Monday, December 8, 2014

pleasant parents’ day

“No one remembers people of former times; nor will anyone remember those who come later; nor will they be remembered by those who come still later.” Ecclesiastes 1: 11
This animal, certainly, love to take this opportunity to wish Muriel Sancho (PBUH) and George E. Ross (PBUH), wherever they are, a most pleasant parents’ day and grandparents’ day.
This creature also wish to thank his favorite humans, Muriel Sancho and Oswald Sancho,  and numerous Sancho family members and their relatives and their friends and people of Nabaclis and Golden Grove,  Ms. Savory and her  family, Dave,  Yvonne and Ingrid, and the other,  and Mildred Tucker and her  family, Henry Tucker, James, Wil, Randolph , Garfield and Compton of # 65 village; his favorite brothers, his favorite family  and Ms. Francis and her family, Compton and Claudette,  of # 68 village, especially the females for fathering him.
This man also love to send shots out to Shango Omoja, Derrick Roberts (GGGSS) and Hemraj (SLPGSS) and others for encouraging him to think and articulate for self with an open mind, to search for information to establish the subject matter.
This Sancho would like to single out Norma Jackman, Estelle Jodhan and Doreen Trotman for nurturing and nourishing him.
This male appreciate them, most all. For putting up with his extremely objectionable behavior. Please convey my sentiments to them, soonest.

This human resent the fact he did not thank numerous folks, who have gone before, for their contributions to his upbringing.  Unfortunately, nothing really matters does it? A Luta Continua.

Ecclesiastes is Living Mathematics

Ecclesiastes is one of my all-time favorite books. I know it is absolute plagiarism of the wise saying and wisdom teaching of the ancients of the Nile Valley higher culture. There is no proof that King Solomon and other featured characters of biblical literature are historical figures. Archaeologists have not found any supporting evidence. However, this fact remains lessons can be drawn from the bible as with any literature and/or presentation which will be beneficial to one’s understating of self and purpose for their sojourn on the planet.
Ecclesiastes has been a focal point in my developing rational thought process. Wisdom teachings and/or wise sayings are found in varied places and out of the thoughts differing persons yet must be deciphered and relevant content adopted for the improvement of life experiences.
It is my appreciation of Ecclesiastes which influenced my thoughts to conclude Europeans appropriated Christianity from its original African spiritual and humanistic concepts and mythologies. European Christian religion is a commercial enterprise.  Western religions are fueled by the indoctrination and exploitation of the masses.
Ecclesiastes open minds.  Ecclesiastes in conjunction with relevant information exposes corrupted officials from the lowest to the highest offices in nations and their secret sponsors of mass enslavement and absolute deception for centuries, and millenniums.

Ignorance and disinformation handcuff minds and enslaves the victims.  During the Arab and European slave trades Africans were trapped, caught and sold to the slave-owning class. In the economic system of slavery, the enslaved masses sell themselves to their employers.  Their employers are subjected to the dictates of the Khazarain Ashkenazi Zionists. The Zionist control the banks. Banks control the money supply. Thus bankers dictate the livelihood and enslaves the masses generation after generation as wage –earning slaves with more benefits than our representation in the plantation society. Ecclesiastes is living mathematics. Did you get it? A Luta Continua.

Attention – All Sancho people – Documenting Sancho people – Bentick Sancho and his people.

“What is crooked cannot be made straight, and what is lacking cannot possibly be counted” - Ecclesiastes 1: 15
This Sancho is hereby informing Sancho that this Sancho is currently in the process of documenting the research findings on the story of the kinship of Sancho. It has been quite a ride for the better portion of twenty years. The working title of the documentation is tentatively titled; “Bentick Sancho and his People - A Historical And Genealogical Account of A Migrant Kinship.” The contents will range from the origins of Sancho people and the origins and the meaning of the name, Sancho, to Sancho migrating and residing in the cold northern regions of the planet on both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. It will also in Sancho, Temne people enslaved in the united colonies of Demerary and Essequebo. The theme will exhibit accounts of their lives and times in relationship to historical events as members of the kinship sought upward mobility from peasant farmers to academic professionals and skilled labourers.
This Sancho would love to include the information of family groups of the third generations of Sancho after the arrival into the united colonies of Demerary and Essequebo. However vital statistics of most records are incomplete and/or blank.  This Sancho does not support the idea of the fourth generation’s families’ information be included simply because of the constant threat of identity theft and its consequences.
The manuscript will not address people and their false claims. It is not about people alleging to be Sancho. It not a response. It is not a repudiation of those declaring to be the authority on the story of Sancho. It is about descendants of Sancho.  It is about documentation. Census records reveal Bentick Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho were enslaved at Plantation Enmore. Any other literature stating otherwise is fictitious. Such an effort is a blatant act of cultural and social piracy of the heritage of Sancho.  And as such must be discredited and rebuked for the evil agenda it is. The content will stand on its own merit. This Sancho acknowledges revisions will be necessary as further information becomes available.
Most regrettably this Sancho did not access supporting documentation to make the declaration that Bentick Sancho is a descendant of Balaba. Thus cannot make the assertion the Sancho people are Nyancho and/or Koringo. Those are warrior clans of the Mandinka. This researcher contends, history is not created by an individual. Thus no individual can write absolutely comprehensive account of the lives and times of any social grouping.  History therefore is humanities and social science. It is created by people. Thus the documentation is best done by members of the social group in community with common cause. Thus, therefore, it is most unfortunate, this Sancho neither receive input the requested information from his beloved Cousin Brenda Abrams (PBUH) nor received the evidence of Leebert Sancho respecting the story of the institutions they founded. Those schools have morphed into village council and government controlled entities.  This Sancho needs to access Dawn Jefferali’s accounts and/or her siblings’ accounts of the contributions and impact of Maisie (Luke) Jefferali to the residents of Golden Grove and Nabaclis. This Sancho put it to Sancho – stating the failure of the current people of Sancho to organize and upkeep a superb functioning non-profit family organization has not only affected in attendance and program of the reunions and establish an agenda for the kinship but also impacted the research process.  Certainly, therefore, it will impact the documentation and copyrights thereof. There are other embellishments, this Sancho needs, which are required, to paint as broad an image of Sancho as humanly possible.
Thus, Sancho by this means Sancho are hereby requested to participate and contribute in the process by submitting your accounting of the story of the people of Sancho before February 15, 2015. Please contact this Sancho at
This Sancho is also requesting your input – respecting who Sancho would like to write the forward, introduction and the after-word and/or any other contribution. This Sancho have a short list of eleven individuals, who he loved ascertain their interests. Three are not Sancho people. In fact this Sancho has contacted one researcher and is awaiting the researcher’s response. If not received on and/or before December 23, 2014, this Sancho would move on. This Sancho must admit it – it is killing him - not being able to work on this undertaking with Carmen Sancho and Derrick Roberts. And more so, Derrick Roberts, for while both imparted knowledge into my young mind at Golden Grove Government Secondary School; Derrick Roberts was my first instructor of humanities and social sciences in organized setting.  Naomi (David) Johnson (PBUH) also encouraged me to express myself within the confines of the subject.

