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how really absurd

Peace and Blessings!
Oral communications with the exclusive and direct source revealed to me the intention of publishing a manuscript which is very unlikely to be accurate. It appears to not have the blessings of the vast majority of the descendants of Sancho. It certainly does not have mine. It’s an individual effort. It reflects the opinions of an individual. It does not follow the prescription that history of a people is best told from a collaborative perspective. I am of the school of thought that none - no one knows the accurate story of a people. Certainly, there are several versions of the origins of the people of Sancho. Some say the Congo - Zaire. I am aware Felix Bastiani stated Alexander Sancho (PBUH) told him that our ancestor came from the region of the Congo. I think Sydney Marious supports the thought that our ancestors came from the Congo. Leebert Sancho was told that they were Moors in Spain. They were reported to be expelled from Spain to Columbia in South America. But he questioned the fact that they were not known to be speakers of Spanish. A number of us believe they were birthed in England. They are likely grandchildren of Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780). At least they were known to the children of Ignatius Sancho. Some of us think they were Yoruba. They came from Sierra Leone. They came from Madagascar...
I would love to read the manuscript. It is bound to contain some facts which could well be useful to the research process. Just be forewarned people do the strangest things to isolate themselves - even they fail to recognize - how really absurd they really are.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I can't help it. I possess a great number of regrets and wishes. Thus it is with an overwhelming sense of regret that I wish numerous members of the kinship of Sancho were available to the current generations. Thereby the process of research and documentation of our Sancho family tree would have benefitted greatly from various sources of the oral traditions of our representatives of the past. I wish my mother, her siblings, and their First-Cousins were still here in the physical realm. The vast majority of the members of the kinship of Sancho whom I came to regard as the defining meaning of the word love have migrated to the Land of Ancestors. I cherish the fact that I bonded with Sheila Sharper, Bertie Sharper, Avril Sharper, Hilda Bradshaw, Mildred Patterson, Nora Bradshaw, Imelda Sancho, Winston Cosbert, Desmond Cosbert, Oswald Sancho, Charlie Sancho, Gwen Valentine, Belle Roberts, Gustavus Sancho, Burchell Lutchman, Muriel E. B. Sancho, Elsa Sancho, Margaret Sancho, Colin Ross, Frankie Rodrigues, Eddy Sancho, Donald Sancho, Bertrand Abrams, Aubrey Abrams, Brenda Abrams and Muriel Sancho. I cannot place a value on the opportunity to bond with Alexander Sancho and the members of his generations. I would have loved to witness the daily shenanigans of Edith Sharper, Clarence Sancho, and Christopher Bentick Sancho. I was simply not fortunate to possess such experiences at all. Dissatisfaction simply because I have not been able to decipher the following;
1. Is Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho the name of the father of Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, and George Sancho?
2.Is Lambert Tuckness Bentick-Sancho the legal name of Bentick Sancho?
3.What are the names of the ancestors who set afoot in the colony of Demerara?
4.When did they do so?
5.What are the names of seven generations of ancestors surnamed Bentick, Campbell, Friday, Sancho, Solomon, and Young, and other hereto still unknown?
6.What are the vital statistics of James Campbell, Coolie Campbell, Rachael Campbell, Bentick Sancho, Mary Sancho, Lambert Tuckness Sancho, Alexander Gustavus Sancho, Walter Young, Walter Young, and Josephine Young and others?
7.Where in Barbados did our Campbell ancestors reside?
8.Who are the members of the kinships of Campbell and Young of Barbados that are our relatives?
9.What is the legal name of Papa Downer? He is the father of at lest three sons surnamed Sancho.
10.How is Papa Downer also known as Papa Sancho connected to the people of Sancho of Nabaclis and Golden Grove?
11.Will you attempt to fill in a number of questions I need ascertain their answers?
