Monday, September 30, 2013

Beyond Bentick Sancho, one hundred and fifty-two (152) years ago

I enjoyed a ninety (90) plus minutes’ conversation with Ms. Patrice Baird-Grandison. Our relative is a great granddaughter of Ms. Winifred (Sancho) Moore. Our common ancestor is her great great-grandfather Lammy Tuckness Sancho.
Ms. Patrice Baird-Grandison grew up in Ann’s Grove and Georgetown. She does not know me. She did not know Muriel Sancho. However, she was familiar with a number of the members of  the Sharper group of Sancho people. Of course, she is aware of Miss Annie Elizabeth Benn group of Sancho people especially those of Ms. Winifred (Sancho) Moore. She was stumped by the reference to Cousin Gwen Valentine  and Jocelyn Valentine - and also Cousin Phyllis Kendall. It seems Ms. Patrice Baird-Grandison accompanied her mother on rather brief visits to Golden Grove and Nabaclis.  Perhaps, she  visited with the Abrams’ sisters . . .  She accompanied her mother as she conducted real estate affairs at the  Village Office  . . .
Now here are  the real gems.  Lee is the only Johnson child. Her grandmother was thrice married. Ms. McKenzie, her grandaunt  is alive and well in the USA  . . . Well what do I know? I told her I thought only one female Sharper, three Grovesnor sisters and five Abrams sisters of my mother’s generation dwell in the physical realm of existence. She stated Sancho people have omitted the generations of Ms. Winifred (Sancho) Moore, from their focus and discussions. I told I did not know of their existence then certainly I won’t possibly be aware of their academic excellence. I admitted I knew Ms. McKenzie graduated at the top of her class at Howard University. I thought she was a pharmacist. However, a chemist seems to be a different field of study. I knew Ms. McKenzie had previously married I think Kenneth Barnwell considered a relative . . . Thus much against the wishes of her parents. Ms. Patrice Baird-Grandison told me three of Ms. Mckenzie’s children are an agronomist, a chemist and veterinarian. One of her grandchildren is a University trained professional musician.
Ms. Patrice Baird-Grandison promised to help set the record straight on the story of her immediate relatives.
I told her I was familiar with her Aunt.  Lee Johnson visited the Sancho residence at Nabaclis, perhaps more so with Edmond Sharper.  That’s where and how I met Lee Johnson . . . I also have a recurring memory of visiting with Lee Johnson in Lodge Village, East Bank Demerara. Lee Johnson has seven children. I knew the first child, Shondell. One of her daughters is either an international lawyer or studying international law. Another daughter is attending the University of Guyana. It is success stories in a Guyanese  society trending on the immoral behavior of “Africans-in-America” in the inner-cities of the USA in Guyana which I appreciate . . .  I simply love to hear about Sancho doing well and indeed Guyanese youngsters doing well.
Now I lamented the fact that Sancho has a traveling road show . . . Sancho family reunions nothing but a fashion show and picnic.  Sancho of this era, label such Sancho Family Reunion for the past twenty-four (24) years. Yet, the Sancho people haven’t moved onto some tangible programs.  How do those gatherings  benefit our people and  our future generations? I cannot associate with such gimmicks. I am past style. I am past materialism. I am past gossiping. I am past lip service.  I am about substance.  I am passionate about Sancho, Sancho legacy, Sancho lineage, Sancho unity,  Sancho kinship agenda and Sancho survival. I fear assimilation.  I witnessed  numerous Sancho people depart this world. I owe it to those who I bonded with to attempt to spread a social and cultural gospel of Sancho - a gospel of and historical truths. Agenda of  kinship based on self-help or do-for-self programs -  with  the vehicle being a  Sancho group of families’ Non-for-Profit family organization.
I charge; If you aren’t taking about a Sancho kinship agenda,  I swear,  you aren’t talking about nothing meaningfully . . . Perhaps even this practice of social networking is also meaningless and  without substance. I don’t get it. Sancho can run nonprofit in the name of an Iconic PNC leader,  benefitting PNC people, and other Guyanese  but Sancho will not do likewise for the benefit of their own heritage. I have issues with such behaviors. What are the agendas of  your nuclear family? What programs are you championing for the members of your nuclear family?  What are the causes beyond your nuclear family you are  championing? If its not championing the preservation of Sancho ancestral legacies and the future of Sancho; you are doing nothing . . . Land is freedom . . .  Sancho must own land and immovable property in Guyana, and wherever Sancho resides. What’s wrong with Sancho housing Sancho?  What’s wrong with Sancho making jobs available for Sancho? What’s wrong with  Sancho promoting academic careers of Sancho? Sancho you tell why you won’t support such an agenda?
Let Sancho move forward to great heights, to greater heights . . . Let Sancho surpass  the achievements of Bentick Sancho - if not achievements favorably  comparable to that of Bentick Sancho, one hundred and fifty-two (152) years ago . . .  Thanks for reading, sharing and caring - now show and prove  . . .