Finally this is an accounting of the people of Sancho and their related people who impacted their lives and efforts. You dearly beloved relatives will for intense and purposes be mentioned in the text. If you disagree refute the expressions. Never take it personal. Produce facts and/or documentation. This Sancho is considering self-publishing. Whatever proceeds are realized are to benefit Sancho people and their kinship agendas, period. This Sancho, paraphrasing, his grandfather, Alexander Sancho (PBUH) you the pillow? Please remember this Sancho was not the pillow and neither are you. Thus none of us has all the answers. This Sancho offers documentation, and opinions based on historical events. You do the research yourself and make your own arguments and conclusions. May the spirits of Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho and our representatives before them dating back to the beginnings of the human experience be with Sancho forever more!  The struggle continues. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Brainwashed and ill-informed, Continue to subscribe to the Current Conditioning

Well I think as deplorable as the word bloodbath may sound, I think the condition that Negroes in America have already experienced in America, for too long, is just as deplorable and if it takes something that deplorable to remove this other deplorable condition, I think it is justified
-         MALCOLM X, BBC Broadcast, Tonight with interviewer, Cliff Michelmore,  December 1964
The modern thinker, in the post Malcolm X Era, in December 2014, ‘needs to broaden their horizon’. The modern thinker, must include the execrable conditions of economic slavery facing the masses of people in their daily lives on the planet. People need to understand how and why the current financial systems of Central Banks and other banking institutions create money out of thin air, how paper becomes legal tender as it were, while the Khazarain Ashkenazi Zionists, the Bankers and modern slave owners, continue to stockpile them into conditions of economic slavery whereby they and their generations sell themselves to survive and /or to maintain a standard of living. It is high time everyone understand the system of money supply in whatever nation they currently reside.
People also need to change their sources whereby they receive information.  There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be ignorant, and indoctrinated, in this is the Age of Access to Information while frequenting or dwelling in cities, towns and/or other major communities. I further charge those who remain ill-informed, and brainwashed, continue to choose to wallow in such conditioning, I also charge any institution people frequent which does not teach these truths is merely a contributing factor to the problems and issues. It is a complete waste of time and effort to continue to support such institutions which do not seek solutions to eradicate the sufferings our people face in their daily lives.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Burnham: - Through my Spectacles

Burnham: - Through my Spectacles
The mere thought of Burnham brings to surface, distasteful emotions and resentment. Burnham, a man who possessed the potentials of a man of the people; a hero but however he choose to allow selfish ambitions to devour him. Thus Burnham has etched himself in the hearts and the minds of others, a sour taste.

Burnham was very formidable with the microphone, his delivery; his oratory is unmatched in the English speaking world of the twentieth century. There can be no denying, Burnham was the best speaker of the twentieth century, and others were at best; distant second. This and other super qualities and talents were obviously misused and sadly, spewed abuse upon the masses.
Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham was no man of the people, for Burnham was an ambitious man, and he choose to use those qualities for personal illicit gain. The perplexing is Burnham never turned the corner, never rose above the opportunist label.
Burnham regarded British Guiana now Guyana as simply his domain. Individuals and organizations such as and including the following, Julian Maynard, Cheddi Jagan, Harold Moody, Claude Denbow, W.O. R. Kendall, Kwame N'Krumah, Norman Manley, George Padmore David Pitt, Grantley Adams, League of the Coloured Peoples, Peoples Progressive Party, United Force, and Peoples National Congress, were all only, tools and stepping stones, and contributors to Burnham's campaign for British Guiana. Eusi Kwayana then know as Sidney King, Keith Carter, Martin Carter, Rory Westmaas and Rodwell Atherley recognized and denounced both Burnham and Jagan as being no good but remained with Jagan.
Dr. Claude Denbow, the rival dentist colleague of Dr. Jagan, and the League of the Coloured People were not invited to Ghana's Independence celebrations. During those independence celebrations Grantley Adams, Forbes Burnham, Norman Manley, Kwame N'Krumah, George Padmore and David Pitt, bonded together conceived a strategy to unseat Dr. Jagan and the PPP from the helm of the government of British Guiana.