I am sure the fact that I know not the hour of my transition and what I would be able to accomplish, the task I set myself is somewhat an uphill and perplexing daily battle. Perhaps, amongst our people someone will come forward in the immediate future to continue whence I am removed from the physical realm has occupied my thoughts ever so frequently. I wonder, whether, our people would be able to take up the mantle. Would they be able to follow the efforts myself and others? Would the task many of us are attempting be in vain? I really don't have the confidence that our legacy will be preserved for the benefit of the generations of the immediate future much less for the generations several millenniums hence. I am also not at all pleased that I do not have the means necessary to really launch an all-out blitz in the effort to unpuzzle our ancestral heritage. More over, none seemed either concerned or committed to really approach the research and documentation process as it should by trying to communicate with every known connection to our people.
I am somewhat pleased with the fact that a number have responded to enquiries I made and/or have contacted me.
Again I am disappointed that today I have failed to connect with members of the kinships of Campbell, Sancho and young of St. Vincent - and the immediate relatives of Keith Sancho of Belmont, in Trinidad - and the members of the kinships of Sancho of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries of England. Please bear in mind I am not claiming relatives - such a thought would be very simply stated asininely. Also such an expression is reckless and disparaging my intelligence and furthers more disrespectful to all the generations of my ancestry and the members of my heritage. The idea is to know and not to believe. Could it be - that wherever Bentick Sancho came from our relatives still resides there and/or migrated elsewhere? Such a thought is plausible. I examined what I recalled been told to me by my dearest ancestor, Muriel Sancho(PBUH) and my dear First Cousin once removed, Cicely Abrams. Their stories differ, slightly. Theirs have more similarities than differences. Cousin Cecily’s accounting give rise to explanation of the remains of five unknown relatives of Bentick Sancho which are resting in peace in the vault in Sancho Plot at the cemetery at Golden Grove, East coast Demerara, and the numerous souls surnamed Sancho I noticed in various publications issued by the colonial government of British Guiana. I have in my possession a certificate of death of James Henry Sancho. He made the transition in Brooklyn, New York in April 1931. It states his father was also named James Sancho. The name of his mother is given as Catherine Abrams. I have not been able to make any direct link of James Sancho to any of four possible candidates; Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, and George Sancho. I am aware the same scenario exists for too many persons surnamed Sancho. Also I have not accessed further data on James Sancho and his wife Blanche Sancho who also resided in Brooklyn New York City in the 1930s.
I am disappointed but hopeful several break through will be made on several fronts in the not too distant future. My thinking is the process need to expedite. Our relatives ought to simply place my email address in their circle. You never who I may be able to contact and consult and identify. Thereby, improve our chances of gaining more knowledge of our people, hereto yet unknown. However, perhaps my greatest disillusionment second only to the fact our people have not continued the actions of Bentick Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, George Sancho, Friday Campbell, Pollidore Bentick, and Caesar Solomon. They are listed amongst the shareholders of Victoria, Buxton and Golden Grove, on the East Coast of Demerara. Thus, then they were about the possession of land. It is clear the basis of freedom on this planet is owning land. Our people wherever they reside must own their own homes. They must stop the business of renting, as soon as possible. They must also own the means of production. That’s in essence freedom.
The major disenchantment remains our failure to establish a not-for-profit Kinship of Sancho organization to foster our agenda and/or our interests. Does Sancho as the people have a common agenda? If the answer is, they do - Why not establish a vehicle as a means to an end?
Long live James Campbell, Coolie Campbell, Rachael Campbell, Bentick Sancho, Mary Sancho, Lambert Tuckness Sancho, Alexander Gustavus Sancho, Walter Young, Walter Young, and Josephine Young and all of our relatives.
Everlasting blessings and guidance to all of our people - the struggle continues.

