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Bentick Sancho and Ibrahima Konkori Sanko, the ruler of Port Loko, 1808

Peace and Blessings!
Greetings! In the name and the spirit of Muriel Sancho, Allick Sancho, Lambert Tuckness Sancho, and Bentick Sancho and the others before them and their relatives I bid every member of the kinship of Sancho eternal peace and well-being. I am a son of Muriel Sancho (1914-1990). My mother’s generation is my favorite people. I miss them. I knew Uncle Oswald and Aunt Margaret were wrong. There was nothing - no one; no intercourse - in this world I could ever love that would prevent me from missing them.
Garnett Silk must have grappled with similar thoughts. He chose to stand by his mother. He and his mother were consumed by fire . . .  Their home was destroyed. In simple words Garnett Silk choose death than dwell upon earth without his mother. As it turned out a few relatives offered me social services  . . .  After I obtained confirmation that my most beloved and prized person had transitioned into the spiritual realm of existence, my emotional distress, overwhelmed me. It threatened the reality of my immediate survival . . .  Well I suppose in all realities I had only one mother.  I simply cannot survive another such episode. I don’t ever want to experience anger, bitterness, emptiness, pain and loneliness again and/or repeatedly. Thus, I have no time for funerals.
When my eyes were opened there were three Sancho females in the room. Thus, my first contacts with human beings were later identified as Muriel Sancho, Inez Sancho and Muriel Sancho.  I must have met my siblings in the light of day I was birthed. I am told.  I was introduced to Avril Sharper and Priscilla Sharper, in New Amsterdam.
I admit it.  I am human.  I allowed thoughts and actions of Kenneth Joyce Robertson violations of my loved ones to rent space in my thought process. Beginning about the middle of November 2010 it has been all Kenneth Joyce Robertson all the time. The only respite is I force myself to think of other things. But he is never far from my thoughts. Perhaps, I am not handling it at all well. This is unknown ground for me. This is not about Kayla Sancho. He knew from that experience.  I would not be putting up with his shenanigans. Yet he has the nerve to send me a note saying, “happy shopping.” That is the sort of contempt that man holds my people. I do not know where Theophilus Joyce dragged that hog from.  I admit it. I am at lost for words. It is beyond my understanding how Theophilus Joyce accepted him as Sancho. He should have thrown it back, whence it came.
My mother is the light and the love of my universe. It may be rather selfish of me but I would much prefer her physical presence here upon earth regardless of the price I would have to pay. Perhaps, loneliness has taken leave of my senses and Nature has again been identified as the enemy of those amongst the physical realm of existence.
Muriel Sancho (1914-1990), waged a long uphill battle against ignorance and arrogance. By any circumstances what appears in print is a mockery of the physical existence of Alexander Sancho, Christopher Bentick Sancho, Emma Sancho and their daughters named in Kenneth Joyce Robertson’s abysmal text.
Kenneth Joyce Robertson’s attempt at denigrating my mother, and her sister, and two of their First Cousins, and Alexander Gustavus Sancho and Bentick Sancho for posterity must be challenged in all courts at all costs. Kenneth Joyce Robertson exposes himself by naming one female Sancho who is still alive. I cannot determine which avenue she would choose. I would be very surprised if she chooses to challenge the nonsense. I simply wished Aunt Inez was still breathing. Instead of warning this Sancho of being careful of what I said of others my dear Cousin Cecil Morris (Sydney Marious) should have told Kenneth Joyce Robertson to ensure I was dead and stinking before he published his trashing of the people of Sancho and almost utter nonsense respecting personalities of Golden Grove and Nabaclis.
I am yet to access and read an outstanding work on the history of the peopling of Plantation Golden Grove and Plantation Nabaclis. James Rodway published an article stating Plantation Nabaclis is the only Irish settlement in Demerara. The article is the best I have accessed so far. James Rodway explained the origins of the name Nabaclis. He shows that Letroy Cummings is another horrendous liar. What chances Europeans would name their plantation after a slave? Leopold Duncan Sarrabo’s article was simply a venture of promoting himself and his contributions to the development of the community. Mr. Sarrabo made numerous errors. It was so shocking to note that Mr. Sarrabo would state Manoel G. Pitta was the first Chairman of the Local Authority of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District. Mr. Sarrabo ought to have known that Mr. Thomas Adam Ridley was unanimously elected the first Chairman of the Local Authority of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District.  Mr. Thomas Adam Ridley was removed from office because of fraudulent practices. Ridley was replaced by Pitta.