It was during those celebrations; the leaders, it is documented projected Dr. Jagan may turn British Guiana into a Soviet Satellite, if not an Indian Satellite State.
Dr. Jagan perhaps must shoulder the greatest percentage of the blame for providing Burnham with an established platform - the unskilled labouring class. It's my view Dr. Jagan turned the corner following the 1948 Enmore experience, but had made inroads while campaigning for a seat on the legislative council in the November 1947 elections, and gathered a mass appeal with the help of others including Eusi Kwayana then Sidney King; a school teacher in Buxton, therefore Buxton was a major player in the making of Dr. Jagan's political career.
The socio-economics and political atmosphere in Guyana was always of a racial climate. However, it became more pronounced and violent following Burnham's full court press for sole leadership of the PPP and the highest office in the land. The role of the European machinery is unmistakable. The west preferred Burnham to Jagan. Thus destabilized the PPP government. Burnham never won "free and fair elections" that's a fact. Jagan defeated Burnham in four straight efforts but following the December 1964 elections, the PNC and the UF conspired. They joined forces to legally oust Jagan and the PPP from office. The "Apan Ghaat" (Vote for y' own) movement was far too much for Burnham and the PNC to overcome.
Sidney King proposed partition for Guyana and was dully expelled from the PNC. Burnham's ego would and could not suffer itself to a divided British Guiana. Burnham needed to be lord and master of all Guyana, not part there of, never mind the interest of the people; the masses.
Sydney King, a former supporter of Jagan and then a member of the PNC, proposed dividing Guyana into a tripartite state with separate zones for blacks, East Indians, and those who could coexist.
Sydney King was expelled from the PNC for this suggestion.  King adopted an African-style name, Eusi Kwayana, and founded the African Society for Cultural Relations with Independent Africa (ASCRIA) in 1968. ASCRIA was dedicated to bolstering Afro-Guyanese pride and their gaining control of the government and economic security. ASCRIA allied with the West Evangelist Millennium Pilgrims (Jordanites), a religious sect established in 1917 by Nathaniel Jordan, a sugar worker from Kwayana's village of Buxton. Through the leadership of Kwayana (who rejoined the PNC in 1968), the Jordanites and ASCRIA gained influence in the PNC.

"What about Luckhoo's NLF and Carter's UDP?" Padmore asked, Burnham was suspicious about Luckhoo clashing with him for supremacy in the event of a merger but Carter was okay. Burnham knew John Carter was thoroughly fed up with his role as leader of the UDP and would prefer, any day to get going on a more thoroughly organized party. Burnham agreed to return home and organized a real united front against Jagan.
Letter to Lachmansingh "As you may guess, I have seen him, N'krumah. He is sympathetic and very critical at the same time of what he describes as Jagan's stupidity. I have met most of the West Indies leaders …. And what they seek to impress upon me is that they will have nothing to do with Jagan. Now more than ever we have to beat Jagan. If we do I can assure you we will have support from many friends."
Burnham also met with Maurice Charles of British Guiana, a magistrate; in Kamasi. Jagan did invite Burnham to rejoin the PPP on several occasions but however those invitations must be regarded as political ploys, for Dr. Jagan, as intelligent as he was must have realized. Therefore knew Burnham was neither interested in subjecting himself to Jagan's and or any other's leadership, nor power sharing. Those were simply unacceptable, and not options in Burnham's thought process.

Burnham's attitude suggested an individual who was reared as law unto himself within his household. Thus Burnham always expected his way, wherever and whenever, never mind his station. In short, Burnham expected to dictate to others even from a very young age. This manifested itself throughout his political career. This eloquent speaker, neither amounted nor aspired to be a man of the people, and very likely did not care about what legacy he would leave. All that mattered was once you gained power you never loose power; a motto, Burnham adopted from N'krumah; his mentor.
History has been kind to N'krumah, but however revisionists can neither clean nor gloss over Burnham's legacy; a dictator, a tainted leader. Guyanese must recognize Burnham, never considered their interest. The masses were only pawns on the chessboard. Burnham was no racists. He was a dictator. Fran├žois Duvalier of Haiti and Idi Amin Dada of Uganda have nothing on Burnham. He was as ruthless as they could ever imagine.
Burnham did not care who he exploited or oppressed but those who threaten his domain.
Regardless of the statistics; A sad chapter in the annals of Guyana which ought to be learnt and never be repeated. What boggles the mind is the failure to mobilize and to overthrow Burnham's dictatorship. In this regard every Guyanese national is guilty of subjecting themselves and/ or kin to tyranny. The constitution of Guyana must have in place a system of checks and balances, narrowing the loopholes, which will prevent the rise of another dictator. If not folks such as the honorable Walter Rodney died in vain. Guyana must eradicate the divide – the legacy of the plantocracy, which to this day is still in use by both the PNC and the PPP.
Who developed a system recognizing a spokesperson for the East Indian and another for the Blacks? The major ethnic groups were not allowed to jell, mould into a unit with one voice. Guyana must now more than ever speak with one voice. It's quite possible Dr. Jagan aimed for a united Guyana but facing assaults from various sources, spent his energy and his life in seeking victories at the polls never really allowed to consolidate his agenda.
In retrospect all of political Guyana may well prefer Dr. Jagan to Burnham. A legacy of retarded economic growth, voting ghosts and floating ballot boxes. Burnham was interested in nothing but power. Brain drain is still evident, the ruling class faltered through-out the last fifty years. The amount of Guyanese and their descendants who emigrated and now reside beyond the boundaries are living testaments. No Guyanese can prove other wise. In the words of Panday of Trinidad commenting on politics of race, "We did not start it but we have the responsibility to end it, to finish it." The view politics will always be ethnic in nature; the sentiment is refreshing indeed.
ASCRIA - African Society for Cultural Relations with Independent Africa
PNC - Peoples' National Congress
PPP - Peoples' Progressive Party
NLP - National Labor Party
UF - United Force
UDP - United Democratic Party
WPA - Working Peoples' Alliance

Golden Grove - This village in which I reside was perfectly quiet. The Portuguese shop was untouched and kept open during the whole excitement; and have great pleasure in reporting that the 100 members we have here were all prepared and ready under the leader Mr. Bentick Sancho, well known to the honourable Mr. Porter, to turn out, not to destroy, but to protect the Portuguese shop had the rioters from the other villages attempted to come here on Monday night. The village was so quiet on Tuesday night that Mr. Bentick Sancho who has considerable influence with the people of Victoria went with his minister to that village to aid him in allaying the excitement.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Iconoclastes - Chronicles, 1943

