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Robert Corbin and PNC Deh Pon Strupidness

Robert Corbin and PNC Deh Pon Strupidness and so too are their supporters - Jagdeo and Ramotar and the members of the Executive Committee of the PPP are the petty bourgeoisies promoting programs of the Paramountcy of the PPP, Marginalization, exploitation and eradication of African Guyanese and their communities, profiting from the illegal Narcotics Trade. What's this all about? Is it a carry over of the August 1961 victory march? Is it realization for Burnham-Hoyte's Illegal PNC Regime 1968-1992? Is it simply accumulation of wealth behind the veil of ethnic fears in Guyana and the blind eye of the world police of nations? Is it the Coolie Pon top of Blackman syndrome prevalent in most societies where East Indian is the dominated sector of the population?
An analysis of the last 58 years, 1953-2011, have shown the representation of the people is a microcosm of the society. Certainly, the analysis of the voters' practice will always show the electorate cast their ballot primarily on their understanding of their responsibility to their ethnic group and issues are secondary. The process regarded as democracy is inadequate in multiethnic and multicultural societies . . . it is nothing more than simply the politics of numbers . . . show me a nation on earth in which groups of ethnic minorities are not political and economically powerless and are not subjected to inhumane conditions of life daily? There only hope is migration . . . the petty bourgeoisies are the major stumbling blocks in Guyanese society . . . they most skillfully utilizes indoctrination to achieve the aims and aspirations. They promote the propaganda of PNC being a platform for Africans; Africans or Blackman hate East Indians and/or Blackman are jealous of East Indians . . . Blackman is stupid . . . Blackman can't run countries . . . women can't run countries. Females aren't good in the field of mechanizing and other business ventures. These are amongst the stereotypes East Indians’ males express . . . note the similarities of the expressions found in the aftermath of the colonial relationship of Europeans and Africans in the plantation society on both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean . . .
Racism Renders Ballot impotent it is absolutely clear to those of eyes who have eyes and use them and possess brains and use them effectively that ethnicity matters in all societies even at this late date. What has become crystal clear - no doubt about it - mankind hides behind the prison of indoctrination as the means to accumulate and keep wealth by every means possible. Mankind’s unwholesome ambitions - lusts for powers - are fueled by greed and treachery . . . politicians and religious leaders, and merchant capital are prime exhibits . . . as with most scenarios there are exceptions . . . the careers of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Eusi Kwayana and Walter Rodney demonstrates they are exceptions to the general pattern of behavior exhibited by politicians and/or political advocates during the twentieth century . . . there are a few others . . . in Guyana as elsewhere it is easy to identify who the members of your class are . . . material wealth is difficult to hide . . . and more over people are basically materialistic. They love to exhibit their possessions. I guess it's their measure of success . . . I loved to listen to farmers chatting about the sizes of their animals and fruits and vegetable and the expected returns from their crops of grains . . . that was the essence of the rural communities in the colony of British Guiana. today, in Guyana and elsewhere it's about your clothing, your residence, your means of transportation, how deep the pockets are, how believable you are, appearance is everything, you never have the opportunity to make another first impression - the messages in the cliques for the most part reveal the sources of the negativity found in current societies the world over . . .
I embrace social networking. I recognized the possibilities . . . I wondered whether the agencies of the US government had anything to do with its implementation. Whether the Eurocentric world would rue the day, the allowed the super information highway to be accessible to people beyond government agencies . . . was the World wide web intended to be a vehicle useful to perpetuate removal of persons not undermining their nations in the best interests of the European world? Your weapon could well be useful to your enemies, too. Social networks are best utilized as a tool for educating the masses of the people of earth. it must and can be used to remove despotic from power... really outstanding humans from Imhotep to Walter Rodney including Thomas more, Gandhi, Garvey, and Malcolm X and many others would have done wonders with such a weapon accessible to them...people today are blessed but they are wasting the opportunity to force the ruling class to bow down to the masses.