I am that sure more evil-minded soul lurks. I was worried about identity theft. I am cognizant that thefts of identifications affect the process of genealogical research. In the back of my mind I continued hoping no one chose to attempt to hurt Sancho.  I did not expect that amongst the snakes that walk upon the earth on two legs would be someone who claims to be Sancho. The raping Sancho females and selling fragments of our legacy while trying to impress an unsuspecting public with claims he is an honest researcher is totally repulsive. It’s an embarrassment.
I would be remiss if I did not appeal to our people of Sancho to be aware of the Niggers amongst us. Let them be forbidden. I am aware of one being who seeks to profit from us as it was during the days of slavery. No member of the kinship of Sancho should stand by such dastardly deeds. There is no need to re-enslave the people of Sancho and/or to possess a mindset which exposes mental slavery at this late date. This is a message to all of the enemies of freedom loving people. I challenge all to free their domes and acquire a thought for self-mentality highlighted with an open mind.
I do not speak for the people of Sancho. I speak for myself. I speak for my ancestors. I speak for Muriel Sancho and Colin Ross. I will speak with and for any person committed to truth of an ancient time, the present and for the generations of the future. I do not intend to mince words with any man - males or females - who misrepresent our people. I would not be a man if I don’t violently object to any man who disrespects and dishonor my mother and her siblings and her First-Cousins and my grandfather and my grandmother and the members of their generation.
My mother represents the best of me. I am sure neither mother nor George E. Ross ever lied to me. I am saying for the record my parent never deliberately deceived me. They simply tried to hand down to me whatever it is that they received in their lives from their prior generations which they assumed were useful to instill in me a sense of direction and a sense of oneself. It remains very difficult for me to accept that Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho deliberately and of their own free will deceived their children and grandchildren. While it is possible Bentick Sancho deceived his wife, Sarah (Sumner) Sancho, and their five children, John Sancho, Charles Sancho, Mary Sancho, Emma Sancho, and Lammy Tuckness Sancho, and other members of the kinship of Sancho. Why would Bentick Sancho deceive those immediate relatives whom he was afforded the opportunity to bond with?  That sort of behavior is absolutely reprehensible. It is totally unacceptable. I cannot fathom a need for such a scenario. I cannot for the life in me, accept that thought as per reality.  What sort of man would commit such an atrocious act against his own seed and his human legacy?  There are no words to describe such a being. I must further add the concept is outrageous. It is an abomination. However, I cannot state that it is not factual. There can be no absolute statement either way. It has not been established that Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho left any documentation to be utilized as evidence of their ancestors. Imagine the maiden names of their spouses are still a mystery to the people of Sancho. I believe Bentick Sancho was at least twice married. I also believe he participated in processes of procreation which resulted with the birthing of more than four children. It is understood that John Sancho brought into existence numerous children.   I am positive Catherine Elizabeth Virginia Sancho (Mrs. Thomas Arthur Archer) is clearly identified as his child. However, I am of the opinion, John Sancho, James Sancho (born 1873), Ann Sancho and Lindsey Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago are numbered amongst the children of John Sancho.
 I believe Bentick Sancho is the ancestor of Emily (Christopher) Callaghan, Adelaide Sancho, Swanton Blaire Sancho and Amos Sancho and others. Emily (Christopher) Callaghan is the ancestor of the members of the kinships of Lutchman, Seymour, Graham, and Europe among others. Adelaide Sancho is the ancestor of the members of the kinship of Luke, Lawrence, Haywood, Jefferali, Payne and Morris and others.
 I do not know the names of the children of Tuckness Sancho. I believe this Tuckness Sancho is the father of the members of the kinship of Gill of the Buxton-Friendship Village District, David Sancho, and the husband of Sarah Adams Sancho, and the ancestor of Station Master Charles Edward Pilgrim and Dispenser Charles Abrams...Charles Abrams is the father of Landroy Abrams, the Civil Servant...
Priority must be given to the process leading to unearthing the identities of four children and several mothers of the children of Lammy Tuckness Sancho.  It is quite possible as many as nine females - mothers of children - and four children of Lammy Tuckness Sancho remains unknown. The mothers of Benjamin Sancho and the mother of Teasie Johnson, Sarah Johnson and Agnes Bastiani is said to be East Indians. I believe Tuckness Sancho also begot children with Portuguese females. Such a scenario has not been confirmed.
Also, the descendants of Cecil Sandy and Cecily Sandy must be revealed to Sancho researchers beyond vivid imagery.