Clearly the promises of the colony of British Guiana as expected in the independent nation of Guyana can only be accurately defined as unfulfilled.  Guyana has emerged as a Land of broken dreams, unsatisfied promises and retarded development. Guyana today is an absolute nightmare. Certainly, Guyana is not what I expected it would be in this era when I was excited by the attainment of political independence in May 1966. In fact, clearly, Iconoclastes could not fathom the decadence occurring in the Guyana society in this current times.
The columnist known by the nom-de-plume Iconoclastes was really an exceptional thinking human being.  Iconoclastes wrote fifty – two outstanding articles which were published in the Daily Chronicle newspapers in the Sunday editions issued for the year 1943. Every article but one is found on page two.  On April 25, 1943 the article is found on page five. Human intelligence demands improved conditions of life of the masses and the greater good man. Iconoclastes spoke volumes some seventy one years ago.  It is clear to any and every reasonable thinking human being to conclude that during the last seventy one years every governmental administration in the colony of British Guiana and the so-called independent nation of Guyana have failed the people and  colony and/or state. The mere fact that hundreds of thousands of Guyanese are beyond the geo-political boundaries of Guyana is a definitive exhibit of the failures of the occupants of the highest offices in the land. The global economy and financial markets are controlled by Khazarain Ashkenazi Zionists.  The Rothschild family is the helm of the global financial market.  The Rothschild family owns every central bank of every nation except those of Cuba, Iran and North Korea.
What was Iconoclastes’ understanding of the Global economy during 1943? What is the legal and/or European slave name of this most impressive and articulate human being? What has the people of Guyana accomplished since the days of Iconoclastes? All I ever hear is hot air – about the richness of the natural resources found in Guyana. I must have heard those and/or similar phrase while I dwelt in the womb.
Simply look at the titles of Iconoclastes’ fifty two articles found in the Sunday Chronicle, 1943 listed below. You will get an impress of this forward thinking unsung hero. Clearly, Iconoclastes is recommended reading for Guyanese and people of the Guyanese Diaspora who requires a sense of the struggles facing the people of British Guiana during 1943.


  1. Passing Into Colonial Collectivism  - Sunday Chronicle – January 3, 1943: page 2
  2. The East Bank Estates - Sunday Chronicle – January 10, 1943: page 2
  3.  Settlement on The Lower East Coast - Sunday Chronicle – January 17, 1943: page 2
  4.   Pointers For Agricultural Development - Sunday Chronicle – January 24, 1943: page 2
  5.  Relief for Flood Loss - Sunday Chronicle – January 31, 1943: page 2
  6. The Drainage and Irrigation Board - February 7, 1943: page 2;
  7.  Colonial Administration - February 14, 1943: page 2;
  8. The Franchise Commission - February 21, 1943: page 2;
  9. Political Development In The West Indies - February 28, 1943: page 2
  10. West Indian Constitutions -  March 7, 1943: page 2;
  11. Post-War West Indies and Guiana Reorganization  -March 14, 1943: page 2;
  12. Administration in British Guiana - March 21, 1943: page 2;
  13. Reconstruction in British Guiana –  March 28, 1943: page 2
  14. The New Constitution - April 4, 1943: page 2;
  15. Planning For Colonial Welfare - April 11, 1943: page 2;
  16. Industrial Expansion in British Guiana - April 18, 1943: page 2;
  17. The Cost of Living in British Guiana - April 25, 1943: page 5;
  18.  Constitution  Reform  and Advancement - May 2, 1943: page 2;
  19. The Industrialization of  British Guiana - May 9, 1943: page 2;
  20.  Delays and Lost Opportunities - May 16, 1943: page 2;
  21. Agricultural Instruction - May 23, 1943: page 2;
  22. Problems Discussed in Governor’s Speech - May 30, 1943: page 2
  23. Subsidization of commodities - June 6, 1943: page 2;
  24. Anti-Inflation Policy - June 13, 1943: page 2;
  25.  Income Tax Against Inflation -  June 20, 1943: page 2;
  26. Cost of Living Survey - June 27, 1943: page 2; 
  27. Housing of The Working Classes – July 4, 1943: page 2.
  28. The Georgetown Milk Supply – July 11, 1943: page 2.
  29.  Georgetown Milk Supply –  July 18, 1943: page 2;
  30. The Domestic Servant Problem - July 25, 1943: page 2;
  31. Old Age Pensions -August 1, 1943: page 2;
  32. Female Delinquency In Georgetown - August 8, 1943: page 2;
  33. Improved Post-War  Living Standards - August 15, 1943: page 2;
  34. West Indian Sweepstakes For Improving  West Indies Health Services - August 22, 1943: page 2;
  35. Respect For Law and Order Starts in the Cradle - August 29, 1943: page 2
  36. The Importance of Secondary  Industries to British Guiana - September 5, 1943: page 2;
  37. Producer-Gas Can Keep British Guiana Wheels of Industry turning -  September 12, 1943: page 2;
  38. Shingle Manufacture Offers Vast Scope For Establishment of Remunerative Secondary Industry - September 19, 1943: page 2;
  39. Control of Land Use  And Social Welfare Development - September 26, 1943: page 2
  40. Social Welfare Development and its Administrative Approach -  October 3, 1943: page 2;
  41. Stabilization of Prices and its Effect on Post-War Economic Reconstruction - Sunday Chronicle - October 10, 1943: page 2
  42. Development of Forest Resources May Cure British Guiana’s Economic Ills - Sunday Chronicle - October 17, 1943: page 2
  43. British Colonial Policy Set Pattern For Other Colonial Powers  - October 24, 1943: page 2
  44. Public Health of Georgetown  - Medical Officer of Health  Warns of Increased Population Without Enough and Better Wages to Provide Adequate Nourishment for Poorer Classes (Dr. W. de W. Wishart) Sunday Chronicle - October 31, 1943: page 2
  45.  The  Problem of Nutrition in British Guiana -  November 7, 1943: page 2;
  46.  An International Colonial Convention To Settle Principles of Administration - November 14, 1943: page 2;
  47. Manufacture of Dried Banana Products -  November 21, 1943: page 2;
  48. In Interim Report To The Governor Land Settlement Committee Favours Leasehold Tenure - November 28, 1943: page 2.
  49. Land Settlement Committee Favours Leasehold Tenure In Interim Report-December 5,1943: page 2;
  50.  Local Government reform -1  Sunday, December 12, 1943: page 2;
  51.   Local Government reform -2   December 19, 1943: page 2;
  52.   Storage of Foodstuff -1 December 26, 1943: page 2.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sancho maybe Sanko of Port Loko - not Fothergill, Frederick and William