Saturday, September 28, 2013

You Are Funny

On Wednesday, September 25, 2013, I met a Nigerian mother of an eleven (11) years-old and a three (3) years-old children. I thought she was connected to the French-speaking Caribbean Basin. Her tongue is light. She possesses no facial marking. One wonders, How she escaped that horror and perhaps other mutilation of her body as are the cultural phenomena of most peoples of the so-called African continent? While I was trying to figure out her heritage she said to me," you are funny"  I took exception to that expression immediately. I told  her while I was in captivity on the plantation, where a number of my known  ancestors are interred,  I perhaps won't have given her statement a second thought.  However, such a phrase spoken in the USA has a different meaning than it does when spoken in the British West Indies during the days of my youth. Gay and funny are not acceptable words to describe a macho man. She gave me her digits. She told me to call her soonest. Commands seem all to ready out of her mouth. I pointed that out thrice to  her within a few hours on Wednesday afternoon...I rang her up at 5:41 PM on Friday, September 27,2013. And shortly after she recognized this caller, she immediately questioned, “What took you so long?”  This socializing thing is just not my thing... I  hate the personal questioning and straight jacketing - control - honey do-this - honey-do-that... I don’t like that one bit...I may just try to bond with her awhile...I don’t know I am just too set in my ways...I am not very conversant ...But if she into things I like I might just make the effort and control my thin skin...I trust none other than my shadow...It has been with me ever since I was born. My shadow has never disappointed me. Humans have...
Now at about 9:43 A.M., Friday, September 27,2013 I met a pregnant east Indian from southern Trinidad. She possesses a remarkable face and a rear-end one associate with African females. Her hair was jet black and close cropped. But still,  she was very pleasant to the eyes and mind. But, alas she too told me, " you are funny”. I replied whoa I am not funny I am a breastfed baby. I love breasts and thighs and butts. I am heterosexual...I have no doubts about that - and you should too...She said I didn't mean it that way. I determined you like females the minute you walk in the door and you saw my face. I recognized you recognized my ethnicity. And when you spoke you sounded not at all bothered by my ethnicity...Even when you recognized my state of motherhood you kept running your mother with warm compliments. You are an ole tease.
I simply wished I had inherited an overwhelming amount of charm and charisma which my father seemed to possess even at an advanced age - if not all of his life. There it is...

Friday, September 20, 2013

In this correspondence are a number of folks who may be of interests to you and I. Therefore, I am requesting of you to enlighten me,  concerning those whom you are aware of their life and times. Thanks a million - 
Primary School Certificate Examination, 1958
Desmond Trotman - Broad Street Government School
Source: the Official Gazette of British Guiana – February 21, 1959: page 263

