Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why do you love Black women?

While listening to imhotep Gary bird during his presentation express yourself on 98.7 Kiss Fm New York City which was a program in honor of Women's History Month. Imhotep posed two questions. They were, one for males and the other for females; "Why do you love Black women?", and, "Why do you love being a Black woman?" I am prejudiced I prefer my mother's and sisters' cooking than any other offering presented by dieticians. I prefer to be instructed by females. I prefer to be disciplined by females. I prefer to be subjected to female administrators. I believe females are better suited for the field of education and residential administration. However, ideally, both parents are necessary ingredients to the development of children, and their ability to function with balanced thoughts and actions. I recall during the days of my youth, the mere mention of another's mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, and cousin, in either a manner or tone which can be recognized as disrespectful was reason enough for justifying attempted homicide upon the perpetrator. I bloodied numerous males for such perceived infractions. I witnessed countless such scenarios. Every location I happened upon therein people was ever willing to protect their females at all costs. The peoples views of their females wherever I witnessed were all similar – on the Corentyne Coast, in the Canje River valley, New Amsterdam, West Coast Berbice, East Coast Demerara, Georgetown, East Bank Demerara, Linden, Essequebo Coast and most certainly New York city. It is the same story. People overwhelmingly say they love and trust their mother over and above any other human being. Therefore, taking a page from Imhotep Gary Bird, I would love to enquire into your thought processes. I would love for you to express them, share them with us; by simply answering the following questions; Do you love females? Do you love being a female? Do you think the role of females in the human experience must be continued to be defined by the thought process of males? Would you advocate for females to access and obtain all offices known in the human experience? Do you have difficulties being administrated by females? Do you subscribe to the ancient dogma, "a woman's place is in the home"? Do you think it is possible to love females and not be interested in their personal journey dating to their earliest forbearers? It has always amazed me people appear to love their lovers but often express unpleasant thoughts regarding their in-laws, particularly their mother-in-law. I grappled with such thoughts. I realized mothers more often than not fail to stop being protective of their children. They simply refuse to resign from the career of motherhood. They have to be fired. They take it upon themselves to hold onto the catch phrase "A woman's job is never done" to heart, from the cradle to the grave. The sooner males realize the so-called meddling mother-in-law have serious issues with retirement as mentioned above – and begin to admire their mother-in-law's efforts which resulted in their love being who she is – ever more they will begin to appreciate their mother-in-law. Further more your mother is more than likely the mother-in-law of others. Therefore, do not throw stones while living in glasshouse. Life on earth would be too boring. Everything would certainly be both meaningless and regrettable without females. Much love to females everywhere. Your struggle is never ending.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Grateful and Thankful

I am grateful; I am able to acknowledge the “many mothers” who “fathered me”… I am grateful; I feel blessed to have experienced a number of generations of Sancho people and their friends and/or associates in the rural communities in British Guiana (Colonial Guyana). I am thankful; I can socialize with loved ones, immediate and other relatives without presenting a physical challenge or burden to their programs in their daily lives. I regret the fact that most of my beloved ones have migrated to the land of ancestors…I note that I am aware five(5) Sancho people have transitioned this year 2012 to date. I am grateful I to have bonded with cousins who were my brothers and sisters. I regret they and I have grown apart here in the USA. Thus it is immense pleasure I feel whenever I see their names and expressions on the electronic media and/or social networking sites on the World Wide Web…I enjoy the greatest pleasure whenever I notice members of the house of Alexander Sancho and Rachael Sancho acknowledging one another. I regret that they seldom ask me how they are related… I also delight in the fact that I have increasing access to information with respect to the events in the life of Bentick Sancho (Bentinck Sancho), and the aftermath of his migration to the land of ancestors; particularly the names of a number of his children…If Leebert Sancho is absolutely accurate; Bentick Sancho (Bentinck Sancho), is the remains buried their in the vault in Sancho plot; then none of his five children is buried there in the vault in Sancho plot in the cemetery at Golden Grove. The problem facing researchers would then be who is Sarah Sancho (maiden name)? Where is her remains interred? Is Emma Sancho also Adelaide Sancho (Abigail Sancho)? More questions than answers… I delight also that our relatives’ descendants of Sancho respond to my efforts of linking one to the other on the Social networking site. I regret my most beloved Uncle Oswald Sancho’s house is not well represented participants in this effort. I regret the fact that only a few known members of prior generations of Sancho are physically present in these current times. I miss Sancho who came and left; gone, before me…That fact never sits well with my consciousness... The number is far too much; too long, to be accommodated here…But, however, please allow me to mention a few of them; Muriel Sancho (my mother); Oswald Sancho (my Uncle); Margaret Sancho(my Aunt);Colin Ross (my brother); Toonka Sancho(my First Cousin); Boy Sancho and Frankie Rodrigues(my First Cousins, once removed); Brenda Abrams, Gwen Valentine, Sheila Sharper, and Bertie Sharper (my mother’s First Cousins) and Burchell Lutchman…. Long live the people of Sancho, whoever they are and wherever they are …