- Peoples Revolution is long overdue - past due
When I analyze the political upheavals taking place in the Arabs’ world; I recognize the people are being manipulated by foreign interests. The major motivating force is oil. The Eurocentric nations of the world careless about the conditions of life of the populace. They are motivated by greed and treachery. Oil is the underlying factor. If and/or when oil is found in commercial quantities in Guyana, the Eurocentric world would as suddenly be smitten with concern and committed to relieving Guyana of its natural resources. Make no mistake the Guyanese people are of no consequence to the European world. There is no interest in righting wrongs in Guyana. It has not been revealed Guyana possesses what it takes to interest the European world. That is the primary reason dictatorships are tolerated in the nation. More over, the time is past due for Guyanese people to recognize that their elected officials are not interested in the welfare of the Guyanese people. Not one of them, Jagan, Burnham, Desmond Hoyte, Cheddi Jagan, Samuel hinds, Janet Jagan and Bharat Jagdeo displayed any particular interested in the `development of Guyana and the Guyanese people. They are all petty bourgeoisies. They are all Eurocentric copycat ideologues. I believe it is accurate to define Eusi Kwayana and Walter Rodney as opposed to their actions and ideology. The WPA offered the Guyanese society a model which contrasted with all the known political platforms which existed in Guyana. The WPA today, does not possess a semblance of the integrity and/or the political philosophy of the WPA 1974-1980 . . .
I grew up in the rural communities . . . I noticed people were not outwardly racist. They were about the livelihood of mankind. Why then, do they support conditions which are totally detrimental to their existence in Guyana? The rationale is found in the indoctrination people receive in their sojourn. I find it totally objectionable that most Guyanese possess relatives of different ethnicity yet they are likely to support war against their fellow Guyanese citizenry along the demarcations of ethnicity . . . that to my way of thinking is asinine. It is DNA or kinship over ethnicity. That’s the boundary most intelligent people would stand for. The major problem is educating Guyanese people to understand that regardless of the ethnicity of the ruling class the masses have caught hell in the Guyanese experience. How do Guyanese people change such a course? It is dependant of their understanding of the man-made boundary labeled as working class and ruling class. The technocrats would have you believe they are struggling for your interests. Yet, history has shown they are totally in support of their own class interests. The major boundary in Guyana as in most nations is rich and poor people. The privileged versus the suffering class are the order of mankind's state of existence here on earth,
Change must be brought to bear on that phenomenon only then will our people rise up from the decadence which has bewitched them for centuries in the Guyanese experience. No god, no religion no one but ourselves would be willing to light ourselves from the inhumane conditions of life the masses face daily. That’s the truth of the situation.

Subject: Things I like and dislike . . . (Wiki) Leaking PPP, Granger, APNU and a degraded Party Leader
A degraded (compromised) Leader . . . What I don’t like
It is hardly surprising to read in the latest Wiki leaks revelations that Jagdeo emphasized the importance of helping PNCR Leader Robert Corbin retain his now badly degraded role as opposition leader [Stabroek News 20/9/11].
No doubts there are some on this list who will contemptuously dismiss me for the position I take. That is their prerogative, just as its mine to speak out. No one has a monopoly on truth and it’s only through a process of give and take; the exchange of ideas and robust debate that solutions can emerge.
Firstly thank you Minette and Debra for courageously and eloquently setting out the case for an improved and revitalized campaign.
Now to my point.
I have a Brethren in Guyana, who whenever I was in the country would drag me along to the next protest march against the injustices of the PPP Regime. Whenever a former leader My Hoyte called for a march, my brethren would be there. Indeed the last time I saw Mr. Hoyte alive was at PNC HQ during a Xmas get-together. We were in a conga line sashaying to the soca tune Follow the Leader. Some of you on this List was there too.
Earlier this year I spoke to my Brethren about the upcoming elections automatically assuming that he would say as usual that he’s voting PNC (or APNU as it is now). To my horror he said he was voting AFC. I asked him why. And this is what he said to me:
I aint voting PNC cause Corbin deh pun Stupidness
He cited many grounds for his disenchantment but four stood out:
The way Mr. Corbin dealt with the Vincent Alexander leadership challenge, with padded voter list and refusal of voter verification.
