Monday, February 27, 2012

Dot Sancho

Dot Sancho residing at Fyrish is the ancestor of Boatswain, Niles and Downer, among others. It seems to me; this Dot Sancho’s lineage was resident at Buxton, Friendship, Golden Grove, and Nabaclis on the East Coast Demerara. Also, it is possible Dot is a call name or short name for Dorothea or Dorothy. I cannot say whether Winifred Dorothy Sancho (Mrs. Vincent Emanuel Moore), Mary Dorothy Inez Sancho, and Dorothy Inez Sancho, were referred to as Dot Sancho. Such scenarios are possible but I have no knowledge of such occurring.
It is understood there was a Dot Sancho. She was a teacher at Buxton Congregational School in the 1930s and 1940s. Dorothy Sancho is her legal name. Benjamin Sancho is known to be her father. But, however, it was accepted in the community, Baccoo Evans was said to be the father of Dot Sancho and her sister. However, at this point it’s not strictly about DNA but the linking of Dot Sancho of Fyrish to our known fathers; Bentick Sancho, Lammy Tuckness Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, and George Sancho, and others. What are your views?
It has been impressed upon me that George Sancho was known as George Downer. He was also called either Papa Downer or Papa Sancho. George Sancho married Daisy Christian. They had at least three sons, Claudius Sancho, Curtwright Sancho and Sherwin Sancho. This Sancho kinship resided primarily at No#1, Courtland, Rose Hall Village, and No# 2 Village Canje. Claudius Sancho died in 1953. There was also Frederick Sancho resident at Adelphi in Canje. He died in 1965. Please note: persons with the surnames Sancho, Christian and Downer were found resident between Annandale and Nabaclis. Sancho and Christian were found at Buxton, and Friendship. Downer was resident at Plantation Enmore. I believe both George Sancho and Daisy Christian possess heritage to people of Buxton, Friendship, Golden Grove, and Nabaclis.
It is clear, there were several persons named George Sancho and James Sancho, resident at Buxton, Friendship, Golden Grove, Nabaclis, Georgetown, and on the corentyne Coast between November 5, 1881 and December 27, 1897.
Who is to say James Sancho at 70 Village, Corentyne is certainly not one of us?
Who can show definitive proof that Sancho of Berbice are not descended from Sancho of East Coast Demerara? Who can make such determination stating all the people of Sancho of Guyana are not relatives? Obviously our people were instructed to accept and believe every member of the kinships of Sancho of Guyana is relatives. Who would dare to state otherwise and more so without scientific proof? Who would dare attempt to ridicule and/or impress that Sancho females, all grand children of Lammy Tuckness Sancho, were indifferent to each other?
Who would dare claim to be a Sancho descendant and publish heinous claims attempting to denigrate the kinship? Who would dare steal Malcolm Valentine’s writings on his understanding of the people of Sancho? Who are the whore and her son? Doris Robertson and Kenneth Joyce Robertson Who is this whore’s son? Why the attempts to disparage the highly respected people of the past? Kenneth Joyce Robertson is the thing which has violated a number of Sancho in recent times which his assault on our heritage, and his manipulating of historical factors to suit his purpose of reproducing a scripted proposal for Hollywood. I say burn him. Every thing about him is abominable, and nauseating. He certainly has issues with the people of Sancho. It is not for me to determine his malfunction or to remove his presence from the physical realm of existence
. Oh Lord have mercy, oh my ancestors have mercy, my Cousin Tee Joyce, what have you done? If you sleep with dogs you must get bitten by flees. What misery have you brought upon the people of Sancho?