Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Divisionism in the Political Landscape

The trick of the enemy to assail and endanger the right of Blackmen - Frederick Douglass
Aren’t you sick and tired of shenanigans of Forbes Burnham, Desmond Hoyte, Robert Corbin, Ravi Devi, Cheddi Jagan, Janet Rosenberg-Jagan, Bharat Jagdeo, Hamilton Greene, Samuel Hinds, Roger Luncheon, Prem Misir, Donald Ramotar, Moses Nagamootoo, Frank Anthony, Clement Rohee, Ali Baksh, Reepu Daman Persaud, Henry Greene (Commissioner of Guyana Police Force), Gary Best (Chief of Staff, Guyana Defence Force), Leslie Ramsammy, Kellawan Lall, Robert Persaud and others of similar antics? Their malicious behaviour and recklessness have reduced Guyanese to a society of Guys-upon-their-knees. I charge for the majority of the last 57 years it has been one administration of angst by the hideous cutthroats masquerading as political leaders in the Colony of British Guiana and the politically independent nation known as Guyana - in short it has been pure hell upon earth - in the land of my birth. I find truly remarkable. That Guyana is a nation in which its currency, the dollar, has been most atrociously devalued within the last 40 years. The Guyanese dollar now possesses similar value to currency used in the board game known as monopoly. One US dollar is valued at some 200 Guyanese dollars. Yet the Guyanese electorate is dumb enough and blind enough but more so racist enough to cast a blind eye on the most depressing circumstances which dominates their daily lives. They not only re-elect the pirates - they anoint them national heroes - it seems like every place and every institution is named in their honour. I have not witnessed any shred of evidence supporting the billions of words spoken and written claiming that those modern Guianese political actors have any love for the people and the state of Guyana. I am confident not one of those misfits would place his or her life in jeopardy for the people and the state of Guyana. That will never ever happen as long as you blindly and religiously support those masters of division and conquer. The politicians do not want to see the people of Guyana unite. The politicians are masters of the colonial administration. They even drive your butts up the wall far more recklessly than any governor and his administration have ever done in colonial Guyana.
The politicians realize that if ever the people of Guyana unite it’s his butt that will feel the fire. Thus the politicians continue to fan the flames of ethnicity. It’s high time - that old con games are retired by the people of Guyana. That’s for sure.
What is Guyanese producing? What are the communities in the rural districts producing? I am positive, and absolutely so; they were far more productive in 1946 than they are today and/or at any point during the period December 1964 - July 1, 2010. Guyana is evidently a consumer nation. At this rate, this millennium will end and Guyana will be in the same boat up a shit’s creek as it is during the last 60 years. The cry today must be as it was in 1888. Reform Reform Reform
I believe 70 percent of the electorate must be the figure which allows candidates to claim offices. This figure is very likely unattainable in a multiethnic society. Thus, a coalition would then be necessary in such a situation. It would allow for a more accurate representation of the people than this so-called European fashioned democratic process which has produced nothing but a climate of ethnic hostility and fear.
Janet Jagan was such a force of divisionism in the political landscape. Her expressions were all aimed to alienate people. Her analyses were for the most part wrapped and blatantly anti-African. One has only to read her commentary on the leading African independent thinkers especially Eusi Kwayana and Forbes Burnham. Janet Jagan makes me very sympathetic to Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan.
I know my mother will for give me for making such a statement. Mother realize I always aspire to be truthful as best I can...
Clearly, I really did not find the opinions of the interviews in the book, The People's Progressive Party of Guyana, 1950-1992: an oral history as edited by Frank Birbalsingh and published in London by Hansib Publications, in 2007, at all outlandish, except for the raving racial venom spewed by Janet Jagan against Burnham and Kwayana and the cowardly statements of Brindley Benn. The analyses and/or recollections of Rory Westmaas and Moses Bhagwan were most impressive. I thought Papa Eusi Kwayana and Papa Ram Tiwari took the high road. I felt they were both annoyed and/or disgusted with the politics and its results in the land of our births but did not want to burn any bridges. I wished the interviewees had all come out with their guns blazing and let the chips fall where they may.
Eusi kwayana is a human being. He is entitled to various human relations and expressions...but I am dam sure puzzled - why upon earth would Eusi Kwayana want to be a Gandhi? What would a curly haired Blackman want to be identified with a straight-haired Blackman is beyond my simple mind? Why does Janet Jagan think Africans ought to use Gandhi as a measuring rod? What kind of idiots did Janet Jagan take Black people for? Why did it not occur to Janet Jagan that Eusi Kwayana has dread locks? Also, he is some what acquainted with the story of the people of the African continent. Janet Jagan took all black people for Negroes. She was inclined to accept Africans were ignorant of their history and culture before we were caught, kidnapped, brought and enslaved on the plantation in the Americas. Janet Jagan was quite frankly an opportunistic human being. She rode the coat tails of Cheddi Jagan.
Cheddi Jagan was rather fortunate to ride to prominence upon the deaths of several persons at Plantation Enmore in June 1948 following upon political savvy and advocacy of Eusi Kwayana, Balram Singh Rai, and Ogle and others on the East Coast of Demerara in the November 1947 elections.