Aunt Elsa Sancho is the mother of George Hinds and Cecil Morris. She is my mother oldest sister. Aunt Elsa is perhaps the favorite of favorites of my mother I have ever witnessed.
I met Kenneth Joyce Robertson once. That unfortunate event transpired at the residence of my First-Cousin Phyllis Sancho at Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn in New York City. I had great difficulties recognizing the daughter of my Uncle Selbourne Sancho. If she did not step to me, I would not have known who she really is. While I was in Phyllis Sancho’s apartment, Cecil Morris came through the door. He and I embraced. Well I knew Cousin Cecil Morris long before I had any sense.  Cecil Morris and I date back to the numerous family gatherings held at his mother’s residence, especially during the Christmas season. Kenneth Joyce Robertson followed. I offered my right hand toward him.  He grabbed me in a sort of bear-hug manner. I had never seen him. However, it was said to me that he is a son of my beloved relative Theophilus Joyce. Before that encounter while I was trying to ascertain his background I was informed that he may not actually be a descendant of Sancho. The relative who questioned whether Kenneth Joyce Robertson possesses the  DNA of Sancho also told me that older females - those of prior generations - mentioned to her mother saying Margaret Sancho, (my Aunt), Joe Budds (the grandson of Christy Sancho, a brother of my grandfather) and Kenneth Joyce Robertson may not possess the DNA of Sancho. It was said Aunt Edith Sancho hit her high notes. She was greatly offended. I immediately asked the relative whether such thoughts were ever expressed concerning my mother. She said not to her knowledge.  Then I told her in my humble opinion Aunt Margaret and Joe Budds were even more Sancho than I will ever be. And that’s my opinion. I never said a word about Kenneth Joyce Robertson. I reckoned Sancho males were known to be busy bedding other women besides their wives. It is thus possible that many of the Sancho men were given and accepted pig-a-bag.   
I don’t hug strangers even if they claim to have Sancho’s blood. It threw me off my equilibrium. The man has a propensity to offend me. He has not stopped. I draw the analogy to what.  Malcolm X was quoted saying the oppressor does not stop. He has to be stopped. If it isn’t one thing with Robertson, it’s another. Let me see if I can accurately recall the names of persons whom he has used to my knowledge which has antagonized me; Harold Lutchman, Kayla Sancho, Neil Sancho, funeral of somebody I think in Brooklyn
Now in his text he made mention of my sister; Mariette Ross. The man did not have the virtue to spell her name correctly. I wondered about that. What did he intend to hide? Was he preparing to defeat libel suits? I am of the opinion he could not be that dumb as too not know the exact spelling of my sister’s name. I bear testimony that somebody is lying. I was told Mariette sent a package to Ohio which supposedly was written by Muriel Sancho.  Yet Robinson totally disregarded any considerations of my effort in the process of researching and documenting the history of the people of Sancho. I was told by both Sydney Marious a.k.a. Cecil Morris and Mariette Ross that the writing of my mother was lost in the mail. The people in Ohio never received it. On page 30 of his text - which amounts to nothing more than an effort to dress his opinions of ancestral heritage Sancho as scholarship? Kenneth Joyce Robertson states he acquired his first glimpse of written testimony respecting a version of the history of Sancho from the hand of Mariette Ross as told to her by Muriel Sancho. I believe that a lie. I am not buying it for one moment. He has not established his case.  I would rather throw my money at a Crack head, no questions asked, no service required than to give some venomous snake even one cent piece of copper of what will amount to thirty pieces of silver. Now, clearly somebody is lying. Perhaps the three of them are all lying.
As I review my interactions with my sister, it became very clear to me that perhaps beginning with the announcement of the death of John F. Kennedy, my sister has not made me a main concern in her life. In simple words, I recall where I was, when I heard that John Kennedy was assassinated, thanks to behavior of my sister. Therefore, although, I do not have great faith in my sister, I am positive, Kenneth Joyce Robertson is lying. And he knows it. I am of the opinion he made a preemptive strike to contend with possible suits of libel. As they say in New York City, he has attempted to cover his ass.
 This researcher, bias and all, fantasizes that there was a volume among those offered titled Sancho  Letters with memoirs of his life by Joseph Jekyll, ESQ. MP London, Printed for Wm. Sancho, Number 20 Charles Street, Westminster, December 20, 1802. The fact that our prisoners would jointly and severally end up carrying the name Sancho indicates that the may have acquired some knowledge, even second hand about Ignatius Sancho, the African men of letters - page 125. I am afraid that won’t do. I know that it does not satisfy . . .  Regardless of the appearance of research and the presence of cheating displayed within the text.  The premises has not been proven beyond a shadow of doubt. In the old days they refereed to exercise performed by Kenneth Joyce Robertson as cogging. It the Guianese term for cheating in the school system in British Guiana.