This Sancho put it to you -  clearly stating – This Mandinka is not interested in  the Sancho, kings of Portugal and Spain, Sancho of Latin speaking nations, Sancho Panza and Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780) and other European Sancho peoples. Those Sancho are not in the focus of this Sancho.
This Sancho made the determination - The research and documentation of the Sancho peoples of the Guyanese experience does not relate to the Sancho peoples of Europe. This Sancho have no interest in those Sancho people.
This Sancho request of you to cease and desist from informing Sancho respecting those and similar individuals.  The Legge sisters named Ignatius, their slave; Sancho. The Legge sisters were paying homage to the fictitious character, Sancho Panza.
The character, Sancho Panza originated out of the thought pattern of Miguel Cervantes Y Seevada.  Thus the enslave African became known as Ignatius Sancho. How Ignatius Sancho acquired the name Charles is likely unknown. Probably it was a reference to his residence located at Charles Street, in Westminster.  I have no idea of the social history of Ignatius Sancho in it natural setting.
This Sancho also request Sancho honor the efforts made to reveal truths long hidden from Sancho.
This Sancho is referring to the misinformation. Perhaps, deliberately generated by the oral traditions of Sancho as told to this Sancho more than fifty years ago.  Most of all, this Sancho charges; it is high time Sancho people of Guyana eradicate the misinformation, which, has been handed down, saying, Sancho were not slaves in Guyana. It is quite, naturally, upsetting to any rational thinking human being to imagine a free man would voluntarily migrate from his natural habitat, Sierra Leone and/or some other geo-political boundary in West Africa to the colony of Demeraray where people of his ethnicity are in perpetual enslavement. Such a scenario simply defies all reasonable logic. This Sancho is referring to Sancho people. This Sancho is not referring Portuguese, East Indians, and Chinese who were tricked into abandoning their homelands for conditions of servitude. Also, to other Africans rescued from slave ships and accepting conditions of indentured laborers in British Guiana.  This Sancho is positive Sancho had to be caught sold, bought and forced from his homeland. What kind of idiot people take Sancho for – to accept such as handed down in the recent past? This Sancho will not waste time energy and money with Sancho who believes every fragment of accounts respecting Sancho people as was told by even their parents is absolute truth. 
Tell the children the truth
Sancho was not a free people on their arrival into the united colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, 1815-1819.  Sancho people were Porter’s property. Sancho people were enslaved at Plantation Enmore. Sancho people were not involved with Damon and his non-violent passive resistance demonstration on the Essequebo coast. Sancho are not Fothergill, Frederick and William. Sancho is very likely Sanko of Port Loko and Melikurie in Sierra Leone.  Before you can tell the truth; you first have to know the truth. You must be open-minded enough to realize your understanding may not be factual. Therefore, when truth – details have been uncovered you must realize that facts are facts and facts need no justification. All that is required is access to information and the revelations thereof …. A Luta Continua.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Persons of British Guiana ,1942/194

Mary Ann Isabella (Missie) David departed April 9, 1942

Elvelina Branch of Victoria Village departed April 7, 1942 

William Millington Kingston and Thomas Isaacs of Nabaclis, land transaction 

William Buckley Campbell, departed April 5, 1942 

D’Arcy Henry Campbell (aka Bill) County Sergeant Major, Brickdam Police Station, departed April 10, 1942 

Benjamin McDonald Campbell departed May 12, 1938 Source:  Daily Chronicle – Sunday, May 16, 1943: page 6.

Campbell - in memory of our loving one, Dora Chemeslina, who departed this life on June 22, 1943.

 “Gone from this world of pain and sorrow 

To a place of happiness

 Where she will find eternal rest.”

 (Sadly missed by her children; Constance, Muriel, Ismay, Ivy, Oscar, Inez and husband Fred.) [Source: In Memoriam - The Sunday Chronicle July  2, 1944:page 6]

Frederick Augustus Poole, departed April 5, 1942

Claudette Martin departed September 7, 1943. Daughter of Dennis Martin and Waveney Martin in her ninth year.  Source:  Daily Chronicle – Sunday, September 12, 1943: page 6.

Samuel Augustus Collins (Detective Sergeant) husband of Albertha Collins and father of Gertie Collins and Ismay Collins departed May 5, 1928.

Frederick Telemachus Wills departed before May 9, 1943.  Source:  Daily Chronicle – Sunday, May 9, 1943: page 4.

Obituary - The late Frederick Telemachus Wills. Source:  Daily Chronicle – Sunday, May 9, 1943: page 8.

Beatrice Baird departed April 3, 1942

Caroline Ophelia Archer departed before May 2, 1943. Cook and Archer of Bush Lot, Essequebo.

Iconoclastes – industrialization of British Guiana. Source:  Daily Chronicle – Sunday, May 9, 1943: page 2.

Joseph Eleazar departed April 25, 1943. Husband of Gertie Eleazar

Wednesday, April 28, 1943 

Milton Drepaul, Dispenser, Public Hospital, Berbice, second son of Harry and Albertha Drepaul  - Mary Mabel Fernandes, Probationer, Public Hospital, Georgetown, daughter of Antonio Fernandes, Mabaruma, North West District.

Glasgow – On Saturday, April 10, 1943 at 9 pm at her residence Golden Grove Village East Coast Demerara, MATILDA, late midwife of Plantation Enmore, beloved mother of Lewis (sergeant, Eve Leary Barracks); Martina and Virginia (teacher of St. Mary-ye-Virgin School, Beterwagting) and sister of Rebecca Wilson (teacher of Victoria Roman Catholic School).  Funeral from the above address at 9 o’clock this morning. Friends please attend this the only intimiation. Source: Sunday April 11, 1943: page 4. Lets talk - shall we?