Recommended Reading:
Birbalsingh, Frank (2007) The People's Progressive Party of Guyana, 1950-1992: an oral history. London: Hansib Publications, 2007.

Monday, July 12, 2010

so-called criminals are executed

Have you ever wondered?
Why are so many of the so-called criminals are African -Guyanese?
Why are so many of the so-called criminals are executed?
Why aren’t the so-called criminals brought to justice in the courts of Guyana?
Why are so many of the so-called criminals residents of the rural communities?
Why politicians are never prosecuted for criminal acts and most importantly for crimes against the people and state of Guyana?

I offer the opinion. The PPP and the PNC were never confronted for the loss of lives, injuries, and damages and/or loss of properties of hundreds of Guyanese between 1962 and December 1964. The Guyanese people allowed their politicians to escape with perpetuating those criminal acts against our people. They were all allowed to go unpunished. The racism of the Guyanese people has been proven beyond doubt that such were political in nature. Thus, the real criminals were hidden behind the blanket of ethnicity. However, it is a known fact of life that racism is a crime against humanity.

It is obvious; they way things are in the English-speaking Caribbean change is needed. In short; a change must come sooner than later. I endorse and support change in the politics of the four major nations of CARICOM. I believe females of the stature of Mia Motley in Barbados, Kamla Persad Bissessar in Trinidad and Tobago, Portia Simpson Miller in Jamaica, Sheila Holder in Guyana, are qualified and are capable of bringing about the necessary changes needed to encourage development in all sectors of the society in the Caribbean basin. Thus, I would support females for the position of the Office of Head of State in their respective nations. It is high time. More females administer nations. They have done well as administrators not only in the kitchen but in the homes. Let’s be clear, “what goes into the pot on the stove in the kitchen is never decided on the kitchen table.” Let’s face it. Males have made a mockery of the Office of Head of State for more than two millenniums now.
Males are mostly and/or easily corrupted. Males love power more than their wives and/or other females. They love power more than they ever expressed love for people...and they never will... I would love to witness a really Guyanese female at the helm of the government of Guyana. I am quite sure; she cannot be as terrible as that Chicago born Czechoslovak Jewess Janet Rosenberg Jagan and the array of hypocrites. Burnham, Jagan, Hoyte, hinds, and Jagdeo...all hands are bloody. I believe females are far more inclined to balance reasoning than males. Racism is a crime against humanity...Sexism is a crime against humanity. Well, then tell me, isn’t it time for changes? The struggle continues...

The Christian religion has failed. Now the government of America has failed you. You have no justice coming from no one. It is written that we are like sheep among wolves... every wolf taking a bite at you. You want justice. You want freedom. You want equality...but get none... Elijah Muhammad

I charge the white man with being the greatest liar on earth Louis X
The black women are the sustainers of life on earth...