Aunt Inez Sancho and Cousin Muriel Sancho, were present in the room when I earthed at Alexander Street, in the section of Smyth town, in the town of New Amsterdam, in the County of Berbice in the colony of British Guiana.
Absolutely, nothing has been resolved. You and I still do not know what group of people Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho belonged to in our natural habitat.
 A number of our people have offered their opinions. Some stated Sancho originated in the Congo, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Yoruba land, and are Moors deported from Spain
One must also make allowance for scanty record keeping respecting black people brought from Africa and enslaved in the Americas and Europe. You must bear in mind that the preservation of our heritage was not in the interest of slave owners. Their emphases were strictly profits over people. In fact, our representatives were thought of and treated as property and not as human beings. They were real estate.
The issue of the identity of Mary Sancho can easily be resolved. I believe the birth records of Lambert Tuckness Sancho and his sister Mary Sancho would show the maiden name of Mrs. Bentick Sancho. The name of the female Sancho interred in Sancho Plot at the cemetery at Golden Grove in 1849 remains unknowingly. I am told that the remains of that relative were the first to be buried in that cemetery.
Why would Lambert Tuckness Sancho tell his descendants about Lambert Tuckness Bentick -Sancho if he was aware that Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho were previously Fothergill, Frederick, and William? It is clear to me; Lambert Tuckness Sancho had no knowledge of Fothergill, Frederick, and William except perhaps what he learnt respecting the Passive Resistance Demonstration on the Essequebo Coast in August 1834
It is Kenneth Joyce Robertson prerogative to print whatever he feels like so doing. He is a grown man. He must be prepared to deal with the consequences of his actions.
The published reports found in the Daily Chronicle 1881-1897 revealed the names of some thirty unknown persons surnamed Sancho. A number of them hailed from the communities of Golden Grove, Nabaclis, Victoria, Friendship and Buxton and elsewhere on the East Coast of Demerara, Corentyne and Canje. I have a primary Sancho Family Tree showing 1383 names. I also have several showing as many as 250 names. I do not have those thirty persons listed upon any family tree.  I believe our kinship is likely to show some five thousand souls. That figure was thrown out at me by Cousin Phyllis Kendall
I was initially excited. I was about to offer a few words of congratulations, after reading a note from Kenneth Joyce Robertson. I wanted to watch the Spike Lee’s movie, Jungle Fever. Therefore I concluded I will read the preview later. However, several nagging images entered my thought process in rapid successions. There were images of deceased members of the kinship of Sancho. I am positive.  I imagined Muriel and her siblings, Sheila Sharper, Bouya Sharper, Muriel Sancho (1912-2004), Gwendolyn Ralph and Brenda Abrams in tears. Also, bits of conversations I had with Leebert Sancho, Joe Hughes, Felix Bastiani, and Olive Fraser and the note Cicely Abrams sent to me were amongst the identifiable images.
I decided.  I would view Jungle fever, at a later period. I hesitantly accessed the web site and the relevant links. I was utterly shocked.  I was dismayed.   Low and behold, I could not believe the text I am seeing and reading. I thought I misconstrued the word play.    I read what Kenneth Joyce Robertson published respecting my recollections of indoctrination I received from my mother. I read the smearing of my mother. It is inconceivable that any man regardless of sex, and much less a member of the kinship of Sancho would allow them to think about my mother in such fashion. I can assure you. Be it fact? Be it bizarrely plausible?  I am not with whatever their names are.  I do not know what the other descendants of Muriel Sancho think about your astonishing assault upon the character of my mother. Quite frankly I do not care what they think. I long charge them with neglecting to the preservation of the accounts of her life and times.  My mother always insisted I read what others write. Thereby form my own opinions. She insisted.  You must always count your change. Do not be naive. Everyone is not of your best interests regardless whether I am a teacher and Sancho. It was all about Sancho - every waking minute that the reason I am all about Sancho. My mother concluded the folk songs ridicule every Sancho male. She disliked them immensely. She forbade me to sing them.  I would dearly love to witness a publication on the life and times of Muriel Sancho. However, I have great difficulties accessing oral sources of data - most of her colleagues are dead and those who are alive are having great difficulty with their memory. Also I do not have the cooperation of my siblings and that fact is simply too nauseating for my stomach.  There when I noticed my mother name I was overjoyed. Then as I read the commentary; I became perplexed. The question is why, why, Kenneth Joyce Robertson made the effort to belittle my mother’s integrity?  What wrong has she done to Kenneth Joyce Robertson? I dare to conclude and state my beloved Cousin Tee Joyce would be appalled. He would repudiate such expressions.
