truth will triumph....

Friday, August 2, 2013

Setting the Records Straight - High Dam Community and Health Centre

Setting the Records Straight - High Dam Community and Health Centre
The High Dam Community and Health Centre, was an Independence project for which MEGAN HULDAH (WALCOTT/SANCHO) NACIMENTO, popularly known as PRECIOUS, Member of Parliament; Government Chief Whip; Secretary, East Demerara Region, Lilliandal - Abary; Chairman, West Mahaicony Village Council; Justice of the Peace; Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits; Community Development Worker; and Candidate, for General Elections, 1968 - 1983. Ms.Nacimento received 1966 Independence Medal for the High Dam Community and Health Centre project.

Origins of Project
Mr. Forbes Burnham, the Leader of the PNC, challenged PNC group leaders to propose viable projects that would be beneficial to their communities. Ms.Nacimento imagined a Community and Health Centre would be a desirable project the community at High Dam, in the Mahaicony district. Simply because of her experiences, when pregnant; along with other females had to walk about half of a mile to the former health care facility at Fairfield. Thus, Ms.Nacimento approached Mr. Norman Percival, her step father, and they discussed the probability and necessity of such a project. Mr. Norman Percival donated the land on which the building was constructed. 
The project was approved in 1966. However, it did not get off the ground until 1968 when Ms. Nacimento was appointed Community Development Worker in the Ministry of Community Development. She was instrumental in getting the residents of High Dam and neighboring villages to make their contributions as Self-Help, in conjunction with Government contribution to complete construction of the building. This building is still useful. It is serving the community in 2013.
I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all of the people who participated in the completion of the project during my leadership. I would like to name everyone but my memory refuses to cooperate. However, I can recall Farinha, Robertson, GilGeours, Rutherford, Pompey, Balkarran, Simpson, Hughes, Byrne, Chichester, Percival, Nobrega, and others.
Yours Truly,
Megan Nacimento (Precious)
Brooklyn, NY
August 01, 2013