The fact that in the face of all the egregious (my word in place of his expletives) human rights abuses of black people, who does vote fuh he, Mr. Corbin Tek we off de streets, Desmond Hoyte wouldn’t ah do duh.
Mr. Corbin support of the Recall Bill which effectively makes him the Overlord of the PNC as he and he alone can recall a recalcitrant Parliamentarian. We remember well the case of James McAllister.
Having failed abysmally at the last elections, Mr. Corbin refuses to give up the leadership of the Party. Instead we’re treated to this charade of having a Presidential Candidate who wields little or no authority within the party. My brethren used this analogy (he drives taxis) Is like he (Mr. Corbin) want me fuh tek he somewhere but even though he in the passenger seat, he keeps troubling me steering wheel, it can’t wuk Buddy
Now we have the unedifying spectacle of Wiki leaks cables apparently reaffirming our suspicions that Jagdeo saw him as his asset within the PNC. Mr. Corbin is also seen by many erstwhile PNC voters as too self serving and authoritarian. How else can you explain the fact that with all of the PPP extrajudicial murders, racism, abuses of women and children, torture corruption, bed-hopping with drug lords, etc.? ; The PNC still cannot pull out a decisive lead. And don’t try to tell me how the PNC isn’t getting its message across; the problem goes much deeper than mere Presentation.
It is hardly surprising that not a single poll gives APNU anywhere near enough votes to win the forthcoming elections. Don’t heap all the blame on the Granger Campaign, look at the backseat driver!
Not only do I not like the prospect of a PPP win, it terrifies me. But I dislike even more the antics of a leader who is at best past his sell by date and at worst a total electoral liability.
My Brethren still wants to vote PNC but Mr. Corbin is in the way of his vote!
It is not too late Mr. Corbin. Read the Wiki leaks cables, do the decent thing while there’s still time and stand down immediately. History may yet judge you kindly if you do.
Peace Colin
"Georgetown Looks to the East Coast to Decide its Political Matters" April 1919
‘As one correspondent of the Chronicle wrote in October 1918, "It is a common thought among the poorer peoples of this colony that places under British rule do not make rapid progress . . . Until the policy of a country gets into the hands of the people through their representatives, it is bound to make slow progress.”
By the end of the war, the electorate was faced with a 'Progressive Party', which was not an organizational unit, but an alliance of politicians, which had emerged out of the Recall Movement with the intention of capturing all fourteen of the seats which were to be filled by election.
Again they identified themselves with the masses, and this itself was to provide grounds for disillusionment when they were successfully elected.’
I am confident Corbin is not only on stupidness but also - that scenario has been tolerated for far too many years . . . I recall the debacle following Vincent Alexander challenge to Corbin . . . the mere fact that Black people, African Guyanese and especially those of the communities of the villages of the East Coast of Demerara still blindly support the PNC is simply most revolting . . . it is beyond my simple mind set . . . when I was a child they taught me a ridiculous tale which amounts to who will bell the cat . . . that syndrome has handcuffed Guyanese people as long as I can remember . . . More over I advocate the PNC membership needs to strip Corbin of his authority. Further more PNC should simply expel Corbin, immediately . . . as was done to Manning in Trinidad. PNM kicked him out. They should have kicked his butt . . . How much of Corbin and his shenanigans are our people going to endure? I say toss him out, right this minute . . . while you are at it, also toss out the entire cadre of the old guard . . . all of them needs to be immediately replaced with young and vibrant people armed with visions of promoting development of all phases of life in Guyana.
“Women's autonomy in Guyana has been shaped by its unique history of colonial rule, slavery, and indentureship, its ethnic composition, its proximity to the US and its small size. The two major political parties, the Afro-Guyanese dominated People's National Congress and the Indo- Guyanese dominated People's Progressive Party have been locked in a struggle for power in the post-independence decades. Voting is along ethnic lines and the elections were marked by violence. The political and economic problems the country in the last three decades has led to massive emigration and the flight of the educated middle class. This scenario has also had an effect on the politics of gender and on women's solidarity in Guyana.”
