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Sancho, Gooding and Wiltshire of Trinidad and Tobago

In this attempt; I am seeking Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago.  I love to link with Sancho of Trinidad. I am aware Sancho reside in the following locations; Chaguanas, Couva,  Diego Martin,Tabaquite/Talparo, Laventille, Siparia, Port Of Spain, Sangre Grande, San Juan, Tunapuna, San Fernando,   Princes Town.
Therefore I’d love to link with people who resided and/or were or are connected to the locations listed above. Perchance, they or their relatives or friends may be aware of Sancho, Gooding and Wiltshire.
The need is to identify the descendants of John Sancho, son of Bentick Sancho, brother of Charlie Sancho, Mary (Sancho) Sandy, Emma Sancho and Tuckness Sancho of East Coast Demerara, Guyana (formerly British Guiana).  Will you please point me to them and them to me – soonest? Sancho of Guyana is also interested in linking with Sancho of St. Vincent and elsewhere in the Caribbean Basin and Sierra Leone, Liberia and the United Kingdom. Email:
Thanks for your time, understanding and cooperation.

Friday, May 3, 2013

PPP Administration, 1997-2013 :Ruthless Corrupt Bloody PPP administration?

The Eastern Ethiopians’ (East Indians) views of Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham are far too disparaging; too sinister; too extreme.  Similarly, the Nappy-haired Ethiopians’ (Africans of recent vintage) views of Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham are of far too much hero-worshiping; too extreme.  If I were not an eye-witness; ear-witness and victim of the shenanigans of Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham 1950-1997; especially of the political and social bloody upheavals of 1962-1964 periods; I would be hard pressed to figure out who is telling the truths and who is overwhelmingly ridiculous.  I would be totally confused relative to the real Cheddi Jagan and   Forbes Burnham. 
Prem Misir, Frank Birbalsingh, David Dabydeen and the army of Eastern Ethiopian scholars, and long-suffering masses are not totally wrong in stating Forbes Burnham was a tyrant. After, all the records illustrate hundreds of Guyanese, perhaps thousands, including members of WPA, Moses Bhagwan, Walter Rodney, Eusi Kwayana, Clive Thomas, Eddy Grant, Frederick Mahaica, Trade Union Leaders, Teachers, Sugar  and Bauxite workers experienced the wrath of Burnham.
Rasta Reggae music was banned from the airwaves of Radio Demerara, and GBS. Dreadlocks were despised and harassed. Movies were banned, and/or cutup –edited – scenes were omitted. GDF soldiers were ordered to be strike breakers – cutting sugar cane and transporting same to the factories. 
 Guyana was virtually a police state. Rabbi Washington and his followers ran amok. Thankfully, Desmond Hoyte got rid of him.
 Burnham’s domestic policies stunk. Feed, Clothe and House the nation  and the banning of food items and beauty contests were masterpieces. However, all failed. Simply, because of Burnham’s hands-on-nature and system of patronage. PNC party patronage encouraged corruption and nepotism.   
Burnham blew it. He had the best possible choice for the task of directing his policies. That man was none other than the most honorable, Baba Eusi Kwayana. Burnham should have given Baba Eusi Kwayana total control of the PNC – and the PNC Government’s policies. Baba Eusi Kwayana should  have been accountable  to only Burnham, himself. I believe Burnham’s domestic programs would have succeeded. The PNC had and still have too many people who are full of themselves. 
Exhibit # 1 = Dr. Ptolemy Reid – the ugliest creature I have ever witnessed –that fellow was so crude so rude I couldn’t believe what I read in print – and what I heard directly from the mind of that creature as I  walked within arms length of him.  I had forgotten the nonsense Reid uttered at the Town Hall in New Amsterdam when I was a youngster. The adults were fuming. Now during the bauxite strike at linden Reid took his royal ugliness to the highest level of anti-working class rhetoric I ever heard.  Reid told the striking workers that they were responsible for the violence they experienced at the hands of members of the Guyana Police Force. I am not lying. I am about truth. Look it up. Reid’s statements are recorded in newspapers and books reference the bauxite strike.
Burnham made his bed with Europeans heads of states and their intelligence units to defraud Jagan and the PPP at the polls. And Guyana has not recovered. No sympathies for Jagan and the PPP here – for Jagan blew it too many opportunities. He forced numerous upright people to quit the PPP. Jagan created the atmosphere which encouraged the British and the US governments to overthrow him. Janet Rosenberg- Jagan that meddling foreigner was his albatross. Kwame Nkrumah denounced communism. Thus, in 1957, Nkrumah was allowed to lead the independent nation – Ghana.  Jagan stubbornly stuck to and exhibited his communist’s beliefs. In 1992 Jagan finally distance himself from communism. Had he opt for national unity, fair play respecting political and economic empowerment amongst the masses and their communities, and west Indian federation; Jagan could have been my champion. Am I the only person who seems to understand the Indo-Guyanese critics of the PNC regime are totally silent on the abuse corruption and moral decay in Guyana under the criminal Jagdeo-Ramotar administration? At best they are defensive and/or referencing old politics of PNC 1964-1992 regime. Jagdeo-Ramotar administrations are exhibitions of elected dictatorships.  Where are the Indo-Guyanese critics, especially the academics of  this ruthless corrupt and bloody PPP administration? Certainly, there can be no doubt about such conclusions.