Dates - Day and Month 1943

Are you aware of life events in your family, kinship and/or community during 1943? I am primarily referring to people of Sancho, Campbell, Young, Kissoon, Ramotar, Mootoo, Bentick, Yaw, Friday, Downer, Sandy, Solomon, Luke, Watson, Archer, Christopher, Lutchman, Seymour, Nelson, Cambridge, Herod, Gill, McGarrell, Erskine, John, Ross, Scott, Semple, McPherson, and Martin primarily connected to Nabaclis, Golden Grove, Friendship, Buxton, and Victoria, on the  East Coast Demerara, West Coast Berbice, Canje and Corentyne.  I would love to hear from you within a week. I need you be armed  with at least the month of the event. 

Also, I would love to pursue events transpiring between October 22, 1957 and February 28, 1966. Please respond with as accurate dates -day, month and year - you can obtain. .

If you are aware of a surname not listed above please enlighten me - soonest....

The Four Pillars: Sancho Sold Again - 21st Century Sale on Super Information Highway

This Sancho put it to Sancho, and other interested persons, that this Sancho shall ever maintain Kenneth Joyce Robertson is a fraud. Perhaps Kenneth Joyce Robertson does not possess the DNA of Sancho. I also know, there are more than enough proof that exposes Kenneth Joyce Robertson as a heinous blood sucking vampire. May I remind you and/or inform you that my grandfather Alexander Sancho accused a neighbor of sucking his daughter Matilda Sancho to death in 1920. Now Kenneth Joyce Robertson is sucking our collective blood - Sancho peoples’ blood. He is selling Sancho as his heritage. His opinions are utterly despicable, and totally revolting. He must be stopped. 
A researcher sent me clipping showing several Sancho people resident at Plantation Enmore in 1839. The researcher also stated that the names Bentick and Tuckness are listed in 1832 at Plantation Enmore. Now I require you to utilize basic principles of Common Sense and/or Living Mathematics. There is reason to belief Bentick Sancho and Tuckness Sancho were enslaved at plantation Enmore as late as 1832. Certainly, slaves named Bentick and Tuckness were at Enmore in 1832. Those were rare names in British Guiana. Secondly, Bentick Sancho and his wife Mary Sancho and possibly a Son, Gilbert Sancho, probably birthed in 1824. Thirdly,  by January 1841 Bentick Sancho, Tuckness Sancho and Job Timmany were Joint-Proprietors of a share at Plantation Friendship
How in this world can Sancho accept that garbage, “The Four Pillars: A Genealogical Journey”, as reflecting authentic account of Sancho peoples beginnings in Demerara is beyond my simplistic mindset.  It is utter trash. It is conjecture. Fiction. If there was a Sancho family association I would think legal action was a prerogative. That demon has no right to Sancho legacy.
The Four Pillars: A Genealogical Journey”, is not factual. It is an outrage. That cripple minded male disrespected and raped my mother Muriel Sancho, and her sister, Inez Sancho, their first cousins, Muriel Sancho and Gwendolyn (Ralph) Valentine, and my great great-grandfather, Bentick Sancho, and other members of the Sancho people. I am of the opinion Cousin Theophilus Joyce was labelled an absentee father because ole T. Joyce recognized he had been given a pig-a-bag. 
This Sancho, Mandinkized Sarakule enslaved in the colony of Demerary, rests his case. 
A Luta Continua.

Four Pillars: A Genealogical Journey: False - Bentick Sancho,Tuckness Sancho and John Sancho are not Fothergill, Frederick and William.

Bentick Sancho, Tuckness Sancho and John Sancho are not Fothergill, Frederick and William
Sancho were slaves at Plantation Enmore contrary to the opinions expressed by the oral traditions which informed me Sancho were a free people in the Guianese experience. The relative who made those pronouncements, although it promoted a sense of pride and esteem, did the succeeding generations a great disservice – the statements and the resulting belief is false. They misrepresent our Sancho story. Indeed such is gross distortion of the historical truths.
Research has shown Sancho was at Plantation Enmore. Sancho was not at the wild Coast running around take orders from Damon as Kenneth Joyce Robertson vindictively claimed and is peddling in a ridiculous publication of deceit and greed and conceit disparaging the entire Sancho family on both coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. Sancho was taking orders from the Porter family. Fothergill is not Bentick Sancho, William and Frederick are not John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho
Kenneth Joyce Robertson is proven to be a confounded liar.  Kenneth Joyce Robertson is a pirate pedaling misinformation as accurate history. The four pillars is an atrocity. A blatant and outrageous attack of the people of Sancho…Truth will reveal Kenneth Joyce Robertson is a ridiculous and conceited being disparaging peoples’ history. How different is Kenneth Joyce Robertson from the pirate John Hawkins, or the slave ship captain, John Newton, writer of the hymnal, “Amazing Grace”. History is full of people making false claims. I recall Johnny Nash claiming to be the king of Reggae. The Four Pillars: A Genealogical Journey”, is a blatant dishonesty, disparaging, decadence, derogatory and gross insult to every Sancho with their faculties intact and functioning normally.
The Four Pillars: A Genealogical Journey, is rape of Sancho for personal satisfaction. Sancho, need to reconnect with the ancient Mandinka sociology of Nyancho and burn that devil and those like him, whoever they are… 
Long live the children of Sancho to the end of the human experience. Period... A Luta Continua. 
M’Lilwana Osanku, Sancho of Nabaclis, aka Egyptian Crappaud aka Little Manish Puppy aka Coolie Black Boy

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rodney Commission of Inquiry is a Distraction