Neville Chue and Veronica Willis - Golden Grove Methodist School
Joyce Wilson - St. Andrew’s Anglican
Bradley A. Solomon – Enmore Government School
Winston Callender - Kitty Methodist School
Moreen Aloma Boyce and Petronella Boyce
Valerie Campbell – Cumberland Methodist School
Rosamond Campbell and John A. Young – Hopetown Congregational School.
Richard Landroy Abrams
Guyana Airways Corporation
Born: February 25, 1927 at Enmore Estate to Charles Abrams and Ruth
Married: March 20, 1970 – Joyce Paula Bourne
Daughter: Ruth Nadia Abrams
Resided at Providence East Bank Demerara
Educated at Golden Grove Methodist School and Central High School
Joseph Trotman, Councillor, Christianburg and Wismar .
Prince A. Glasgow, Councillor, Adventure, Essequibo .
Robert A. Campbell, Samuel N. Ellis, and Alfred YawCouncillors, Queenstown, Essequibo .
James Newland, Councillor, La Bagatelle, Leguan
Members of the Local Authorities of Village Districts 1960-61
George C. Adams, Alfred S. Dolphin, Sewlal, Charles Bristol, Theophilus Sam, Benjamin Wilson, Morice Sertima, Prince W. Austin, and G. A. Sawers.
Leslie R. Ainsworth, Jason Baynes, Felix Blair, Ralph Moore, Stanley Roberts, Mabel Thompson, Othniel Williams, William A. Nurse, and Clifford Major.
(Golden Grove Division)  - Sidnauth Singh, Rampersaud Tiwari, Donald Ashley Bevil Trotman, Henry Jeune, Tikaram Persaud, and Kenneth Stephens
(Nabaclis Division) – Carlton Paton Browne Melbourne, David Lawrence, Thomas Bollers, Cecil Allick, Donald Jackman and Kenneth Bristol.
(Buxton Division)  -   Sydney King, Barrington Sam, Ucil Dundas, Robert Gordon, M. S. Khan, Rigby Dover, and Wilbert Zephyr.
(Friendship Division)  - Jonathan S. Talbot, Chas. A. Gardener, Wm. D. Younge, John Abrams, Veronica Abrams, Cyril George Bryan, and George Carter.
 (Beterverwagting Division)  - Cyril Duncan, Paul Slowe, Arnold U. Benjamin, Joseph A. Henry, B. Cummings, and Henry Somerset.
 (Triumph Division)  - Jan Ali, Sheik A. Subhan, Sahadeo B. Persaud, Bansgopaul, Sudhaker, and R. N. Singh
Plaisance: – Edmund Wills, Philip Graham, Obadiah Dorway, Caleb Headley, Princess E. Andries, Victor Dias, Paul De Florimonte, Joseph Reid, Samuel Vigilance, Manoo Kissoon, Joseph Mendonca, and Leslie A. Kennedy
Sparendaam: –Manoel Dias, Benjamin Profitt, C. C. Bowen, Wellington Thornton, Bertram Bacchus, Theophilus Baynes, Seville Patterson, S. S. Prashad, and Charles Benjamin
Source: Local Government Board Notices - the Official Gazette of British Guiana – December 12, 1959: page 625.
Maud Sumner, Benjamin Williams, John Williams, James Solomon (all of Golden Grove).
 Ben Bristol, William Baptiste, John Cockfield, and Josiah Bristol (all of Nabaclis)
How about Charles Dublin Plaisance and E. Coggins 42 Lancaster village, East Coast Demerara
Source: Registrar’s Notices - the Official Gazette of British Guiana – December 31, 1960: page 926.
New Amsterdam Courts (1957/297, Berbice)
Cornelius Emanuel Jacob David versus Rachel Tryphima Campbell – opposition to Transport
Source: Registrar’s Notices - the Official Gazette of British Guiana – November 19, 1960: page 663.
Mignal Harry, Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara died before November 19, 1960
Walter Theophilus Roberts, 187 Waterloo Street , Georgetown died before October 29, 1960
Source: Registrar’s Notices - the Official Gazette of British Guiana – October 29, 1960: page 587.

R. Campbell #5619 Police Constable British Guiana Police Force
Ernest Campbell, Ruimveldt, left colony before November 25, 1961
Neville Fitzgerald Trotman, Georgetown , Binder, BG Litho
Murland Glasgow, New Amsterdam , Mechanist, W & R
Johanna Campbell, Douchfour, East Coast Demerara
Albert Ralph Trotman, Executor of Estate of James Alfred Augustus Trotman, died on March 11, 1961.
Source: Registrar’s Notices - the Official Gazette of British Guiana – December 16, 1961: page 835.