Individual's Effort

Peace and Blessings!
Oral communications with the exclusive and direct source revealed to me the intention of publishing a manuscript which is very unlikely to be accurate. It appears to not have the blessings of the vast majority of the descendants of Sancho. It certainly does not have mine. It’s an individual's effort. It reflects the opinions of an individual. It does not follow the prescription that history of a people is best told from a collaborative perspective. I am of the school of thought that none - no one knows the accurate story of a people. Certainly, there are several versions of the origins of the people of Sancho. Some say the Congo - Zaire. I am aware Felix Bastiani stated Alexander Sancho (PBUH) told him that our ancestor came from the region of the Congo. I think Sydney Marious supports the thought that our ancestors came from the Congo. Leebert Sancho was told that they were Moors in Spain. They were reported to be expelled from Spain to Columbia in South America. But he questioned the fact that they were not known to be speakers of Spanish. A number of us believe they were birthed in England. That they are likely grandchildren of Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780). At least they were known to the children of Ignatius Sancho. Some of us think, they were Yoruba. They came from Sierra Leone. They came from Madagascar.
I would love to read the manuscript. It is bound to contain some facts which could well be useful to the research process. Just be forewarned, people do the strangest things, to isolate themselves. They even fail to recognize - how really absurd they really are.

Chris Gayle - Slugger Not Batsman

Chris Gayle - Slugger - 175 not out 17 sixes and 13 fours. Gayle does not use his feet, at all. Gayle reaches for the deliveries. He slugs wherever he chooses. Gayle does not attempt the hook shot. Gayle has not mastered and/or displayed the art or skill of batsmanship.  - Hell No.
I watched Sobers hit sixes with ease in smooth flow. Those three Guyanese left handed batsmen, Clive Lloyd, Roy Fredericks and Alvin Kallicharran were happy hookers. They were all armed with a wide variety of pulsating strokes. Their cover and sugar drives off either foot were eye candy. I don't see that anymore. I tried to watch Gayle and Sehwag. I can't they are tough to appease my cricketing mind. They bat like tail-enders; like fast bowlers of the past. I prefer to fret about Lance Gibbs' failure to handle the bat. I find it difficult to accept Lillee and Thomson bowled bouncers at Gibbs in 1975/1976 ....What a waste of energy, to say the least...
What's with the all capital letters? Gayle and Sehwag and all those baseball hitters are sorry sights to traditional cricket lovers. I don't expect to witness Mr. October (Reggie Jackson), or Darryl Strawberry or Dwight "Doc" Gooden or Ricky Henderson in a cricket matches. Small wonder Chanderpaul is considered the top batsman in test match cricket. The current cricketers are mediocre. West Indies isn’t going to dominate the cricketing world for 15 days or 15 months with the products I have witnessed. There will not be a repeat of the 15 years' dominance of the cricketing world as under the captaincies of Clive Lloyd and Vivian Richards. Forget about that - those were cricketers.

Robert Corbin’s PNC Not Burnham’s Party

 The average Negro-Guyanese praise Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham (1923-1985) as the greatest thing since slice bread in Guyana (formerly British Guiana, May 26, 1966). The average Negro-Guyanese expects every African-Guyanese to support the PNC/APNU, and/or anything or person thrown up there in the charade, masquerading as a leader of Guyanese people selected by the executive committee (membership) of the PNC.

The PNC ceased being Burnham’s party when Desmond Hoyte made decisions, eradicating the Burnham policies and neutralizing the Burnham influence within the PNC.  Hamilton Green has little or no authority within the PNC. The PNC is not David Granger’s party. The PNC is Robert Corbin’s platform to wield political influence and receive material gains for his efforts.