I am taken aback at Kenneth Joyce Robertson tone and interferences respecting my most beloved ancestor Muriel Sancho. Why the attack upon the integrity of my mother? Why didn’t Kenneth Joyce Robertson consult with me respecting his take upon what I wrote respecting my mother’s account of her heritage? Kenneth Joyce Robertson’s wordplay is reminiscent of Thomas Anson Sancho’s butchery upon his grandfather, our common ancestor, Lambert Tuckness Sancho in his publication Pages of Life.  T. Anson Sancho did not even have the decency to spell our common ancestor’s name correctly.
Why the attempt at denigration of my mother for posterity? Why the smear campaign? What has she done to Kenneth Joyce Robertson? It is regrettable that Sancho continues to be derogatory to another in print and/or public. It is one thing to lambaste me. It is quite another to attempt to do so to my mother. I cannot begin to fathom why Carmen Sancho did not insist Kenneth Joyce Robertson alter such remarks concerning her aunt. I am told she read the manuscript. I do not know what I will say or do whenever if ever I met Kenneth Joyce Robertson and/or Carmen Sancho, again. I am sure.  It would not be polite. How could it be? I am likely to make grand Aunt Edith Sancho sound like a church girl
I am perhaps more versed in foul language than I am with English grammar.
Now Kenneth Joyce Robertson has heaped scorn and ridicule upon my mother and me and Alexander Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho and members of generations of my mothers and prior ones.
I have no knowledge of Sancho folklore. I can assure you. I resided for the better portion of the first twenty-six years of my sojourn in New Amsterdam, Corentyne Coast and in the Golden Grove-Nabaclis Village District.  It is obvious. The oral traditions of the kinship of Sancho are microcosms of the effects of the adverse conditions of life the survivors of the Middle Passage faced on the plantations in the Americas. It is also factual that when migrations occur, fragmentation takes place amongst the people and ultimately the oral traditions reflect this fragmentation. Let examine a family group - shall we? I will choose the descendants of Alexander Sancho and Rachael Campbell to display the point I am attempting to make. If you approach the majority of the grand children, they would be hard pressed to accurately name the siblings of their Sancho parent. It is understandable when they fail to mention the tenth child of this union of Sancho and Campbell. Fragmentation begins to take place amongst siblings when they marry migrate and begin to raise their own families. I can assure you. That, even the family gatherings at the residence of Aunt Elsa at Nabaclis until April 1966 could not withstand fragmentation in the oral traditions. There are great differences amongst the First-Cousins. Every sensible person would expect a generation possessing some seventy-three persons and spanning forty-four years would reflect differences in their understanding of their Sancho family history.
In the scenario of the children of Muriel Sancho, I can assure you, I can only recall hearing my elder sister seeking knowledge of her past. On the last occasion, my mother, my sister, my nephew David and I reclined in St. Hubert. I am quite positive my sister made notes. I heard she lost those notes in the mail to our relative in Toledo, Ohio.  I am saying people ask different questions to different people regardless of their age. Therefore, siblings often exhibit difference in their understanding.
Kenneth Joyce Robertson has revealed himself. He is simply another cultural pirate.  He has told me. He is not only rude but he is also ridiculous.  He is a blatant and malicious liar.  I state he is physically disadvantaged he has revealed a propensity of a brain malfunction. I had been warned but I must admit I was completely shocked by his verbal attack upon the integrity of my most beloved ancestor, Muriel Sancho (1914-1990). I find it even more atrocious that he has attempted to indicate my mother as a whimsical being by purporting to invoke the names of her relatives whom I regard as my mothers in his absurd take as evidence against her. If it were not, my relatives were being mentioned, I would have assumed that portion of the text was simply some sort of comic fictional take the workings of a diabolical mind.
Now please allow me to exhibit the points of contention.
 Kenneth Joyce Robertson chooses of his own validation to use information which did not originate in his thought process. He did so without extending any courtesy whatsoever to the writer of the account referred to as originating from Muriel Sancho. Please remember that six of her children are still alive. But, however, only her last child researches and documents his findings. Please remember only eight years separate her oldest and youngest in USA - yet they have different takes on the lives of their parents.