People Must close their ears to such dangerous nonsense

Recently, I was made aware; a teenage East Indian female died in the Canal Polder, on the West Bank of the Demerara River, following an exercise which her mother and grand mother decided was necessary to extricate evil spirits from the child. The Pastor of the Congregation is an “African - Guyanese.” In fact, the Pastor is the only “African - Guyanese” associated with that body in the district. The heritage of the victim is “Indo - Guyanese.” It appears almost every member of the church converted from Hinduism to Christianity. This is certainly nothing new in Guyana. In fact, the colonizers were since 1807 making efforts to christianize the hedons and savages they brought from Africa, India and China to the colonies of Demerara, Essequebo and Berbice and the Colony of British Guiana. The East Indians were forced fed Christianity much like the Africans before them. In fact, numerous East Indians who aspired to removed themselves and their descendants from the plantations realized that it was more suitable to pursue career choices to be a Christian under the various colonial regimes than to remain Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim. Therefore, numerous souls converted to Christianity.
Prem Misir, the mouthpiece of the PPP/C, is supposed to be an educated man by European standards. However, every time, or most occasions he opened his trap venom spewed - pure and simple racial hatred. I am not at all surprised. I am beyond being disappointed whenever I realize the pit bulls of the PNC/R and the PPP/C are barking. After all, I am privy to this sort of deceitful game they have used to entrap my people for more than 53 years and counting . . . I am of the opinion Misir is an out and out racist. He is overly anti-African. He belongs to a long list of devils who have sort to annihilate Africans off the face of the earth.
“I wonder as I wander” what Misir and similar Hindus make of Vishnu and Krishna and Hanuman? It is beyond a shadow of doubt those three icons of Hinduism are Blackmen. They are Gods in the Hindu religion. How can they pray to Vishnu and his son Krishna on Sunday and/or whenever and hate Blackman is beyond my simple understanding and/or imagination?
Perhaps, in the minds of numerous Hindus, only Black people are in contact with Hindus that they deem innately corruptly.
I doubt Misir, and his colleagues will ever acquire and/or possess the necessary acumen to honestly comprehend any given situation involving Africans and East Indians, wherever and whenever such occurs.
What happened in the Canal Polder was criminal. The adults violated the human and civil rights of the teenager. It was not - certainly not a racial incident. The best solution is to drag all of the adults involved in that sordid event before the Courts in Guyana. Also, any and all who had prior knowledge must be brought before the Courts. My opinions with respect to the public accounts are as follows; all involved are guilty of negligent homicide. Thus all should be thrown in Jail, and the keys to the cells ought to be destroyed. They should never again see the light of day beyond the cells of their imprisonment.
Misir is again in fine form. If the West Indies’ test cricketers could ever maintain, the form Misir regularly displays; they would obliterate the number of victories achieved under the captaincies of Lloyd and Richards in international cricket matches. Is Misir horning his skills in preparation for the 2011 National Elections in Guyana? Only, racists such as Misir, Pat Robertson, and Paul Shirley and others would take such a most regrettable tragedy - which could have been avoided even in a nation with such an atrocious medical system as Guyana - and transform such into an ethnic minefield. Fire upon the PPP/C’s pitbull . . . Perhaps, Misir could summon the fortitude to nescitate enlightenment respecting and copy the advocacy of such folks as Joseph Ruhomon and Bechu and others of that magnitude. As are Misir and his type are poisonous arrows directed against the people of Guyana. The present and future generations must close their ears to such dangerous nonsense.


“All through the history of the race there have been white writers and speakers who have made disparaging remarks of us. One of these was a Bishop Parry who in 1906 declared that Negroes could be said to be without ancestors and that they were therefore inclined to superstition.”... Norman Eustace Cameron, 1950, Georgetown, British Guiana.
“The African whether at home or even in exile after the great hiatus of Slavery, shows practical shrewdness and aptitude for the affairs of local Government. His legal acumen is higher than that of the European.” ...Lord Oliver, Secretary of the Royal West India Commission, 1899, and governor of Jamaica, 1907-1913.
The African races generally have a subtle dialectical faculty, and are in some ways far quicker in apprehension than the average Caucasian.” ...Lord Oliver, Secretary of the Royal West India Commission, 1899, and governor of Jamaica, 1907-1913.

Most people, I have met; I heard on mass media; I read in print media and other such mediums all display racial and/or ethnic stereotypes. What is also confounding, remains most make excuses for members of their so-called ethnic groupings. People make asinine statements whether they are of sound mind, or sober and /or under the influence of man-made substances. And, thus others feel the desire to defend or to excuse or to question others. By so doing, they also expose themselves for the most part, if you are what’s termed a Blackman in Guyana, you are then expected to be a supporter of the PNC or a beneficiary of the PNC, and/or a Christian. Whenever, one such as myself states, I have no allegiance to the PNC - Blacks are often shocked. Some Blacks even questioned whether I am of sound mind. Some suggested the PNC gave my ancestors’ house and land wherever they resided. Others stated the PNC gave me free education. The PNC gave my people plumb jobs and positions . . . All the nonsense which for the most part is not truthful.

