Saturday, July 9, 2011

What then is this?

"Be not deceived, wealth is strength, wealth is power, wealth is influence, wealth is Justice, wealth is liberty, wealth is real human Rights" . . . Marcus Garvey.
"We have been worshiping a false God . . . We Just create a God of our own and give this new religion to the Negroes of the world." Marcus Garvey, Up, You, Mighty Race . . .
"The Ku Klux Klan is the invisible government of the US . . . The Ku Klux Klan represents to a great extent the feelings of every real white American." Marcus Garvey, Liberty Hall, 1922.
". . . if there was such a thing called the Midas touch, which was the touch that made everything turn into gold, then we have a new creation in this society—the Burnham touch where everything he touches turns to shit. One has to put it in these brutal terms because the situation in which we are is a brutal situation." Dr. Walter Anthony Rodney, (1942-1980), The Most Honorable

What then is this?
Is it just I? It seems to me that, in very recent times, I am conscious, these days; more Negro males are jogging and dogs - walking on the streets of Brooklyn, NYC. For the most part, the pooper-scoopers are cleaning up after their lower-animals. I have noticed fewer dog feces recently. I still walking with my head focused on the path in front of me. I do not want to ever step in filth - and heaven forbid transport such particles to my domicile or take such offence smell around others. What's the reason for that? I think the Negro males are in hot pursuit of single white females.
I noticed Negro males in Crown Heights and Bedford Stuyvesant, are far more courteous and polite to white females than they are to black females. Negro males all too frequently utter choice words,
when referring to and/or speaking to black females, such as (Hoes), whores, bitches, dumb bitch and cock suckers. Doesn’t repeated exposure to the reckless and public vulgarity of the rascal Neggah man and woman sicken you? Shame upon you if you think you are representing your ancestry, your future generations and yourself in the light befitting our glorious past prior to being enslaved in the Americas. A crucified savior, Walter Rodney (1942-1980) was quoted as saying, “One has to put it in these brutal terms because the situation in which we are is a brutal situation." Certainly, the situation is most unnecessarily vulgar, far too much profanity, and all too loosely. English language is an alien tongue to our people. However, since at least 1415, Africans have been dabbing with European languages. Six hundred years is enough time for Africans to be proficient in the usage of European Languages. Don't you think?
What then is this? The propensity to dispense four letter words, cuss words, vulgar language seems to be the specialty of Africans formerly enslaved in the Americas. Are we really free? Poverty, restricted income, ignorance, rudeness and self-hatred seem to have replaced the physical chains in much similar fashion as tenement and projects have replaced the plantations as it was in the days of physical and perpetual bondage. One more item before I break away, in the old days, they were known as slave-catchers, bounty-hunters, there was a legal act such as the fugitive slave laws, today, they are called law enforcement officers and the laws of the land ensures the war on poverty will be nothing more than political rhetoric aimed at your support at the ballot box. Don’t let politicians continue to take you for a ride. There will always be poverty in a capitalist society. Think for a moment if ever one in the society is rich - who the hell would do the work? I say, forget the con-artists, especially those you hardly see unless, it‘s a campaign season. Why not create your own opportunities at wealth building? What then is this?
I guess I should label the females as Negroes. Those who accept such sordid patterns of behavior. It’s not cute. It’s distasteful. It is part of a culture in which exposing uncover garments is considered a fashionable or some dress code. It is really sickening, in fact, it is downright frightening, whenever I hear ten-year-olds and/ or younger people utter such vulgarisms. I feel like letting them have the back of my hand across their mouths. More over me feel like introducing some print material relative to Black life and culture in their faces. Let’s face it. Our young people are disrespectful to our people. I believe its self-hatred. Poverty is no excuse for acting a fool. It is not an excuse to go out of your way to be numbered amongst those anchored in the industrial prison complex.
Certainly, the Negroes must have arrived at such conclusions in their homes, and the neighborhood they frequent. I adamantly refuse to either believe or accept the Negroes reached such conclusions in the classrooms. Certainly, the curriculums could use a great infusion of Black History and the real history of the human experience on earth. Then our young people will have a sense of self-esteem, pride in the knowledge of self. It is a travesty that at this late date Negroes are talking about Greek philosophy. I find such a scenario most revolting. It is as putrid as preteens coloring their utterances with vulgarities and vague expressions.
It has dawned upon me that, Negro males express a sense of pride, exercising and showcasing their muscles. They are reminiscent of a peacock strutting itself for the benefit of females. The rituals of flexing their muscles and displaying rather well-defined physical attributes are all well and good but empowering it is not. Does it pay the bills? Does it put food on the table? Does it provide for the amenities of life?
Alas! For the most part, their expressions betray their ignorance. I am often left thinking, what an embarrassment. Won’t it be more beneficial to exercise the brain? I suppose if half the effort and time are placed upon education than straining the muscles more males would be reputable scholars and maintaining Careers even in the white world of corporate America, and less would found in too numerous prisons here in the USA. Education is a vehicle to wealth building. Education is a means to succeed. It is in itself empowering. It is still the proven avenue to political and economic empowerment. The early twentieth century messiah, Marcus Garvey (1887-1940), insisted to our representatives, "Be not deceived, wealth is strength, wealth is power, wealth is influence, wealth is Justice, wealth is liberty, wealth is real human Rights" . . .
What then is this?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Independence Weekend, 2011