Monday, September 16, 2013

This is Cricket to me

High interjectory -Low interjectory - the process of selectology and others I have forgotten, are phrases, originated from the thought process of the incomparable, Fred Wills,  as he described the action on the cricket ground.  Reds Pereira, Toney Cozier, Henry Blofeld,  John Arlott, Everton Weeks described the action in their various styles and colorful word play.  They were the cream of the crop.

I am particularly fond of Joe Doolam, Ben Doolam, Poonai, Burlin Shaheed, Kanhai, Butcher, Fredericks, Kallicharran, Ancell Hazel, Isaac Suienarine, Randolph Etwaroo, Milton Pydanna, Randolph Ramnarace, Anand Sookram, Lal Munilal, the Sebalack brothers, and Hector Ousley.

They  are my favorite cricketers.  I testify No. # 64 Village Cricket Club, 1966-1972, is my favorite. I confess Joe Doolam most popularly known as Joe Best  is my all-time favorite cricketer. During the period, 1966-1972, I shadowed Joe Doolam, at rice fields at no. #63/64 Village, and Black Bush Polder, at rice mills. I also frequented the  cricket matches.  He participated  in Berbice. The most enjoyable periods were when Roy Fredericks showed up. He did so on  about three occasions. I have fond memories of being in the presence of Joe Doolam, Randolph Etwaroo and Roy Fredericks. I eagerly look forwards to games against Port Mourant. I would cherish the opportunities to simply shoot the breeze with  Burlin Shaheed, Isaac Suienarine, Anand Sookram, and Randolph Ramnarace, and a few others. I also loved watching Ancell Hazel, Lal Munilal and Joe Sukwah and that squad of ball beaters excepting Leonard Baichan, known as Rose Hall.  

It is possible there were better periods of  cricket in Berbice, than during 1966-1972, if it were, then that or those periods were extra-special. Thus, my favorite Berbician cricketers appeared in Davison Cup Club Cricket matches  and represented Berbice in inter-county, Guyana in regional the West Indies and the University of the West Indies in various matches.

I knew Pydanna in New Amsterdam. He and his brother were known as Primo. I firmly believe Sydney Jackman was the best wicket keeper ever produced in Guyana. However, I found his behavior absolutely repugnant. My recollections of my experiences with Joe Solomon and Leslie Amsterdam were totally disastrous and  putrid.

My favorite Berbice eleven would be Joe Doolam, Burlin Shaheed, Anand Sookram, Isaac Suienarine, Kanhai, Butcher, Fredericks, Kallicharran, Randolph Etwaroo, Milton Pydanna, and Randolph Ramnarace.

My favorite Guyana eleven would be Kanhai, Butcher, Fredericks, Kallicharran, Milton Pydanna, Randolph Ramnarace, Colin Croft, Lance Gibbs, Clive Lloyd, Philbert Blair, and Edwin Mohammed

Roy Fredericks, Rohan Kanhai, Basil Butcher, Seymour Nurse, Collie Smith, Gary Sobers, Deryck Murray, Wes Hall, Charlie Griffith, Roy Gilchrist, and Lance Gibbs with Conrad Hunte as the twelfth man, are the cricketers who comprise my favorite West Indies’ test match team on any surface in any country.

Those are the folks I grew up admiring . . .

The three W’s,  Walcott, Weeks, and Worrell, the outstanding spinners,  two pals of mine,  Ramadhin and Valentine and Robert Christiani were on their last licks.

Lloyd was making loud noise with the bat. He was scaring batsmen into long singles  with his arm while fielding  in the covers.

Fredericks didn’t make his test match debut until 1968 in Australia but he was and is my favorite opening batsman and favorite player against real fast and hostile fast bowling in conditions suitable for fast bowlers.