Jagdeo - Deficient of Testosterone - Inspires a Profusion of Bloodletting

“Life is perpetual; it only changes its form in its course of progress. The death of one form of life of existing things, is but the beginning of another form of life of those things”
“Stereotyping is perhaps the most insidious of all problems in our society, today.” Sonia Sotomayor – New York City, 1998
I take it upon myself to intrude upon your privacy. The need is to acquint you with an article on the subject of decentralization as a philosophy of bringing to an end the unhealthy practice of politics of ethnicity. I charge some thirty years ago; The Most Honourable Walter Rodney (1942-1980) dubbed 1979 The Year of The Turn.
I believe. It is fitting to realize that most of the people, connected to Guiana; are so indoctrinated, so blinded by the fever of racism that they simply refuse to recognize, and/or accept truth and rights, whenever and wherever they perceive same to display their politics and their religion in bad light. According to the rhetoric and the actions of the membership and fanatics of the Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP), the Blackman of Guyana must be eradicated in Guyana. The Blackman must be handcuffed. They must be marginalised; for the African communities are producing neither food nor industrious people but are graduating terrorists of East Indians, their property, their communities and their nation. Nothing good can ever come from Buxton, Nabaclis and the African villages in Guyana. The image of the Blackman has never been worst in the sight of the ruling class in the Americas. However, those of us, who are familiar with the history of our people, must be vigilant. Social scientists and commentators must not allow politicians and their lackeys to highjack their nation. Social commentators and activists must advocate on the basis of truth. Those who know must reveal truths wherever and whenever they encounter them.
A Wesleyan Minister, Reverend E. Biscombe, resident in the city of Georgetown in the colony of British Guiana, observed and wrote in a letter dated Monday, April 24, 1871, “The most hopeful feature for the future of the colony is in our day schools. I was quite surprised at the number, respectability, and intelligence of the boys and girls, fully equal to the same class at home. The prospects of our work are good.”
Fellow Guyanese, you are well aware that numerous scholars and outstanding citizens of Buxton and the African Villages and elsewhere, were produced having experienced that system of education in the colony of British Guiana. It cannot be denied Blackman from Buxton and the African Villages and elsewhere are found in any listing of academics between July 31, 1834 and May 26, 1966. How is it that between March 1992 and Tuesday, June 16, 2009 only illegal narcotics trade, thieves, and murderers decorates the news media in Guyana? It is so nauseating me. I very rarely access news out of Guyana in recent times. On every occasion I access the news, it seems I am made aware of civil and human rights violations against several of my relatives in Guyana. It is as perplexing as it is nauseating. It is the politics of the PPP and the PNC and Guyanese who support those entities who have done deeds to us during the last 55 years which only people fitting the description as enemies; enemies of our people would do to us.
I believe Reverend Biscombe and numerous souls who were in the colony of British Guiana in the nineteenth century would be very disturbed by the results of the politics in the era of independence of British Guiana in today’s Guyana. As I recall and reminiscence of the life and times of the Hero of the post independence struggle against the Burnham regime and its policy of Paramountcy of the Party, Dr. Walter Rodney, I wonder, how many possible Walter Rodney’s have this current administration buried at a tender age?
Let us recall
A brief example below reflects Rodney's eloquence. In 1976 at a public street meeting in Guyana, Rodney spoke about race:
“You see, we have had too much of this foolishness of race. I'm not going to attempt to allocate the blame one way or another. I think more than one political party has been responsible for the crisis of race relations in this country. I think our leadership has failed us on that score. I think external intervention was important in bringing the races against each other from the fifties and particularly in the early sixties. But I'm concerned with the present. If we made that mistake once, we cannot afford to be misled on that score today. No ordinary Afro-Guyanese, no ordinary Indo-Guyanese can today afford to be misled by the myth of race. Time and time again it has been our undoing.”
“Does it have anything to do with race that the cost of living far outstrips the increase in wages? Does it have anything to do with race that there are no goods in the shops? Does it have anything to do with race when the original lack of democracy as exemplified in the national elections is reproduced at the level of local government elections? Does it have anything to do with race when the bauxite workers cannot elect their own union leadership? Does it have anything to do with race when, day after day, whether one is Indian or African, without the appropriate party credentials, one either gets no employment, loses one's employment, or is subject to lack of promotion?”
“It is clear that we must get beyond that red herring and recognise that it is intended to divide, that it is not intended in the interest of the common African and Indian people in this country. Those who manipulated in the 1960s, on both sides, were not the sufferers. There were not the losers. The losers were those who participated, who shared blows and who got blows. And they are the losers today.”
“It is time that we understand that those in power are still attempting to maintain us in that mentality - maintain us captive in that mentality where we are afraid to act or we act injudiciously because we believe that our racial interests are at stake. Surely we have to transcend the racial problems? Surely we have to find ways and means of ensuring that there is racial justice in this society? But it certainly will not be done by a handful of so-called Black men monopolising the power, squeezing the life out of all sections of the working class, and turning around and expecting that they will manipulate an issue such as the Arnold Rampersaud affair and get the support of ordinary black people because we will say, ‘After all; is only an Indian. We could hang him. No sweat.’”