Let get into a bit of history of land tenure amongst my ancestry - shall we? Whenever, you Google the name; Bentick Sancho using Google Book-Search, you will, certainly, realize that in February 1856, between Plantations Enmore and Clonbrook on the East Coast of Demerara, Bentick Sancho was an outstanding personality. Bentick Sancho was a shareholder. He was not a member of the PNC or any political party. I see no reason to go out of my way to support any political party. Well! If and/or when there is a Shareholders Party, I would certainly consider membership, instantly.

By January 5, 1848, Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho purchased five and three shares respectively of Plantation Golden Grove, on the East Sea Coast of Demerara. Thus, when the transport was passed on May 5, 1848 the two members of the kinship of Sancho owned 16 percent of Plantation Golden Grove.
Some eight years prior to that in April 1840 George Sanco (likely a miss spelling of Sancho), Friday Campbell and Walter Young and more than 125 others purchased Plantation New Orange Nassau. Also in November 1839, Pollidore Bentick, and Caesar Solomon are number amongst the 83 shareholders who purchased Plantation Northbrook. The three plantations mentioned above became known under repressive regimes of colonizers as the villages of Golden Grove, Buxton and Victoria. I would not be surprised whenever I become enlightened respecting the lists of the shareholders of the other villages on the East Coast of Demerara that my representatives are numbered amongst them. I expect them to be among those of Plantation Friendship, and Plantation Nabaclis.

The possession of land is the basis of freedom. This has been the scenario throughout the history of the human experience. How upon earth does the Government of Guyana, own land in communities, the Africans purchased in the nineteenth century? That fact as it is currently, does not sit at all well with me. Certainly, it is beyond my imagination that the people of Golden Grove had to approach the Government of Guyana for their permission to lease land in the village of Golden Grove, to construct a community centre thereon, less than 160 years after Africans purchased the plantation. I blame the traitors who conspired with the operatives of the PNC for the present condition our people, primarily Black people, find themselves in this day. They turned their backs upon their ancestral heritage. They made their bed with Forbes Burnham against the legacy of their ancestors of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the American south. They are still paying the price for such gross negligence. Blacks who migrated overseas are continuing to sell the property their ancestors toiled to obtain. This is certainly not an African -Guyanese phenomena but it seems in almost every nation where Africans are found the descendants are selling prime real property to investors of various ethnic backgrounds. Lands along the water fronts are gobbled up instantaneously. The sad thing is in most situations there are relatives there - members of the same kinship who does not possess any real property. It is so very sad. The situation recurs all too often amongst the people of Sancho. My mother and her sister, Inez made a habit of purchasing real property wherever they resided. They were in a modus operandi of the grand father and great grand father.