Peace and Blessings! Best greetings! To you and your entire loved one on this independence weekend here in the USA. And to those of you celebrating the holiday, I ask that you be mindful of the historic consequences of the occasion as it relates to Africans enslaved in the Americas. Do not fail to comprehend that on gaining independence on July 4, 1776 Africans were still enslaved in the USA on that historic date. Africans were not freed from physical bondage in the USA until President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Act and it became the law of the land in 1865. If you did not know I am here to remind you that your representatives were still chained to the plantations for 89 years. During that period black messiahs such as Harriet Tubman and William Still were engaged in a program of freeing hundreds of Africans in America. The process is known as the underground railway. That ought to be the significance of the 4th of July to the African-Americans. You should never forget that reality.
More over the masses of the African-Americans have not experienced the American dream. It is still a nightmare not withstanding the fact that a Kenyan-American Obama is currently the head of state of the USA. It is high time the honeymoon is over and critical analyses are made of the Obama administration as it regards to black life and culture in the USA during the last nine hundred days. I think Obama must be supported for a second term in office. It is likely that he will be able to go all out to promote real change and achieve tangible results which would enhance the lives of the vast majority of the American people. I am cognizant that the Obama administration cannot appease everyone in four years in office. Certainly, that is not enough time to really facilitate the necessary changes. More over our people need to embrace that stark reality. The need is for our people to manage their financial resources in a more meaningful manner with would promote development and improved standards of living. Our people need to tighten their belts and curb unnecessary spending, thereby aiding and abetting the future generations of our people. It is clear to me that Africans in America have tremendous financial resources, but however, they simply refuse to transfer such into progressive directions.
The philosophy of Africans-in-America and nonwhite must be restricted to poverty and ignorance is as ignoble as the ridiculous claims that there is such a thing as Greek philosophy. It is high time poor people here in the USA wage all out battles to derail the practice of hopelessness which provides the labor upon which the industrial prison complex functions. The emphasis must be placed on education and not appearance and on substance not style. Far too many of our young people have been lost from the womb to the tomb to the clutches of the systems of law enforcement, justice and correctional departments here in the USA, and indeed in numerous nations in the recent past. Our young people are criminalized instead of educated to live productive and responsible lives. Thus, instead of opportunities our young people are forced into the practice of self reliance and restricted income. I do not understand why the American society is still hell-bent in wasting such a major portion of its human resources. Certainly, there are numerous competent social scientists in the USA. Therefore, they must realize those wasting human resources do not promote national development. Such a condition has similar effects as brain drain in the so-called developing nations.
Now that I have appealed to your consciousness, I would be remiss if I did not ask you to be very careful, do not consume alcohol beverages and operate motor vehicles this holiday weekend and on any other occasion for that matter. Let the focus be on empowerment not wasting whatever resources you do have. Most of all be vigilant, be safe and have a blessed weekend, bonding with your loved ones whatever you do, I wish that your experiences be enlightening, rewarding. And most all acquire a sense of self-esteem necessary to forge and overcome all the man-made barriers which are placed in your way to achieve empowerment of our people formerly enslaved on earth and also to apply the lessons of the past to promote unity and development of our people everywhere on earth in this time and the in the not too distant future.