. The PNC must distance itself from its past. It must truly become a people’s party. By that I mean every member of the party must be confident they have equal opportunity to become the leader of the party. Elections within the Party must be above scrutiny . . . I am not aware of any elections within the PNC to be without incident and/or above suspicion. The process seems to be reminiscent of that found in publications relative to the mafia in the USA.
Perhaps, I expect too much of the people of the rural districts . . . Perhaps, I expect too much of our females . . . I expect leadership to spring from the villages of the East Coast of Demerara . . . Dr. Rodney tells us, ’peasant farmers of the East Coast Demerara met at Victoria Village, condemned the government in power, and agreed to form a 'Political Association', embracing members from Ann's Grove and Bachelor's Adventure. All this was in the period after the Recall Movement and the formation of the 'Progressive Party,” and it may appear futile because the workers had no vote.’
Dr. Rodney stated, ‘the initiative on the issues concerning the well-being of the masses came from the rural peasantry. The Chairman of the Victoria Institute remarked in April 1919 that "Georgetown looks to the East Coast to decide its political matters,” and the facts did bear out this situation. The weapons which the rural proletariat and peasantry fashioned for their struggle included credit banks and agricultural societies, while the Village Councils and the Village Chairmen's Conferences were forums for the expression of the will of the rural masses and their determination to confront the planter class’.
I cannot for the life in me understand why our people continue to support the petty bourgeoisies . . . These personalities possess middle class aspirations. They are selfish. Certainly, they are not about the greatest good of our people. They are solely committed and interested in acquiring personal prestige and accumulations of personal wealth.
I still believe PNC could still become a formidable contender . . . they could probably win a narrow victory, by simply throwing out all of the old guard and signaling they are embracing the females . . . voters would favorably consider a ticket with females as viable candidates . . . such a move would show that PNC is about changing its image.
I would love to reside in an egalitarian society in Demerara . . . that was my dream. The reality has been just as terrible as the experiences of my ancestors during the days of physical bondage on the plantations . . . such a nightmare - what a rat race?

Das, Maitreyi (2000) Women's Autonomy and Politics of Gender in Guyana: Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 35, No. 23 (Jun. 3-9, 2000), pp. 1944-1948
Rodney, Walter (1966) Masses in Action - on the Canvas of the World - New World - Guyana Independence Issue - George Lamming and Martin Carter (Editors) pp. 46-55

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Guyanese - Neither PPP nor PNC

It is obvious. There were numerous Guyanese people who are not supporters of either the PPP or the PNC . . . The genesis of the PPP is the return of Cheddi Jagan and the arrival Janet Jagan in the colony of British Guiana in the late 1940s. The introduction of Forbes Burnham in the arena of colonial politics in 1949 marks the beginnings of the PNC . . . The birthing of the British Guiana Constitutional Reform Club in 1887 marks the beginnings of party politics in the colony of British Guiana . . . Therefore, some sixty years before Cheddi Jagan began to emerge as a leading light in colonial politics, numerous champions graced the arena. Prior to the early 1940s, there were groups of politicians known collectively as the Popular Party, The People’s Association, 1903-1921 The People’s Political Association, and Reform Movement. The following were numbered amongst them; Nelson Cannon, Albert Raymond Forbes Webber, Thomas Theophilus Thompson, Peer Bacchus, J. B. Singh, Nicholson, Henry Aaron Britton, Arnold Seeram, Victor Ramsaran, E. F. Fredericks, J. S. MacArthur, Joseph Eleazer, John Dodds, J. P. Santos, P. A. Fernandes, J. J. DaSilva, A. A. Thorne, Rev. H. A. Holder, Frank Dias, P. N. Browne, McLean Ogle, George Augustus Henry Bunyan, and Stephen Arminius Robertson. A number of others were also championing the cause of our people long before Jagan and Burnham emerged on the scene . . . Complete polarization of the people along ethnic identity in the colony of British Guiana is numbered among the miserable legacies of Jagan and Burnham.