Corbin, Granger, PNC/APNU/WPA on Stupidness

"Georgetown Looks to the East Coast to Decide its Political Matters" April 1919
As one correspondent of the Chronicle wrote in October 1918, "It is a common thought among the poorer peoples of this colony that places under British rule do not make rapid progress . . . Until the policy of a country gets into the hands of the people through their representatives, it is bound to make slow progress.”
By the end of the war, the electorate was faced with a 'Progressive Party', which was not an organisational unit, but an alliance of politicians, which had emerged out of the Recall Movement with the intention of capturing all fourteen of the seats which were to be filled by election.
Again they identified themselves with the masses, and this itself was to provide grounds for disillusionment when they were successfully elected.’
I am confident Corbin is not only on stupidness but also - that scenario has been tolerated for far too many years . . . I recall the debacle following Vincent Alexander challenge to Corbin . . . The mere fact that Black people, African Guyanese and especially those of the communities of the villages of the East Coast of Demerara still blindly support the PNC is simply most revolting . . . it is beyond my simple mind set . . . when I was a child they taught me a ridiculous tale which amounts to who will bell the cat . . . that syndrome has handcuffed Guyanese people as long as I can remember . . . More over I advocate the PNC membership needs to strip Corbin of his authority. Further more PNC should simply expel Corbin, immediately . . . as was done to Manning in Trinidad. PNM kicked him out. They should have kicked his butt . . . How much of Corbin and his shenanigans are our people going to endure? I say toss him out, right this minute . . . while you are at it, also toss out the entire cadre of the old guard . . . all of them needs to be immediately replaced with young and vibrant people armed with visions of promoting development of all phases of life in Guyana.
Women's autonomy in Guyana has been shaped by its unique history of colonial rule, slavery. and indentureship, its ethnic composition, its proximity to the US and its small size. The two major political parties, the Afro-Guyanese dominated People's National Congress and the Indo- Guyanese dominated People's Progressive Party have been locked in a struggle for power in the post-independence decades. Voting is along ethnic lines and the elections were marked by violence. The political and economic problems the country in the last three decades has led to massive emigration and the flight of the educated middle class. This scenario has also had an effect on the politics of gender and on women's solidarity in Guyana.”
. The PNC must distance itself from its past. It must truly become a people’s party. By that I mean every member of the party must be confident they have equal opportunity to become the leader of the party. Elections within the Party must be above scrutiny . . . I am not aware of any elections within the PNC to be without incident and/or above suspicion. The process seems to be reminiscent of that found in publications relative to the mafia in the USA.
Perhaps, I expect too much of the people of the rural districts . . . Perhaps, I expect too much of our females . . . I expect leadership to spring from the villages of the East Coast of Demerara . . . Dr. Rodney tells us, ’peasant farmers of the East Coast Demerara met at Victoria Village, condemned the government in power, and agreed to form a 'Political Association', embracing members from Ann's Grove and Bachelor's Adventure. All this was in the period after the Recall Movement and the formation of the 'Progressive Party,” and it may appear futile because the workers had no vote.’
Dr. Rodney stated, ‘the initiative on the issues concerning the well-being of the masses came from the rural peasantry. The Chairman of the Victoria Institute remarked in April 1919 that "Georgetown looks to the East Coast to decide its political matters,” and the facts did bear out this situation. The weapons which the rural proletariat and peasantry fashioned for their struggle included credit banks and agricultural societies, while the Village Councils and the Village Chairmen's Conferences were forums for the expression of the will of the rural masses and their determination to confront the planter class’.
I cannot for the life in me understand why our people continue to support the petty bourgeoisies . . . These personalities possess middle class aspirations. They are selfish. Certainly, they are not about the greatest good of our people. They are solely committed and interested in acquiring personal prestige and accumulations of personal wealth.
I still believe PNC could still become a formidable contender . . . They could probably win a narrow victory, by simply throwing out all of the old guard and signaling they are embracing the females . . . voters would favorably consider a ticket with females as viable candidates . . . Such a move would show that PNC is about changing its image.
I would love to reside in an egalitarian society in Demerara . . . That was my dream. The reality has been just as terrible as the experiences of my ancestors during the days of physical bondage on the plantations . . . Such a nightmare - What a rat race?
Das, Maitreyi (2000) Women's Autonomy and Politics of Gender in Guyana: Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 35, No. 23 (Jun. 3-9, 2000), pp. 1944-1948
Rodney, Walter (1966) Masses in Action - on the Canvas of the World - New World - Guyana Independence Issue - George Lamming and Martin Carter (Editors) pp. 46-55

