Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Good Lord! Have mercy! Why am I to trod this earth to witness the degradation of my people? This era of slavery has had a far worst affliction than physical slavery did between 1415 and the end of the nineteenth century.
I am of the opinion; whether or not ole Willie Lynch ever existed a singular person; it can not certainly be doubted the effect of the philosophy attributed to him. This Willie Lynch Syndrome continues to reproduce the kind of nonsense it was expected to even at this late date – the twentieth first century.  I also suggest you acess a copy of the article written by Stanley Crouch
Man and kind are now living in an age where every being with deep pockets is considered a hero.  I bear witness; the sell-outs, the illegal narcotics drug dealers, the pimps-in-the-pulpit, the politicians, the entertainers; even those  who never visits the communities  of Black and the other groups of underprivileged laboring class of the society;  the hip-hop rappers; those with blond hair;  those that bleach their skins, well beyond their natural appearances, but are really black ;  those more tattoos than whatever it is they should have between their ears; and those with claws for finger nails. These then are some of your heroes. You can keep them have them all.
What is considered a hero to numerous souls in this modern age is certainly not my idea of a hero. However, I would be dishonest I did not educate you to a number of primary heroes of black life and culture in the Americas such as the following;  
Malcolm X, Betty Shabazz, Harriett Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Mariana Grajales (1808 -1893), Shirley Anita Chisholm,  Frederick Douglass, Martin Robinson Delaney, Antonio Maceo (1845-1896), Arthur Alfonso Schomburg, Marcus Garvey, Franz Fanon, Wesley McDonald Holder, Ivan Van Sertima, Walter Rodney, George Granville Monah James, Jan Carew, Eric Williams, Cyril Lionel Robert James, Henry Sylvester Williams, Richard Benjamin Moore, Cheikh Anta Diop and the African teachers and advocates of self-emancipation and self-love are in my opinion without doubt heroes of Black people all over the Diaspora.  You can not deny I am correct. If you do that – may I remind you of the words of Malcolm X – paraphrasing … You are not only a traitor to your race but a traitor to your ancestry and heritage… stop being confused know thy self in this age of information there is no excuse for ignorance.
I suggest you acquaint yourself with material and interest similar to such as listed below.

History of Sancho, History of Golden Grove and Nabaclis, Women Against Violence Everywhere, Indigenous Rights, Human Rights, Race Class and Ethnicity, Society of Peoples of African Origins, Global Black Experience, Black History, Genealogy,

Favorite Music:
A Change Gonna Come, Statue of A Fool, Many Rivers To Cross, Get up Stand up, Creation, Night Nurse, Imagine, Gone Again, Blackheart Man, Equal Rights, Neighbor Neighbor, Redemption Song, Three Blind Mice

Favorite Movies:
Malcolm X, Soldier's Story, Bone Collector, Guess Who is Comming to Dinner, the Right and the Wrong, Caribbean Fox, Rockers, The Harder they Come.

Favorite Books:
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, Destruction of Black Civilizations, The History of the Moors in Spain, They Came Before Columbus, Stolen Legacy, A History of the Guyanese Working People 1881-1905, Prophet Wills: A Walking Dictionary, The True Life Story of Andrew Benjamin Brown, The Fulcrums of Change