East Indians express that such Blacks and Blacks in general are deceitful. What bothers me most of all is that for most of my mother’s career she was employed in districts such as Port Mourant, Blairmont, Cumberland and Rose Hall in Canje, and No. # 68 Village on the Corentyne, which were predominately populated by East Indians and it has been my experience that she and I were afforded much respect and our welfare was never in question by East Indians. Have all those and/or such folks departed from the physical realm? I simply refuse to accept such a conclusion. I can recall sitting in a hammock in front of a store at No. # 64 Village, when the announcement was made over the radio that Forbes Burnham and his PNC had trounced Cheddi Jagan and the PPP in Port Mourant and its environments. I was the only “African” in their midst. I can tell you no one uttered racial slurs. Everyone there knew the Elections were being hijacked. African - Guyanese in the district had nothing to do with the results, whatsoever, beyond casting their ballots. The politicians chose to do whatever it is they are allowed to do.
Today, most Indo - Guyanese, even here in the USA, think the vast majority of African Guyanese are out to defile their females, to violate their physical and to covet their property. They seem to have lost all regard of worth of Africans wherever they reside and whomever they are. Some openly question whether Blacks did anything good in Guyana.
Two of the most ridiculous questions, persons of East Indian heritage ever put to me are; Wha mek fine man kill dem people at Lusignan? The translation in English language is - why did fineman kill East Indians at Lusignan? Why did Burnham kill Walter Rodney?
What is really troubling is that an African is expected to answer their questions. Also he is expected to possess and/or express the answers they are looking for. More over Black must and /or is expected to answer for others who are and/or were accused of perpetrating criminal and/or immoral acts against humanity. I don’t know why that is - but it is apparent - the entire Black race is defined by acts and/or words of individuals. If an African - Guyanese is said to violate the human rights and/or civil rights or both of another person what has that to with me and other innocent person who happen to be of similar ethnicity of the perpetrator or accused.
I often recall how offended I felt when Jai birthed at No. # 65 Village, on the Corentyne Coast, British Guiana, a former secondary school teacher at Hindu College at Cove & John, and Golden Grove Government secondary school, at Golden Grove, on the East Coast of Demerara required of me to answer for the acts of Fineman Rawlins and Forbes Burnham. I thought he was insensitive at least and/or at worst absent-minded or racist at worst. I suppose such line of question innocent people is simply racial profiling and ethnic stereotyping if ever there such a thing.
I certainly, recall reading their Goddess Janet Rosenberg Jagan claiming Eusi Kwayana is trying to reinvent himself in the mode of Mahatma Gandhi. I find such a comment as absurd as it is racist. Certainly, there are numerous “Africans” in the human experience African - Guyanese are aware of whom they could emulate. They need not copy and/or covet icons from other groups of people. If I were to copy an East Indian, it won’t be Mohandas Karamchandus Gandhi that’s for sure. Why wont I not start with Vishnu and/or his son, Krishna? It is certainly a transformation of the enemy who was white (Europeans) in most of the era of colonialism to Africans in the decade prior to independence and the era of the post independence. On the other hand, I certainly, feel were Walter Rodney alive today he would be catching the same hell as most Africans -in - the Guyanese experience is currently experiencing. More over, Walter Rodney would not be considered a National Hero was he in the physical realm, today. The majority of those who, sing his praises would be acting as hypocritical as Michael Manley did in Jamaica. I firmly, believe and accept, Walter Rodney was a threat to deceitful politicians such as the majority of those between 1947 and this very day. In fact, all the Heads of State of Guyana from May 26, 1966 to this day are corrupted opportunists. They are and/or were in for personal prestige and personal gain. None were and/or are about the people.

What most doesn’t seem to understand are; a number of us, realize that our ancestry in what’s currently known as Guyana predates, by, perhaps, as many as three centuries, any political establishment which purports to defend and/or to represent the underprivileged working class people in that political boundary.
My political philosophy is similar to that of my ancestors. They were hunted, trapped, captured, sold, kidnapped and brought in chains across the Middle Passage. They were enslaved and oppressed on plantations in the Americas. It is also conspicuous of the struggles of the indentured laborers. They were brought from various regions including Africa, Afghanistan, Indian, Pakistan, China, and Portugal to replace enslaved labor on plantations in the colony of British Guiana.
Therefore, any political platform which fails to recognize the blood, sweat, and tears of my representatives does not and can never represent the interest of my people. Every platform that pits ethnic groups against each other cannot and does not represent the greatest good of my people. I would not only be a traitor but a disgrace to humanity to ever support any such platform. Not only that but also I would be disrespectful to the struggles of my ancestors. I can not ever support that which does not give birth to life and dreams of people. I stand concerned and committed to the philosophy of the greatest good of the people.
It is also, absolutely; clear to me, my ancestors were not Christians, prior to the arrival of kidnappers in what’s commonly referred to as West Africa. In fact, they had their own social systems. Theirs’ predates any found on this planet. They were deceived. They were then, Christianized. In fact, in the fifteenth century, a Pope referred to my representatives as Pagan savages. Thus, the Pope gave his blessings to “Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal, to enslave and Christianized my ancestors and their colleagues. Again, in this day, the Age of Information, I cannot align myself with the teachings of those who practiced genocide against my representatives. Well! That would be dumb. Wont it? There is no excuse for ignorance in this age. The struggle continues.
"The time is come, and now is the time when we must stand together in one accord, as men and women of the African race; be not afraid, let us look towards one god, one aim, one destiny” Harold Paul, of the African Church, New Amsterdam, Berbice, British Guiana, at the Esplanade Bandstand, New Amsterdam, Berbice, British Guiana. Thursday, March 6, 1958. Source; Berbice Chronicle, Wednesday, March 12, 1958.

