Monday, December 8, 2014

pleasant parents’ day

“No one remembers people of former times; nor will anyone remember those who come later; nor will they be remembered by those who come still later.” Ecclesiastes 1: 11
This animal, certainly, love to take this opportunity to wish Muriel Sancho (PBUH) and George E. Ross (PBUH), wherever they are, a most pleasant parents’ day and grandparents’ day.
This creature also wish to thank his favorite humans, Muriel Sancho and Oswald Sancho,  and numerous Sancho family members and their relatives and their friends and people of Nabaclis and Golden Grove,  Ms. Savory and her  family, Dave,  Yvonne and Ingrid, and the other,  and Mildred Tucker and her  family, Henry Tucker, James, Wil, Randolph , Garfield and Compton of # 65 village; his favorite brothers, his favorite family  and Ms. Francis and her family, Compton and Claudette,  of # 68 village, especially the females for fathering him.
This man also love to send shots out to Shango Omoja, Derrick Roberts (GGGSS) and Hemraj (SLPGSS) and others for encouraging him to think and articulate for self with an open mind, to search for information to establish the subject matter.
This Sancho would like to single out Norma Jackman, Estelle Jodhan and Doreen Trotman for nurturing and nourishing him.
This male appreciate them, most all. For putting up with his extremely objectionable behavior. Please convey my sentiments to them, soonest.

This human resent the fact he did not thank numerous folks, who have gone before, for their contributions to his upbringing.  Unfortunately, nothing really matters does it? A Luta Continua.

Ecclesiastes is Living Mathematics

Ecclesiastes is one of my all-time favorite books. I know it is absolute plagiarism of the wise saying and wisdom teaching of the ancients of the Nile Valley higher culture. There is no proof that King Solomon and other featured characters of biblical literature are historical figures. Archaeologists have not found any supporting evidence. However, this fact remains lessons can be drawn from the bible as with any literature and/or presentation which will be beneficial to one’s understating of self and purpose for their sojourn on the planet.
Ecclesiastes has been a focal point in my developing rational thought process. Wisdom teachings and/or wise sayings are found in varied places and out of the thoughts differing persons yet must be deciphered and relevant content adopted for the improvement of life experiences.
It is my appreciation of Ecclesiastes which influenced my thoughts to conclude Europeans appropriated Christianity from its original African spiritual and humanistic concepts and mythologies. European Christian religion is a commercial enterprise.  Western religions are fueled by the indoctrination and exploitation of the masses.
Ecclesiastes open minds.  Ecclesiastes in conjunction with relevant information exposes corrupted officials from the lowest to the highest offices in nations and their secret sponsors of mass enslavement and absolute deception for centuries, and millenniums.

Ignorance and disinformation handcuff minds and enslaves the victims.  During the Arab and European slave trades Africans were trapped, caught and sold to the slave-owning class. In the economic system of slavery, the enslaved masses sell themselves to their employers.  Their employers are subjected to the dictates of the Khazarain Ashkenazi Zionists. The Zionist control the banks. Banks control the money supply. Thus bankers dictate the livelihood and enslaves the masses generation after generation as wage –earning slaves with more benefits than our representation in the plantation society. Ecclesiastes is living mathematics. Did you get it? A Luta Continua.

Attention – All Sancho people – Documenting Sancho people – Bentick Sancho and his people.