To hell with Jagdeo-Ramotar and their PPP regime of Show Niggers, House Niggers, Cut-Throats. The current PPP administration is a cartel of criminal minds hell-bent on accumulating material benefits on the blood, sweat and tears of the Guyanese people. They are all Vampires. Those Vampires are all sucking the lifeblood of the nation for some 22 years of incredible violence, and mayhem. I totally agree with Robert Burchell Octave Hart, were Guyana a totally Indian nation most members of the PPP would have been executed. East Indians in their natural state would not have put up with any of the leadership of the PPP.
I also put it to you - the decline in the population resident in Guyana is directly linked to the Jagdeo-Ramotar criminal cartel. No commission of inquiry is necessary to absolve Jagan and Burnham from this current mess. But is it accurate? What is the percentage of foreigners masquerading as Guyanese? I bet the numbers of Chinese are at its highest mark since Indentured laborers arrived in British Guiana in 1853.  I am surprised by the low numbers said to be recorded in Berbice. I expected Corriverton to have a huge number exceeding New Amsterdam. What does census in Guyana mean?
What does it mean to the current generations of Guyanese if DNA samples of Burnham, Reid, Greene, Hoyte, T. Anson Sancho, Jeffry Thomas, David Granger, Norman McLean, Robert Corbin, GDF officers, Police officers, PPP politicians, and other PNC politicians and their lackeys are found on the components which snuffed out the spirit of Walter Rodney from the body? The answer in two words - Absolutely nothing.  It matters not even if the DNA of Clement Rohee, Lall and Gajraj were found on those materials.
The commission of inquiry is a distraction. Notwithstanding the appearance of Baba Eusi Kwayana. I wished he had not graced those proceeding with his presence. I don’t expect any bombshell revelations.  It does not matter. PPP has staged another show. Negroes and blacks fighting with each other reminiscent of scavengers on the remains of dead men named Walter Rodney and Forbes Burnham. The commission of inquiry is another PPP production a vain attempt at distracting people from the shenanigans of their criminal enterprise.  I wonder: how Burnham would have feared in a debate against Rodney? I heard Rodney defeated T. Anson Sancho in a debate – and that maybe the origins of T. Anson Sancho’s participation against Walter Rodney. My interest in Burnham and Rodney are their lineages, their ancestral connections to Golden Grove, Nabaclis, Buxton Friendship Victoria, Ann’s Grove and Barbados, how does Burnham and Rodney relate to a number of Sampson, Rodney, Hoyte, Baird, Primo and Portsmouth people and others  of those communities?  I guess the legal minds are the winners. I know the Guyanese people are the losers, as always.
That ridiculous female spokesperson for the PPP, Priya Manickchand, why is she so distasteful? The US ambassador is wrong. Central governments can function in any society without the input and the impact of local government.  However, the Central government functions in the interest of the people whenever the representatives are chosen by the people without the machinations of special interests as  has been the experiences of the American people predating the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1912.  Since that election the US government has been nothing but the handmaiden of the international banking cartel lead by the Rothschild family.  Therefore the US ambassador needed to be told to keep his butt out of Guyanese affairs. Yet Guyanese politicians and technocrats threw the door wide open for foreigners to run their mouths in national affairs. Ok PPP show some testosterones break off diplomatic relations with US and the Eurocentric world. Who needs them? Their record in Guyana is atrocious, at best. There is India and China, and Japan and right next door, a boundary away, BRAZIL.  It won’t surprise me one bit if the US ambassador has the last laugh. I am referring to the possibility of The DEA office in Georgetown being the catalyst in the US law enforcement agencies bring numerous PPP officials and other politicians to face the criminal justice industry in the USA. I would love nothing more than to witness Guyanese politicians behind bars where most of them belongs, anyway.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Remembering Brother Wally, Dr. Walter Anthony Rodney (1942-1980) The Dashiki Revolutionary

Remembering Brother Wally - The Dashiki Revolutionary
The Most Honourable, Dr. Walter Anthony Rodney (1942-1980), was most a hero of the Guyanese underprivileged working class peoples. Dr. Rodney was an outstanding academic. His scholarship was revolutionary. Dr. Rodney’s expressions are etched in the consciousness of the people. He certainly influenced and impressed numerous persons during the later period of his life, 1968-1980.
In the aftermath of his assassination at the hands of and /or by agents under the command of Forbes Burnham and his PNC regime, Dr. Rodney became a martyr.  In the eyes and minds of those who believe in freedom and the greatest good of man in the human experience, a national hero. In some circles, it is felt, the assassination of Dr. Rodney was a requirement exhibiting a symbol of his gratitude to the US Government for their role in his rise to the office of head of state of Guyana. Perhaps, also a sign of commitment that he does not intend to ruffle the feathers of the US Government. In simple wording, there were, it seems, external forces and influences at work, resulting in the transition of The Dashiki Revolutionary.
Ultimately, Guyana is simply too small a political stage for two personalities such as Rodney and Burnham. One had to go. Unfortunately, Brother Wally was forcibly removed. The death of Walter Rodney especially under those circumstances was tragic. Indeed, Brother Wally is great loss to the people of Guyana.  The loss of his consciousness, his scholarship, his agitations on the behalf of the working class people are missed even during this period, some thirty four years after his most untimely death.
Currently, there is a PPP sponsored Commission of Inquiry into the assassination of Walter Rodney on Friday, June 13, 1980. Perhaps, the Commission of Inquiry is functioning on this day, Friday, June 13, 2014. I am sure the Whitney Smith creation, symbol of neo-colonialism the golden arrow-head has never flown at half-mast to honor Dr. Walter Rodney. I suppose unless and/or until the WPA holds office it never will. What is obvious is this effort is politically motivated. The PPP seeks to blame the PNC solely for the death of Walter Rodney. Wow it took the PPP twenty two (22) years in power to make this effort a reality.  Why would you think the PPP gives a damned thing respecting the interests of Africans in the Guyanese experience? The PPP never did. The PPP never will.   I am cognizant Walter Rodney would label this effort a travesty. A cheap political event, motivated as a distraction, a blatant disregard for the people of Guyana. The best thing about this commission is the appearance and statements of the Most Honorable Eusi Kwayana, made therein. Kwayana’s presence gives the commission an air of legitimacy.
Personally, I would love to be enlighten regarding when Dr. Cheddi Jagan knew of the plot to assassinate Dr. Walter Rodney? I know it is a legitimate question, for history shows Jagan approached Burnham in an effort to minimize Peter D’Aguiar and the united Force.  Also, on Thursday, June 11, 1964, Arthur Abrahams and seven of his immediate relatives perished in a fire at their lot 99 Hadfield Street, residence. The front page headline of the Daily Chronicle newspaper issued for Saturday, June 13, 1964, screamed, “Police Detain Three in Abrahams’ Disaster - Early Tip Leads To Freedom House”. Several PPP folks were questioned. It was believed in numerous circles, Janet Jagan was the orchestrator of the actions which resulted in the loss of lives of eight members of the Abrahams family. The treatment of Balram Singh Rai is another exhibition of cooperation between Jagan and Burnham exposing their narrow-mindedness against a common foe. I am sure, Balram Singh Rai has not received parliamentary pension from any of the governments of Guyana. That’s all you need to know to understand there were and/or are cooperation between the politicians of PPP and the PNC against perceived threats, period.