The PNC has no room for the descendants of Forbes Burnham, his Godson, his adopted son and/or his son-in-law. The PNC is not a Burnham party. I am sure not one of Burnham’s daughters is a member of the PNC, much less in the executive Committee of the PNC. Van West Charles, do you remember him? Well he is Burnham’s son-in-law. He is not a member of the PNC. Van West Charles is a professor beyond the boundaries of Guyana. How could that be the fact of the matter?

Yet Negroes supporters of Robert Corbin’s PNC claim the PNC is Burnham’s party. That’s as absurd as it is outrageous. PNC is what it is devoid of Burnham’s influence. That’s as clear as sunshine. PNC has no direction, no vision, no planning, and no development programs. PNC is an old boys’ club of square pegs in round holes, conning Guyanese people aspiring to hold highest offices, thereby they could and will reap greater rewards in similar fashion as the corrupt Jagdeo-Ramotar led PPP. Burnham’s daughters won’t support the PNC as it’s currently constituted. The daughters are perhaps not interested or denied the opportunity. Perhaps, they were neither approached nor asked.  However, Burnham’s five daughters aren’t dumb, deaf and blind. It’s a shame. They are likely to make decisions which would be for the greatest good of Guyanese people and Guyana. 

Oliver Tambo and Forbes Burnham - Nothing in Common

I simply refuse to believe and/or accept intelligent people – Guyanese at that – would be so aroused as to petition South Africa’s African National Congress demanding the Oliver Tambo award for Forbes Burnham.
Firstly, it is apparent that the people of ANC who are responsible for awarding the Oliver Tambo award did not do their homework. If they did; they would have realized that Forbes Burnham and his illegal PNC regime did business with the apartheid government of South Africa. Thus, Forbes Burnham and members of his illegal PNC are ineligible for such an award.  
Oliver Tambo and Forbes Burnham had little or nothing in common. Oliver Tambo and Forbes Burnham were two different people with different agenda and different support system and sources of support.  Tambo and Burnham are long dead. The award is meaningless to either man. Oliver Tambo was Black Nationalist intent in bringing down the apartheid regime in South Africa and replacing that illegal regime with the legitimate government of African National Congress. Forbes Burnham was a Machiavellian manipulator.  Burnham was playing both sides of the coin.  Never mind the contributions Burnham and his illegal regime made to the African liberation struggles in Southern Africa, Burnham did business with South Africa. That’s a fact.
Tambo was fighting an illegal regime in South Africa. Burnham was leading an illegal regime in Guyana. Burnham exhibited numerous characteristics of a despot. Burnham was a tyrant.
Oliver Tambo is not known to be linked to the deaths and/or suffering of African peoples anywhere on earth. Certainly, no notable African died as a result of Tambo’s aspirations and unsavory actions.
I don’t have a problem or issue with Burnham receiving the Dingane-Mhlangana-Mbopa Award on Sunday, September 22, 2013, and /or on September 22 of any year.
It is criminal to even begin to think of creating an East Coast Demerara 1823 martyrs’ award to hand it to Burnham. Telemachus and the other heroes of the East Coast Demerara Rebellion and the shareholders and joint proprietors of the African communities of the East Coast would be very offended by such an affront.

Virender Sehwag -Slugger

I looked at a few exhibitions of Virender Sehwag on YouTube. I am not impressed. I noticed James  Pattinson an Australian fast bowler struck him on several occasions on the helmet. Sehwag even ducked into the ball. Sure, Sehwag is a clean striker of the ball but he’s not a batsman of class. He’s a slugger.

Virender Sehwag does not use his feet; to get to the pitch of the ball. He slugs through the delivery. I wonder how Virender Sehwag and Chris Gayle are so highly successful. Those guys are sluggers. They are not batsmen.

Canje River Bridge

 Does anybody remember the Canje River Bridge of the late 1950s and the early 1960s? I am thinking; it was a bridge which was lifted up; in similar fashion a wooden kokers.   The bridge was later replaced by a swinging bridge. I recall the sound of motor-vehicles over wood – similar to the stellings at New Amsterdam and Rosignol. I walked over and rode bicycles over the bridge in the 1960s; prior to April 19, 1966.
What are your recollections?
Did you know there were ferry services at Canje, Abary, Mahaica, and Mahaicony rivers and at Vergenoegen-Philadelphia District   on the East Bank of Essequebo in the nineteenth century?


I will be in Manhattan on Friday, May 3, 2013. I shall be accessing digital copies of the Daily Chronicle newspaper November 5, 1881 – December 27, 1897. I will be focusing on CERES, DOWNER, NOBLE, and SEARS of West Coast Berbice and YAW of Buxton–Friendship District. You have from the moment you receive this correspondence up until 12:30PM Friday, May 3, 2013 to make requests for me to lookup persons or surnames of interest to you for you in the stated resources. Thanks for your time, cooperation and understanding.