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Triggermen Are Pathetic House Niggers. They Are Not the Beneficiaries.

Triggermen Are Pathetic House Niggers. They Are Not the Beneficiaries.
The members of the death squad which assassinated Malcolm X on February 21, 1965 were only the triggermen. They were all pawns. They carried out such a despicable act. They were all brainwashed into perpetuating such an atrocious crime. It remains a criminal act against every conscientious Black person, Ever existed and/or will ever exist here upon this planet Earth.
The actual conspirators were never brought to justice. They were not definitely exposed. Even, more than 45 years later, it remains unclear, what roles, if any, did Louis Farrakhan, Elijah Muhammad, and his sons including Wallace Muhammad, and Herbert Muhammad, and other members of the Nation of Islam, including John Ali, and Raymond Sharrieff, Gene Roberts, an undercover police officer, Edgar Hoover and Counter Intelligence Program (CoIntelPro), Linden Johnson and his administration, and other agencies of Federal, State and City governments played in that assault upon Black life and culture. I believe Louis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam and the US Government are the chief beneficiaries of the execution of Malcolm X. It is written, that, Louis Farrakhan, is quoted as saying, “Betty Shabazz never said that Farrakhan was a plotter in the death of Malcolm, But she said that Farrakhan helped to create the atmosphere. And that I can agree with.” Black people, the immediate relatives of Malcolm X, primarily Betty Shabazz, Attallah Shabazz, Qubilah Shabazz, Llyasah Shabazz, Gamilah Shabazz, Malikah Shabazz, Malaak Shabazz, Malcolm Shabazz and Malik Shabazz were and still are the victims of that act.
Black people need to understand that the enemies of black people are often those with black skins and white hearts as described by Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, and Franz Fanon several others. They look like us. They claim to love us. Yet they kill us and our heroes - champions . . . The assassinations of Chaka the Zulu warrior king, Patrice Lummunbia, Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara, Maurice Bishop, and Walter Rodney and a number of others all have similar sinister personalities who perpetrated the acts. What’s also common is that Black people still love and regards their killers as heroes. That’s so absurd. But it’s the reality of the situation.
What I would really like to know from their hearts and mouths of those House -Niggers that killed my Messiah are
Would they have done so today?
Do they still consider Malcolm X a man worthy of death by their hands?
If so, why at this late date?
Why upon this earth would, they want to be identified as traitors of Black people and/or executioners of the uncontested champion of black people of the last half of the twentieth century (European age)?
What have they benefitted from their participation in such a horrendous act against Black people?
I have always wondered why the relatives of all the people killed and/or otherwise injured or victimized by CoIntelPro, Edgar Hoover, and other agencies of Federal, State and City governments have not filed suit against these agencies and individuals in a Court of Law in the USA, even at this late date?
Whosoever, killed, Malcolm X is as pathetic as those who perpetuated acts which resulted in his and mine and your representatives being enslaved here in the Americas and at home in West Africa.
Norman 3X Butler, Thomas 15X Johnson, Talmadge Hayer (a.k.a. Mujahid Halim), Philbert Little are all pawns. They are House -Niggers for they did the unpleasant task, the bidding of those who wanted Brother Malcolm dead.
“I have no compassion or mercy or forgiveness” for those who participate in acts of violence against humanity, and particularly against underprivileged working class people and more so against Black life and culture. Again most of the folks who claim to love us really by their actions hate us . . . for they kill our natural, our chosen leaders . . . the struggle continues.

“Our people must learn who our enemies are -who our friends are - and how to make the best use of both of them.”....Thomas Sankara.