I believe neither a combination of Lloyd’s nor Richards’s teams, 1974-1991 nor that of original foursome West Indies fast bowlers and/or 1950's edition featuring  the three W’s and the two front line spinners would defeat that team of 1957- 1969  in a five-match series in any given condition. Emmanuel  Alfred “Manny” Martindale, Leslie George  Hylton, Learie  Nicholas Constantine, and Ernest Albert Vivian “Foffie” Williams formed what must be considered as the original West Indies foursome,  at Old Trafford on July 22-25, 1939. How quick they really were? Remains  unknown . . .  Constantine had been bowling in international cricket at least since 1923. That’s at least sixteen years. I don’t think Constantine could have been nearly as fast in 1939 as he was in 1923. That’s simply not humanly possible. After all he was 38 years old in 1939. Therefore, I concluded Roberts, Holding, Croft and Garner were faster than Martindale, Constantine, Hylton, and Williams. Were they much better? That’s also unknown.

 I still think Roy Gilchrist was the fastest bowler ever to set a foot in international cricket.  Lance Gibbs was  simply the best spinner of them all. Rohan Kanhai was  the most imaginative wizard with a cricket bat in his hands. That then is cricket to me.

What are your views? Who would comprise your favorite teams at Inter - County, national and international arenas?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Noble Ross

Persons of Interests
Mary Maude McPherson, Blanche Ross-Semple, George E. Ross, Gwennette (perhaps Gwennette Hope , and resident in Georgia, USA) formerly resident at Springfield Boulevard, Cambria Heights, NY;  Violet (Leitch) Braithwaite, Cromwell Leitch, Leslie Leitch, and Ronald Leitch, Cecilia (Ross) Michaels and Ulric  Michaels (Sandvoort), Edmond Ross, Noble Ross, Jake Ross, Matilda Williams, Oscar Ross, James Ross, and Cromwell Ross
I recall  during 1975/1976 Terri Branch, residing at the street alongside the Le Repentir Cemetery at Charlestown. Her brother was an enlisted member of the GDF. Terri Branch was an instructor at Mac’s Commercial School in Newtown Kitty, where I met her. Dexter Sue-ho, Terry Milne and I were of D’ Company, GDF. Along with other soldiers were sent to learn to type and improve our office skills. You know young males  met young females and relationships are formed. I was particularly perturbed when Terri Branch broke off relations with me on the ground she and I are relatives as per my father. I remember I tried to encourage Miss Branch to form a union with me notwithstanding. Thereafter, She refused to cooperate with me. It got ugly. However, that claim  has not been proven.
 I also recall an absolutely attractive young dougla female residing behind Boon Benn, in the first street, a stone’s throw from the Newbourne Scotland residence at Nabaclis. I think she had a  sister a few years younger than herself. I also think the property was owned by Boon Benn. The mother was adamant that her daughter and I stop pursuing each other as per intimate relationship. He said to me, you are Sancho all-right but I see George Ross and Hopetown people in your face. You and my daughter are relatives. There was no further explanation.  She did not encourage her daughters and I to be friendly  . . . I need to be enlightened as per their names. Thereby, explore the possibilities of DNA links . . . 
I am also interested in Tate (Taite) resident at Stanleytown, New Amsterdam as per relatives of George Eleazar Ross. Mrs. Taite’s son is a US military veteran who returned to reside with his aging parents in  New Amsterdam.
I am also seeking the descendants of my grand Uncle Jake Ross of Rose Hall Town, Corentyne. I am told he has twin sons and at least one daughter. I wonder about Bunkcom Ross and numerous people surnamed Ross and Scot, I knew residents  on the Corentyne coast. A number of them are my father’s people.
Can you enlighten me respecting the origins of Cardigon Ross and his son, Archie Ross of Nabaclis and their generations, including Lorna Ross, Daphne Ross and the others? I cannot remember their names. One brother was married to Desire Douglas. They resided at Nabaclis and later off Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, NYC. It never dawned on me to inquire as per their Ross’ ancestry, until last night, after all these years, I am now wondering whether Ross of Buxton is among their ancestry and/or other relations. I was reliably informed, last night, that my paternal great grandfather was birthed and resided at Buxton. He migrated to Hopetown. There he formed a life-long union with a member of the McPherson and Semple clan of the village.
Wow! small world and getting much smaller.