I find it absurd that Kenneth Joyce Robertson in a single sentence  - Our dear cousin Muriel Sancho Ross has left us with the proposition that there was three brothers Sancho, grandsons of the African "man of letters" Charles Ignatius Sancho of England - chooses to begin the sentence with a phrase suggesting  endearment. Yet he continued and concluded the sentence with three absolutely false statements. I have to question, how upon earth could he refer to my mother as, our dear cousin Muriel Sancho Ross and then continue to ascribe malicious lies as originating from her?
I can assure you.  Muriel Sancho (1914-1990) never mentioned the name Charles Ignatius Sancho to me.  I concluded she never heard that name. I also offer. It was Sydney Marious and I who began to examine the possibility that Ignatius Sancho is our ancestor. My mother was only aware of one Charles Sancho - and that her brother.   Yet research has turned up a Charles Sancho, son of Bentick Sancho and Sarah Sancho born about 1861. I believe Bentick Sancho and Sarah Sancho also has a daughter also named Sarah Sancho. I believe “Dear Aunt” Teacher Sarah Matilda Sandy was named in the honor of her mother sister.
I began to seek out researchers. I was trying to locate anyone who may have knowledge of the kinship of Sancho beyond the boundaries of Guyana.  I also attempted to communicate with academics in the effort to ascertain whether they have knowledge of the descendants of Ignatius Sancho. Thus, it was probably I who allowed this narrow-minded asinine being to conclude Sancho of Guyana are descendants of Ignatius Sancho. What good is a western university accrediat6ation to a Negro if he cannot distinguish an enquiry from scientific evaluation to conclude what is and/or what not genealogical fact?
“Despite the stellar scholastic achievements of Cousin Muriel and her love for this family, her pronouncements have left us with more questions than answers. Neither her sibling, dear Aunt Inez, nor Cousin Gwen Valentine, nor our relative Ms. Riley could shed light upon, or had any knowledge of, the Ignatius Sancho fatherhood. Remember now.  They are from that age group.”
 If the above statements do not wreck both arrogance and ignorance I really do know what does and/or what gives with that imbecile Kenneth Joyce Robertson. It is my understanding.  Muriel Sancho (1912-2006) said the Name Change was from Sanchez or Sankey to Sancho. The fact remains it seems there were some mention of name change in the Sancho heritage. However, my mother never mentioned such a scenario to me. Cousin Gwen is believed to state the names of the three brothers are Bentick John and Robert Christopher Sancho. Again only an irresponsible person would take the wordings of ninety years old as totally accurate. What all they did in their lives was to reminiscence on the people of Sancho and/or what they had been told? How absurd? Any way.  I have not found Robert Christopher Sancho. I have turned up Robert Johnstone Sancho . . . I am sure there were at least two persons with such a name.  
I expected facts. I expected sources of data. To be quite frank except for seeking data and/or sources of data and also information respecting the people of Samuels I would be careless about the publication. I must also admit a man must know    what evil thoughts to lurk in the minds of others. Muriel Sancho was far from whimsical. I can attest to a number of things she told me;   I have not found proof that Sarah Denbow is my relative. I have not found    concrete proof of three Sancho brothers came from England.
Furthermore.  Muriel Sancho’s take is echoed by Cicely Abrams, her first cousin with more beef. Our Cousin stated Lambert Tuckness Bentick Sancho came to the colony of Demerara in 1815 or 1817.  He was 31 years old. He came with several sons. He married. He raised up another family. Bentick Sancho is quite possibly one of his sons. She stated that this is her recollection as told to her by Eileen Esme Sancho as told to Aunt Eileen by Tuckness Sancho, her father. She also said Tuckness wrote several articles on the history of Golden Grove.
I believe her for I noticed two letters written by Tuckness Sancho in the early 1880s.  Cicely’s take gives me great hope that the five unknown members of the kinship of Sancho buried in the vault at the cemetery in Golden Grove will be one day is revealed. I hope in the not too distant future.  Also many persons have stated that Sancho migrated from Golden Grove / Buxton to Canje and the Corentyne and Suriname and French Guiana. Felix Bastiani, Olive Fraser and others have the same story as told to them by their ancestors. Boatswain, and Fraser, and others have Sancho DNA.
Yes it true many slaves had the one name; Sancho. What occurred after the abolition of slavery on August 1, 1838? Many slaves took the slave masters names or some other European names for their surnames. The consensus is clear the people of Sancho today have no concrete data disclosing where our ancestors came from. 