Guyanese Politics is a 60 year-old Mess

Robert Corbin and PNC Deh Pon Strupidness and so too are their supporters - Jagdeo and Ramotar and the members of the Executive Committee of the PPP are the petty bourgeoisies promoting programs of the Paramountcy of the PPP, Marginalization, exploitation and eradication of African Guyanese and their communities, profiting from the illegal Narcotics Trade. What's this all about? Is it a carry over of the August 1961 victory march? Is it realization for Burnham-Hoyte's Illegal PNC Regime 1968-1992? Is it simply accumulation of wealth behind the veil of ethnic fears in Guyana and the blind eye of the world police of nations? Is it the Coolie Pon top of Blackman syndrome prevalent in most societies where East Indian is the dominated sector of the population?
An analsys of the last 58 years, 1953-2011, have shown the representation of the people is a microcosm of the society. Certainly, the analsys of the voters' practice will always show the electorate cast their ballot primarily on their understanding of their responsibility to their ethnic group and issues are secondary. The process regarded as democracy is inadequate in multiethnic and muliticultural societies . . . it is nothing more than simply the politics of numbers . . . show me a nation on earth in which groups of ethnic minorities are not political and economically powerless and are not subjected to inhumane conditions of life daily? There only hope is migration . . . the petty bourgeoisies are the major stumbling blocks in Guyanese society . . . they most skilly utilizes indoctrination to achieve the aims and aspirations. They promote the propaganda of PNC being a platform for Africans; Africans or Blackman hate East Indians and/or Blackman are jealous of East Indians . . . Blackman is stupid . . . Blackman can't run countries . . . women can't run countries. Females aren't good in the field of mechanizing and other business ventures. these are amongst the stereotypes East Indians’ males express . . . note the similarities of the expressions found in the aftermath of the colonial relationship of Europeans and Africans in the plantation society on both coasts of the Atlantic ocean . . .
Racism Renders Ballot impotent it is absolutely clear to those of eyes who have eyes and use them and possess brains and use them effectively that ethnicity matters in all societies even at this late date. What has become crystal clear - no doubt about it - mankind hides behind the prison of indoctrination as the means to accumulate and keep wealth by every means possible. Mankind’s unwholesome ambitions - lusts for powers - are fueled by greed and treachery . . . politicians and religious leaders, and merchant capital are prime exhibits . . . as with most scenarios there are exceptions . . . the careers of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Eusi Kwayana and Walter Rodney demonstrates they are exceptions to the general pattern of behavior exhibited by politicians and/or political advocates during the twentieth century . . . there are a few others . . . in Guyana as elsewhere it is easy to identify who the members of your class are . . . material wealth is difficult to hide . . . and more over people are basically materialistic. They love to exhibit their possessions. I guess it's their measure of success . . . I loved to listen to farmers chatting about the sizes of their animals and fruits and vegetable and the expected returns from their crops of grains . . . that was the essence of the rural communities in the colony of British Guiana. today, in Guyana and elsewhere it's about your clothing, your residence, your means of transportation, how deep the pockets are, how believable you are, appearance is everything, you never have the opportunity to make another first impression - the messages in the cliques for the most part reveal the sources of the negativity found in current societies the world over . . .
I embrace social networking. I recognized the possibilities . . . I wondered whether the agencies of the US government had anything to do with its implementation. Whether the Eurocentric world would rue the day, the allowed the super information highway to be accessible to people beyond government agencies . . . was the World wide web intended to be a vehicle useful to perpetuate removal of persons not undermining their nations in the best interests of the European world? Your weapon could well be useful to your enemies, too. Social networks are best utilized as a tool for educating the masses of the people of earth. it must and can be used to remove despotic from power... really outstanding humans from imhotep to Walter Rodney including Thomas more, Gandhi, Garvey, and Malcolm X and many others would have done wonders with such a weapon accessible to them...people today are blessed but they are wasting the opportunity to force the ruling class to bow down to the masses.
- Peoples Revolution is long overdue - past due
When I analyze the political upheavals taking place in the arabs’ world; I recognize the people are being manipulated by foreign interests. The major motivating force is oil. The Eurocentric nations of the world careless about the conditions of life of the populace. They are motivated by greed and treachery. Oil is the underlying factor. If and/or when oil is found in commercial quantities in Guyana, the Eurocentric world would as suddenly be smitten with concern and committed to relieving Guyana of its natural resources. Make no mistake the Guyanese people are of no consequence to the European world. There is no interest in righting wrongs in Guyana. It has not been revealed Guyana possesses what it takes to interest the European world. That is the primary reason dictatorships are tolerated in the nation. More over, the time is past due for Guyanese people to recognize that their elected officials are not interested in the welfare of the Guyanese people. Not one of them, Cheddi Jagan, Forbes Burnham, Desmond Hoyte, Cheddi Jagan, Samuel Hinds, Janet Jagan, Bharat Jagdeo and, Donald Ramotar displayed any particular interested in the `development of Guyana and the Guyanese people. They are all petty bourgeoisies. They are all Eurocentric copycat ideologues. I believe it is accurate to define Eusi Kwayana and Walter Rodney as opposed to their actions and ideology. The WPA offered the Guyanese society a model which contrasted with all the known political platforms which existed in Guyana. The WPA today, do not possess a semblance of the integrity and/or the political philosophy of the WPA 1974-1980 . . .
I grew up in the rural communities . . . I noticed people were not outwardly racist. They were about the livelihood of mankind. Why then, do they support conditions which are totally detrimental to their existence in Guyana? The rationale is found in the indoctrination people receive in their sojourn. I find it totally objectionable that most Guyanese possess relatives of different ethnicity yet they are likely to support war against their fellow Guyanese citizenry along the demarcations of ethnicity . . . that to my way of thinking is asinine. It is DNA or kinship over ethnicity. That’s the boundary most intelligent people would stand for. The major problem is educating Guyanese people to understand that regardless of the ethnicity of the ruling class the masses have caught hell in the Guyanese experience. How do Guyanese people change such a course? It is dependant of their understanding of the man-made boundary labeled as working class and ruling class. The technocrats would have you believe they are struggling for your interests. Yet, history has shown they are totally in support of their own class interests. The major boundary in Guyana as in most nations is rich and poor people. the privileged versus the suffering class are the order of mankind's state of existence here on earth,
Change must be brought to bear on that phenomena only then will our people rise up from the decadence which has bewitched them for centuries in the Guyanese experience. No god, no religion no one but ourselves would be willing to light ourselves from the inhumane conditions of life the masses face daily. That’s the truth of the situation.