The facts show that the colony of British Guiana was birthed in the atmosphere of Race, ethnicity and class. Economic empowerment of Europe was the focal point of the ideology of European colonial expansion. European ruling class and merchant class were not interested in Thomas More’s utopia. They were into the philosophy of enjoying the fruits of the privileged class while sucking the daylights out of the suffering class - regardless of whatever name they were referred to Villeinage, slavery, indentured Labourers, apprentice, and employees all caught hell - and to this day most of their descendants are still catching hell daily . . .
It is also obvious. Today, there are thousands of Guyanese people who do not identify with either the PPP or the PNC. Who are numbered amongst them? What percentage of the Guyanese people are opposed to both the PPP and the PNC? What are the aims and/or agenda of independent minded? What is the political reality for this frustrated sector of the Guyanese populace?
I suppose the best course this group must embark upon is the slate of political reform, constitutional, reform and education reform, local government reform, economic empowerment, academic achievement, and working class agenda . . . The frustrated people of Guyana must pay absolute attention to the people’s revolt in current and recent times in the regions bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. What are the lessons to be drawn from the events in the so-called Middle East? Don’t ever be fooled? The aim of the western world is cheap, reliable and continued supply of oil? After all the western con-men aided and abetted the exploitation and oppression of the majority of the Arab world as they have done for centuries in other locations on earth.
I have always wondered about the intelligence of people who proclaim politicians as national heroes . . . politicians utilize the philosophy of divide and rule for their personal benefit . . . politicians considered and/or enshrined as national heroes is a slapping the collect faces of the unsung heroes of the people . . . I see little and/or no difference between these iconic figures, and the various vampires which suck the blood of people for millenniums.
People display their simplistic mind set whenever they spew their racist venom . . . Greed and racism is the root cause of the plight mankind faces daily . . . man-made boundaries are the most effective weapons used by one group against another and/or others.
Human beings are defined by virtue of their physical appearance and/or their imagined ethnicity by virtue of their surname.
This deep-seated indoctrination allows the minds of individuals and groups to lodge others into groups of support or into enemy camp.
This scenario is a universal human dilemma. There is no nation . . . There is no society upon the face of this earth where those conditions do not exists. Our people have polarized the Guyanese society. Guyana like most nations, if not all nations, is highly polarized state. The democratic process is as faulty as any known to mankind. The system of two major political parties is the worst of all. There are problems with the two party systems in every nation on earth. The main source of the discontent remains the acute divisionists’ syndrome and marginalizing of huge sectors of the populace as experienced in the affected societies.

The remedy is quite simple . . . a people’s revolution is an absolute necessity . . . I believe it is quite possible for people of the rural districts to challenge the spirit of their nineteenth century ancestors and rise up against the politicians and their platforms as our ancestor rose up against the Sugar Producers Association and the colonial authorities who benefitted from their exploitation. Will the Guyanese people ever unite against their common enemy instead of propagating their own oppressive conditions of life?
It is my conviction that the sad state of affairs in Guyana is a direct result of the choices made by electorate primarily the supporters of the PPP and the PNC . . . those narrowed minded people greatly contributed to the underdevelopment of the rural communities and the nation as a whole. They are the primary reasons why the best minds are found not in Guyana but in the academic institutions in the western world. Thus mediocrity reigns supremely in the consort with corruption and immoral social bankruptcy in Guyana today I will not ever sanction such for any people on earth much less the people of land of my birth . . . I would love nothing better to be made aware that Guyanese people have finally emerge from their sleep and slumber and stupor and control the politics and politicians and not the politicians selecting each other and controlling our people . . . Guyanese have had too much of that nonsense for too many decades now. The main question remains to be answered - when is enough, enough? Guyanese people must emphatically answer the question. If you refuse to reject t both the PPP and the PNC, then you are part of the problem. You cannot be counted there upon to participate in providing the solution to the decades old problem. Prior generations have bequeathed a policy and pattern of behavior which failed them and will it be allowed to continue to fail succeeding generations of Guyanese? The choices you make affect the life of other . . . remember that - man and mankind are all in this together here upon earth . . . Let changes shine upon the land ..Long live the conscious and freedom loving Guyanese people. . Peace be upon you. . Peace be upon the oppressed people of earth...