“Because, as I said before, you start with one thing, you end with another. The system doesn't stop at racial discrimination. Because it is a system of class oppression, it only camouflages its class nature under a racial cover. And in the end, it will move against anyone irrespective of colour. In the end, they will move even against their own. Because, don't believe if you are a member of that party today, that you will be protected tomorrow from the injustices. Because when a monster grows, it grows out of control. It eats up even those who created the monster. And it's time that our people understood that.”
Jagdeo's treatment of his former wife is simply sickening. It is a travesty. It is however consistent with his repulsive behaviour. It is simply very childish. It is also extremely rude. It is unbecoming of a leader of any civic organization, much less a head of state. I guess the old adage you get what you voted for is applicable. Jagdeo has contributed to Guyanese becoming the laughing stock of the Caribbean basin.
If Jagdeo is acting upon the advice of others; he ought to immediately distance himself from them. Jagdeo ought to try to salvage his horrendous image. Whenever I look at Jagdeo, I imagine an imitation of the Kabaka albeit a rather mediocre one at that.
George Lamming in his introduction to Walter Rodney's classic literature – a history of the Guyanese working people, 1881-1905; reminds readers of one the weaknesses of the democracy as reflected by Eurocentric ideals in multiethnic societies – it is the arithmetic of the ethnic groups – the numbers of one group supporting their own as opposed to the best candidate. Thus, because of this acceptable feature of the democratic process, the ethnic majority will always hold the political clout in Guyana and similar societies. The other groups will have to struggle for their share of political representation – and/or aspire to achieve a self-government. I believe ultimately the best scenario for Africans in Guyana and around the globe is to struggle for self-determination. I would be a traitor to my people if I suggested anything less than a self-government is an acceptable condition.
Africans in Guyana have always faced and survived an uphill battle for survival and self-emancipation. They are yet to catch a beak. Many will point to the disastrous PNC dictatorship between 1968 and 1992 – and claim it was an African administration but the tribulations of numerous afro-Guyanese bear ample testimonies to the sordid episode in the African Guyanese experience. Walter Rodney, Frederick Mahaica, Shirley Field-Ridley, several members of the WPA, ASCRIA, Trade unionists and professor of the University of Guyana, Members of Local Authorities and descendants of Shareholders of the African Villages in Guyana all attest to the paramountcy of the PNC was very detrimental to Africans as it was to other ethnic groups of the Guyanese society who did not support the PNC regardless of ethnicity.
Jagdeo is as petty and as repulsive as Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. However, a young Forbes Burnham was quite a ladies' man as he was an orator. Perhaps only alcohol was preferred. I am positive Jagdeo is as poor a choice as one can present for comparison to Forbes Burnham. It is clear Jagdeo's Affair with the beauty from Enmore was an arrangement. I cannot accept it was a marriage of physical love. I am that convinced Jagdeo is deficient of testosterone. I think Jagdeo has no yearnings for females. It was a sham – a con job upon the people of Guyana. I am sure it was a convenience to fulfil the requirement of the constitution of Guyana. In fact – the constitution of Guyana – ought to demand the Head of State of Guyana lead an exemplary life. A life which includes a spouse and children – and is married at all times while in office. Jagdeo is an embarrassment. He ought to demit office and just disappear from public – and/or be impeached. Certainly he must be replaced soonest for the good of the nation. Someone capable enough of stopping the carnage, the unending hurt which the underprivileged working class people are enduring daily in Guyana is needed and necessary at this particular period in the history of Guyana.
Again Jagdeo is so terrible in the field of public and ethnic relations. It shows clearly he belongs at the bottom of the Mahaica River Basin where he was birthed. How upon this god forsaken earth, such a being is allowed to trod upon creation, much less masquerade as a Head of State is beyond my simple mind set?
Where have you gone Dr. Cheddie Jagan, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham and Desmond Hoyte? And for that matter the British Colonial Administration is also sadly missed in Guyana today. I did not believe in May 1966 I would make such statements in 2009. But however, today, mediocrity is disguised as national leaders, reigns all over the planet and abundantly so in Guyana. Bloodshed and mayhem, the loss of life and disregard for both their human and civil rights - is the price the underprivileged working class people pay for affording the ruling class to oppress them; daily. Where are this generation's Eusi Kwayana, Balram Singh Rai and Walter Rodney? Certainly, credible voice of reason and voice of dissent – are all rather silent and/or indeed absent. Clearly from every location in and beyond the political boundary of Guyana voices must be raised in unison against the genocide being committed in the African Communities, under the guise of eradicating criminal activities in Guyana. The young fellows who are based at Agricola and Buxton and Friendship districts are importing neither weapons nor illegal narcotic drugs. They are not the real beneficiaries of the illegal narcotic drugs’ trade. The misguided babies are certainly not laundering money. What do they own if they are forced to go out into the communities to rob the working class people including preachers, mourners and others of rather insignificant items such as small amounts of legal tender, cell phones, cameras, and computers, etc.? Only total lunatics and racists would believe and accept the low-level criminal behaviour is responsible for the current state of affairs in Guyana. The PPP/C Administration is not fooling anyone. It is simply a race-based group of thuggery which they are perpetrating against the people and the state of Guyana. Is this the character of your leadership? Good lord have mercy. The struggle continues.