Random Thoughts and Expressions

"United there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided there is little we can do"
"We pledge our word that one form of colonial control shall not have passed away merely to be replaced by a far more iron tyranny. We shall not always expect to find them supporting our view. But we shall always hope to find them strongly supporting their own freedom -- and to remember that, in the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.
To those people in the huts and villages of half the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves, for whatever period is required -- not because the Communists may be doing it, not because we seek their votes, but because it is right. If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.
Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love." ...John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address 20 January 1961.
This plot is merely a reflection in the mirror of reason for the inclusion in one plot of such heterogeneous elements, political, personal, and mythological. The assumption clearly mythical hypothesis of a all are evidence against this hypothesis.
"The rapidity with which historical events are forgotten shows how unlikely it is that what is remembered in the form of tradition should be history."
I love being black. Most of all, I love NATURAL BLACK FEMALES. The first images I possess are of three Black middle aged females. I love black history especially social and cultural history of our people. I love the fact, all of the kinds of man emerged out of the Global Black Experience. There is no such thing as a racist Blackman. Further more, no Blackman can ever be an alien upon the face of the earth. Any society which deems any Blackman as an alien possess twisted logic. It is totally absurd in fact it is asinine. further I say not . . .

"The African Union is basically a club for dictators representing themselves as revolutionaries" ... Dr. Horace Campbell March 25, 2011
"Most Africans believe in the unity of Africa. The Massi and the Yoruba don't believe in borders. The real border is between the super rich and the poor. The African diaspora must conceptualise its own social system"

Autochthon Studies

Are you Guyanese? Are you connected to the Caribbean basin? Are you of Temne peoples of Sierra Leone? You are welcomed to communicate with me; and/or to enlighten me; relative to none political and none religious discourse. I am seeking to communicate with people on both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean who are interested in repairing what the Atlantic Holocaust took away from aboriginals of earth.
I consider myself an intelligent being and I love intelligent people discourse on political and religious philosophies. I love to examine their effects upon the daily experiences of billions of humans, here upon earth.
Research Interests
  1. History of the kinships of Bentick (Bentinck), Campbell, Friday, Sancho, Solomon, Sandy, Kissoon, and Younge (deYoung, deYounge, Young). Also paternal kinships of Erskine, McPherson, Martin, Ross, and Semple of Hopetown, and West Coast Berbice, Guyana.
  2. Women’s Movements in British Guiana, 1831-1943,
  3. Authentic History of the working class people of Golden Grove, Nabaclis, Haslington, Victoria, Ann’s Grove, Buxton, Friendship and the other major African Villages on the East Coast Demerara.
  4. Teachers of the Bishop’s College for the Training of Teachers, 1851-1881, Charlestown, East Bank Demerara; Teachers Training College, Georgetown, British Guiana 1928-1966; particularly 1932-1934 batch; Teachers of the Teachers Training Colleges; St. Joseph, Mico, and Shortwood in Jamaica, Rawle in Barbados, Mico in Antigua, and Trinidad, 1910-1922; and British Guiana Teachers’ Association
  5. Village Chairmen’s Conference; Local Government Administration; Local Authority of Golden Grove and Nabaclis. Methodism and Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in British Guiana particularly at Golden Grove, Victoria, Ann’s Grove and Friendship - schools, Ministers, churches, congregations and extra-curricular activities.