Also, I am with the Sumner ancestry.  I am not with the porter take.  I am with a great great-grandmother Mary Sancho being a descendant of that brutal overseer Thomas Sumner.  I believe Mary Sumner is the maiden name of the grandmother of Alexander Sancho.  Unless I see birth certificates of her children, Mary Sancho and Lammy Tuckness Sancho,  stating otherwise that  what I will use as my thesis. I need to ascertain whether there were two persons named Bentick Sancho, alive in 1861. Could it be Bentick Sancho simply had several children’s mothers?
Are there more attacks upon the people of Sancho in the publication? Heavens forbid it. I really hope not.  I am sick of reading Sancho attacking Sancho in print and in the judicial system in Guyana. Perhaps Kenneth Joyce Robertson would deem it fit to reedit that publication. There is a need for a second publishing. Kenneth Joyce Robertson needs to change or remove the commentary upon my mother. It is not accurate. He knows it is false. That would likely be the end of that.  I will look up the sources of data. Kenneth Joyce Robertson could have saved me the time by sending me extracts...Then again.  It is Kenneth Joyce Robertson’s prerogative . . .

This, indeed, is a reference to Bentinck Sancho. There are actually two Bentinck Sanchos! The first Bentinck Sancho is at the center and focus of what can be called the Sancho Folklore. It encompasses the "known unknowns." Quintessentially, we are looking at a whole series of questions. Then there is the second Bentinck Sancho which would deal with things that we do know. Even in this area of our endeavors, there are still loads of questions. The answers are there, except that we have not located, studied, and analyzed them yet. This body of work would be expected to be historical but factual. It will be expected to be substantiated by records - both public and/or private. For the past seven or more years of unstinting research, we have been intrigued by the "Ignatius Sancho Factor."
Our dear cousin Muriel Sancho Ross has left us with the proposition that there were three brothers Sancho, grandsons of the African "man of letters" Charles Ignatius Sancho of England. This theory is further presented as a genealogical fact, which is translated into making all the Sanchos of British Guiana, now Guyana. descendants of Ignatius Sancho through his three "grandsons," BENTINCK, Tuckness, and John.

Despite the stellar scholastic achievements of cousin Muriel and her love for this family, her pronouncements have left us with more questions than answers. Neither her sibling, dear Aunt Inez, nor cousin Gwen Valentine, nor our relative Ms. Riley could shed light upon, or had any knowledge of, the Ignatius Sancho fatherhood. Remember now, they are from that age group.
Relentless searches at the FRC (Family Records Center) m London have not produced any birth records for Bentinck. Tuckness and John. At the same time, earlier parish records have divulged birth and baptismal records for the children of Ignatius Sancho. Going even further back the record of the marriage of Charles Ignatius Sancho to his beloved Ann Osborne is available.
Fothergill, Frederick, and William mean absolutely nothing to me. I do not want to waste my few hours I have left on this earth researching Fothergill, Frederick, and William. I do want to be trying to locate relatives of Fothergill, Frederick, and William.  Where is the evidence? Who and where are the descendants and/or relatives of the relatives of Fothergill, Frederick, and William on the West Coast of the Essequebo River?  Who could provide DNA evidence Fothergill, Frederick, and William assuming the identity of Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho?
Kenneth Joyce Robertson’s opinions are perhaps bizarrely plausible. But is it hallucination?  It is quite feasible that Fothergill, Frederick, and William may have heard the story of Ignatius Sancho.   They may have even read his writings while being on hold in the United Kingdom in 1835/1836. Therefore, Fothergill, Frederick, and William may choose to adopt his name and his story as their own. If Fothergill, Frederick, and William assumed the story of Ignatius Sancho as their ancestral legacy, then certainly did their descendants an unmanageable disservice.  It is forgery. It is fraudulent.  Therefore Fothergill, Frederick, and William must not be admired but condemned for so doing.
However, if Kenneth Joyce Robertson remarkable narrative is proven beyond a shadow of doubt, then, what becomes of the oral tradition of Sancho? Are the current generations and future generations, to abandon the connections made in the nineteenth century? I am not with that. Therefore if I am to spend my hard earned dollars on Kenneth Joyce Robertson’s book it better be littered with sources of information, proven content and not heresy. It better is adulterated blasphemy. It better contains scientific proof. If the text is as revolting as that found in the preview; I would enlighten Kenneth Joyce Robertson by all means necessary as would be Muriel Sancho and her sisters, and brothers, especially Oswald Sancho and their father, Allick Sancho, two generations before me.