Lucifer - Guyanese Politicians

If Lucifer was not a concept but a reality and a Negro-Guyanese. I am certain he would be a member and leader in and/or of the PNC/R – APNU. Then, certainly, Negro-Guyanese would worship The Great Satan as a hero of our people. No doubt whatsoever about such a conclusion; for every known iconic rascal who sports the physical characteristics of an African is revered or hero-worshiped in or amongst the so-called African sector of the Guyanese populace and/or diaspora; while real heroes -are unsung and/or forgotten and belittled.
Exhibit # 1= the shareholders and joint-proprietors are almost totally forgotten. PNC reduced them to footnotes
Exhibit #2 = the commemoration of the freedom fighters of August 1823 on the East Coast of Demerara are reduced to a political tug-a-war between the PPP and conscious African peoples of Guyana. Uncle Toms have revealed themselves including that sculptor Ivor Thom from Victoria Village, ECD.

Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm

"Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm"

Negroes; Guyanese; you need to stop it. Guyanese who are anti-Burnham and the PNC aren’t necessary anti-African Guyanese.  You know or ought to that Burnham is a CIA lackey. The CIA transcripts prove that. Explain how did Burnham become Premier of British Guiana in December 1964? Fact 1: The heads of state of USA, and UK with their propaganda campaign ensured Jagan was ousted.   What happened to Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah and other apparent legitimate nationalist leaders and their administrations? They were overthrown or killed by imperialist capitalist Europeans and the lackeys. I also recommend you read: Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II. Fact 2: Burnham did business with Apartheid ruled South Africa.
Fact 3: Levi Latham, a technocrat in the Ministry of Health in St. Vincent rescued numerous Guyanese including several labor union leaders who escaped the Burnham regime in ships at Kingston, St. Vincent. George Depena is perhaps on that list. Latham’s son may still have that very long list of names here in Brooklyn, NY. Levi Latham Health Center in Mesopotamia Valley is named in his honor.
Fact 4: Burnham was a tyrant. After all the records illustrate Burnham  and his PNC goons violated  and/or attempted to the natural rights of hundreds of Guyanese  including WPA members including Moses Bhagwan,  Walter Rodney, Eusi Kwayana, Clive Thomas,  union leaders, teachers, sugar workers and bauxite workers experienced the wrath of Burnham. Fact 5: Closer to home – JOF Haynes and Fred Wills also experienced Burnham’s foolishness. Fact 6: Rasta Reggae music was banned from the airwaves of Radio Demerara, and GBS. Fact 7: GDF soldiers were ordered to be strike breakers – cutting sugar cane and transporting same to the factories. I was having none of that nonsense. I refuse to cut cane for anybody but myself to eat.

I have spoken truth my conscious is clear. I exhibited only truth… Know the truth and the truth shall set you free of indoctrination, greed and treachery. If you don’t agree with me; you are labeling, all; every Guyanese who struggled and/or victimized by Forbes Burnham and the PNC political platform, liars. I say most of us speak the truth or the truth as it is understood.

Sancho of Siparia

Bless up! People;  I am seeking the name of a female who was busted at about 2 AM on the morning of   Friday, April 26, 2013 on Montauk Avenue in Brooklyn, New York city. I last spoke with her at about mid-morning on Thursday, April 25, 2013. She had previously told me that her folks resided at Siparia in Trinidad and Tobago. She and her mother are aware of Sancho and Glasgow resident at Siparia. She mentioned Arthur Sancho and Joseph Sancho. She said she is not a Sancho but her mother has relatives and friends who are related to Sancho of Siparia, in Trinidad. She promised to link me with her mother when she returned. I never saw her again. I wonder whether she was bull-shitting me or was she serious? I am not aware of her name – and thus I cannot find her mother – unless some unforeseen circumstances occur. How do I access NYPD Police Blotter for arrest made on the morning of   Friday, April 26, 2013? What are your thoughts? Share them-will you?

Poor Peoples' Realities Always Grim

“Guyanese, poor people, underprivileged marginalized oppressed peoples of earth are and/or ‘were deluded in holding out for the possibility of change.’ The realities of the Blackman – poor people will always be the same; grim” – {paraphrased}
In this age, as has been the scenario in the last millennium; truth needs to be the focal point. Thus, the most ancient creed of our people of the Nile Valley Higher Culture is the philosophy and practice of the greatest good in mankind. I am a truth warrior. I am with truth – aboriginal peoples’, oppressed people, marginalized peoples’ and the underprivileged working class peoples’ values.