“What is crooked cannot be made straight, and what is lacking cannot possibly be counted” - Ecclesiastes 1: 15
This Sancho is hereby informing Sancho that this Sancho is currently in the process of documenting the research findings on the story of the kinship of Sancho. It has been quite a ride for the better portion of twenty years. The working title of the documentation is tentatively titled; “Bentick Sancho and his People - A Historical And Genealogical Account of A Migrant Kinship.” The contents will range from the origins of Sancho people and the origins and the meaning of the name, Sancho, to Sancho migrating and residing in the cold northern regions of the planet on both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. It will also in Sancho, Temne people enslaved in the united colonies of Demerary and Essequebo. The theme will exhibit accounts of their lives and times in relationship to historical events as members of the kinship sought upward mobility from peasant farmers to academic professionals and skilled labourers.
This Sancho would love to include the information of family groups of the third generations of Sancho after the arrival into the united colonies of Demerary and Essequebo. However vital statistics of most records are incomplete and/or blank.  This Sancho does not support the idea of the fourth generation’s families’ information be included simply because of the constant threat of identity theft and its consequences.
The manuscript will not address people and their false claims. It is not about people alleging to be Sancho. It not a response. It is not a repudiation of those declaring to be the authority on the story of Sancho. It is about descendants of Sancho.  It is about documentation. Census records reveal Bentick Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho were enslaved at Plantation Enmore. Any other literature stating otherwise is fictitious. Such an effort is a blatant act of cultural and social piracy of the heritage of Sancho.  And as such must be discredited and rebuked for the evil agenda it is. The content will stand on its own merit. This Sancho acknowledges revisions will be necessary as further information becomes available.
Most regrettably this Sancho did not access supporting documentation to make the declaration that Bentick Sancho is a descendant of Balaba. Thus cannot make the assertion the Sancho people are Nyancho and/or Koringo. Those are warrior clans of the Mandinka. This researcher contends, history is not created by an individual. Thus no individual can write absolutely comprehensive account of the lives and times of any social grouping.  History therefore is humanities and social science. It is created by people. Thus the documentation is best done by members of the social group in community with common cause. Thus, therefore, it is most unfortunate, this Sancho neither receive input the requested information from his beloved Cousin Brenda Abrams (PBUH) nor received the evidence of Leebert Sancho respecting the story of the institutions they founded. Those schools have morphed into village council and government controlled entities.  This Sancho needs to access Dawn Jefferali’s accounts and/or her siblings’ accounts of the contributions and impact of Maisie (Luke) Jefferali to the residents of Golden Grove and Nabaclis. This Sancho put it to Sancho – stating the failure of the current people of Sancho to organize and upkeep a superb functioning non-profit family organization has not only affected in attendance and program of the reunions and establish an agenda for the kinship but also impacted the research process.  Certainly, therefore, it will impact the documentation and copyrights thereof. There are other embellishments, this Sancho needs, which are required, to paint as broad an image of Sancho as humanly possible.
Thus, Sancho by this means Sancho are hereby requested to participate and contribute in the process by submitting your accounting of the story of the people of Sancho before February 15, 2015. Please contact this Sancho at
This Sancho is also requesting your input – respecting who Sancho would like to write the forward, introduction and the after-word and/or any other contribution. This Sancho have a short list of eleven individuals, who he loved ascertain their interests. Three are not Sancho people. In fact this Sancho has contacted one researcher and is awaiting the researcher’s response. If not received on and/or before December 23, 2014, this Sancho would move on. This Sancho must admit it – it is killing him - not being able to work on this undertaking with Carmen Sancho and Derrick Roberts. And more so, Derrick Roberts, for while both imparted knowledge into my young mind at Golden Grove Government Secondary School; Derrick Roberts was my first instructor of humanities and social sciences in organized setting.  Naomi (David) Johnson (PBUH) also encouraged me to express myself within the confines of the subject.

Finally this is an accounting of the people of Sancho and their related people who impacted their lives and efforts. You dearly beloved relatives will for intense and purposes be mentioned in the text. If you disagree refute the expressions. Never take it personal. Produce facts and/or documentation. This Sancho is considering self-publishing. Whatever proceeds are realized are to benefit Sancho people and their kinship agendas, period. This Sancho, paraphrasing, his grandfather, Alexander Sancho (PBUH) you the pillow? Please remember this Sancho was not the pillow and neither are you. Thus none of us has all the answers. This Sancho offers documentation, and opinions based on historical events. You do the research yourself and make your own arguments and conclusions. May the spirits of Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho and our representatives before them dating back to the beginnings of the human experience be with Sancho forever more!  The struggle continues. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Brainwashed and ill-informed, Continue to subscribe to the Current Conditioning

Well I think as deplorable as the word bloodbath may sound, I think the condition that Negroes in America have already experienced in America, for too long, is just as deplorable and if it takes something that deplorable to remove this other deplorable condition, I think it is justified
-         MALCOLM X, BBC Broadcast, Tonight with interviewer, Cliff Michelmore,  December 1964
The modern thinker, in the post Malcolm X Era, in December 2014, ‘needs to broaden their horizon’. The modern thinker, must include the execrable conditions of economic slavery facing the masses of people in their daily lives on the planet. People need to understand how and why the current financial systems of Central Banks and other banking institutions create money out of thin air, how paper becomes legal tender as it were, while the Khazarain Ashkenazi Zionists, the Bankers and modern slave owners, continue to stockpile them into conditions of economic slavery whereby they and their generations sell themselves to survive and /or to maintain a standard of living. It is high time everyone understand the system of money supply in whatever nation they currently reside.
People also need to change their sources whereby they receive information.  There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be ignorant, and indoctrinated, in this is the Age of Access to Information while frequenting or dwelling in cities, towns and/or other major communities. I further charge those who remain ill-informed, and brainwashed, continue to choose to wallow in such conditioning, I also charge any institution people frequent which does not teach these truths is merely a contributing factor to the problems and issues. It is a complete waste of time and effort to continue to support such institutions which do not seek solutions to eradicate the sufferings our people face in their daily lives.