LeBron James and the Knicks

The management of the New York Knicks must make a conscious effort to build a team for the future. They should not bend to the will of the fans. They should not bend to the will of the Sports personalities of the various media outlets. The vast majority of fans and Sports personalities seek instant gratification. The Knicks often traveled that road. Yet, still their cupboard remains empty since the era of Fraser, Reed and Bradley. Since 1972 the Knicks were only contenders on two occasions. Those occasions were during the era of Patrick Ewing.
Management must be astute. They should not sign free agents. They must acquire top five draft picks in every draft in the next three years. The Knicks should use whomever they have on their roster in the attempts to procure the draft picks. If it is necessary, the Knicks ought to utilize a portion of the cap room in such efforts to obtain young talented players in a two-three year window. Championship teams are constructed with a core of players who were molded together for a few years. This is primarily done through the drafts. The Knicks have always been about a team oriented players. Certainly, Bradley, Fraser and Willis Read were obtained through the drafts in the mid1960s. Patrick Ewing and Mark Jackson were draft choices in the early to mid 1980s. The Knicks must not simply throw their money around at high-priced one-dimensional players. They must get back to top notch scouting. Rod Strickland was the last draft choice of merit. The Knicks’ management made too many mistakes. That’s certainly the biggest reason the franchise is in such a sorry state.
David Lee has outstanding numbers. It shows David Lee can obtain his numbers on the offence end of the floor. However, David Lee is too undersized at the center position. David Lee is required to defend players he simply cannot guard.
Mike D’Antoni and The current coaching staff need the addition and the input of a defensive wizard. The coaches need to simply emphasize and demand the players perform a high quality on defense in every given game. Perhaps, the players could not and cannot produce the necessary defense which would allow then to win more close games. David Lee simply cannot defend any player at the center position. He was simply not good. He had help. Yet, he was quite frankly overmatched in the paint. He’s not worth the dollars his numbers will command. The current Knicks players possess little or no defensive acumen. Fans chant defense. They don’t scream offense. Offense is pretty. But even, Magic Johnson’s show time Lakers realized it was necessary to play top notch defense to win championships. Defense takes teams to the finals. Defense wins championships. The Knicks are light years away from producing a team as capable to contend every year similar to the Patrick Ewing era teams much less be dreaming of championships.
LeBron James has had a better supporting cast of players than Ewing ever had. Yet LeBron James failed to deliver a championship for the Cleveland franchise. What makes Knicks fans conclude that LeBron James would lead the Knicks to the promise land is beyond my imagination? LeBron James belongs in Cleveland. It would be best LeBron James completed his career there.
The Knicks should make every effort to obtain five or six studs and a supporting cast from the next three drafts. While, building through the draft, the Knicks should add players from the free agent market for fine tuning the team. The need is to commit to young legs. The requirement ought to be acquiring players who are equipped to play at high levels at both ends of the floor. The thinking must be players similar to the quality of Willis, Patrick and Clyde. Amare Stoudemire was signed to a five-year pact of some $100 million. That seems an effort to lure LeBron James to sign with the Knicks . . . LeBron James is a pretender. LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire are not the best choices the Knicks should make . . .
They should be thinking draft picks over the nest three-year to four-year period. Thus build a franchise, a team around a core, a nucleus of players whom would be identified as Knicks for their entire careers, and lives.