I beat my own drum. I march to my own drum beat. It’s the talking drums of the Mandinka people…A Luta Continua.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Africans in the Diaspora Need to Support Reparatory Justice on all Fronts, period.

If you are a so-called African – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you are identified as an African-American – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you are a so-called African in the Americas – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you are a so-called African in Europe – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you are a so-called African in ‘Africa’ – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you identify yourself as African wherever you reside – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you speak European languages, attired in European Clothing and subscribe to European sociology - you need to support reparatory justice...
If you do not own the means of production – you are an employee – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you do not own the building in which your rest yourself - you need to support reparatory justice.
If you do not own the real estate in which you frequent daily - you need to support reparatory justice.
Certainly there is no excuse, reparatory justice must be at the apex of your communications, conversation, discourse, discussions, sermon and what have you… You need to become enlightened. You need to get involved. It is the masses who determines the successes and failures of every effort. Reparatory justice depends on mass support. No enemy bows to any demand without overwhelming circumstances which permeates from the strength of the demand. Power concedes noting without facing struggle.  The technocrats, politicians, academics and scholars and other iconic figures will be at the forefront of the struggle. However, the success of the demand for reparatory justice must be a demonstration of the Masses in Action beyond borders, period. Long Live Peoples’ Power… A Luta Continua.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family Trees - Sancho Sankoh Solomon Lynch Williams

Sankoh Family Trees
Sankoh: Mustapha Sankoh Sankoh (March 1, 1927; Sierra Leone - June 6, 1990; Sierra Leone) Researcher: buba40
Sankoh: Alhaji Abdul Raman Sankoh (d.21 Feb., Sierra Leone; Parents: Haja Fatmata Manso Sankoh) Researcher: Mohamed Alieu Sankoh
Sankoh: Sheka Sankoh (October10, 1989, Sierra Leone – October 10, 1989., Sierra Leone) Researcher: nbasheka
Mansaray: Adama Sankoh (b. January 1, 1943, Port Loko, Sierra Leone) Researcher: IMansaray5481
Kamara: Yusufe Sankoh (b. Guinea – d. Sierra Leone) Researcher: MhKamara
Sankoh: Abdul Sankoh (1 February 1, 1962, Africa, Georgia, USA - March 9, 1963 - Africa, Georgia, USA) Researcher: hoboz126
Kebe: Kadijatu Sankoh (Spouse: Ibrahim Kebe) Researcher: Isatu Kebe
Lynch – Gustavus Sancho (1938-2003) Researcher: WilsonCMarie
Sancho – Gustavus Sancho (1938-2003) Researcher: Dsancho62
Sancho – Victor Sancho (b. Guyana – d. Guyana) Researcher: Mrsstopit407
Williams - Gustavus Sancho (b. April 15, 1938 – d. February 27, 2013) Researcher: breannwilliams
Herod - Charles Nathaniel Herod (b. December 3, 1922, Guyana – d. July 10, 1981, London) Researcher: Rutheunitaherod11
Herod – Samuel A. Herod; Researcher: RThandi79
Solomon – Researchers: Shauneces, Alwyn Jardine, PuffaBuff1212, onekap - Franklyn Solomon, (b. October 25, 1956 - d. October 28, 2002), Kaysolo5254 (Ewart F. Solomon)

Clinton Solomon (1930, Guyana - Kings, New York, USA; Solomon Family Tree)            
Franklyn Solomon (1956, Guyana, Jeffrey Family Tree)
Oliver Solomon (1953, Guyana - Kings, New York, USA F: Clement Alexander; Solomon/Frank/Pieters/Stewart/ Hayfron-Benjamin/Eastman/ Bristol)
Carl Solomon (1920, Guyana – Oxford shire)
Ewart F Solomon (1948, Guyana - Indiana)                                                             
Linton Solomon (Guyana
Clarke Family - Olga Solomon (1920, Guyana - London, England)
Solomon/Frank/Pieters/Stewart/ Hayfron-Benjamin/Eastman/ Bristol)
Margaret Miriam Solomon (1915, Guyana – NY, New York)
Grimmond Family - Vanda Solomon (1925, Guyana)
MOORE Family – Enid Solomon
Taylor Family - Florence Agatha Solomon (1901, Guyana - Trinidad and Tobago)
Vigilance Family - Lucille Solomon (1919, Guyana - Oregon, USA)
Grimmond Family - Violet Solomon (Guyana - Berbice, Guyana)
Jardine Family - Mervin Solomon
Primo Family - Beatrice Solomon

I would love to link up and do genealogical networking with the researchers and interested persons on the families and kinships mentioned above and others not included in this article.
If you recognize any person or groups who are of the families listed above; please facilitate the contact. Those persons and/or family members to me and/or me to them, immediately - thank you very much.