That man Kenneth Joyce Robertson has reproduced what amounts to conjecture. He mentioned absolutely no confirmation showing Fothergill.  Frederick and William became Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho.  There is one shred of scientific verification identifying Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho as Fothergill, Frederick and William. The suggestions are superficial at best. It is plausible but not beyond shadow of doubt. 
I am not relieved. It is quite possible Bentick Sancho.  John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho could well be Fothergill, Frederick and William. You must remember you and I were not the eyewitness. There are indeed all the ingredients necessary for those three to attempt to deceive all future generations of our people.
Despite the fact, that man chooses to violate to rape my mother, my aunt, and their First Cousins Gwen and Muriel but also my grandfather Allick Sancho and my elder sister I would recommend an all-out effort are made to research, and verify the data as accurately as humanly possible.  What a swell guy?  How could I be a son of my mother and allow such violation? I sought refuge and slept on grave of Allick Sancho at all hours of day and night why would I worry about some crippled as minded person? He deserved a most horrifying exit as any enemy of the people of Sancho. Don’t you think?
I can boldly claim I have no knowledge of my mother doing anything that would embarrass me I heard of no other man but my father.!Not many people can say that of their mothers. But here comes this want-to-be Sancho attempting to undress my mother for posterity.. Why am I not doing something about it is beyond me?
No concrete evidence to conclude Bentick Sancho, John Sancho and Tuckness Sancho are Fothergill, Frederick and William. It is conjecture - no more no less.
There is no doubt that I am Sancho for I possess the DNA   of Muriel Sancho, of Alexander Sancho,   of Lambert Tuckness Sancho,   of Bentick Sancho, and others before them. The question which begs to be answered does Kenneth Joyce Robertson?  DNA test could solve some questions - but it does not do so absolutely . . . It cannot - replace the human touch - the bonding amongst people who understood them to be closely related. Now is the time of decision - time to separate the wolves from the sheep . . .  There it is
The issue is not whether Kenneth Joyce Robertson is either right or wrong. He claims Bentick Sancho, John Sancho, and Tuckness Sancho is not really biological brothers. He further states they are Fothergill, Frederick and William. The three are lieutenants of Damon in the passive resistance demonstration on the Arabian Coast in the county of Essequebo in August 1834. The contentions arise from his absurd and outrageously false statements made respecting Muriel Sancho (1914-1990), Inez Sancho (1912-2003), Muriel Sancho (1912-2006) and Gwendolyn Ralph (1913-2008).  I seriously doubt Robertson ever meet Muriel Sancho (1914-1990). I am not aware he ever spoke with Muriel Sancho (1914-1990). I am also stating for the record I am not aware of Muriel Sancho (1914-1990), ever mentioning Robertson to me. Yet, I am familiar with our relative, Cousin Theophilus Joyce. I do recall going aback at Golden Grove, on the East Coast of Demerara, in the company of Muriel Sancho (1914-1990), Charlie Sancho (1904-1971), Oswald Sancho (1922-1984), Elsa Sancho (1908-1966), Inez Sancho (1912-2003), Rashleigh Sharper (1915-1977), Sheila Sharper (1925-1977), and Theophilus Joyce (1902-??) and other relatives on several occasions.  How upon this forsaken planet could Kenneth Joyce claim Muriel Sancho (1914-1990), left him something or another is beyond my imagination? He has apparently attempted to rape and sodomize my dearest ancestor and three of my mothers’ - and that hurts me to the core of my existence.
Furthermore; I cannot imagine how he cannot see his accounting of the origins of Sancho fall step for step in line with what my mother repeatedly told me. His short comings are really truly noticeable. Even Stevie wonder could see that clear enough. However, his claims do not explain fragments of Cicely Abrams accounting of the people of Sancho.

Name Change.
 A few years ago I received an email from my cousin Cecil Marious, in which he stated Cousin Muriel Sancho (1912-2008) claimed our ancestors changed their surname from Sanchez or Sanchey to Sancho. I state for the record Muriel Sancho never told me of any such occurrence. I have no such recollection. I dismissed it as perhaps a flashing thought of an aging mind.
However, when I read Cecily Abrams account of a name change I then thought that make more sense, and that Cousin Muriel had possibly heard of a name change but over the ensuing years had lost the exact information, after all she was more than ninety years old at the time she was interviewed. What are you thinking? All Cousin Muriel and her relatives did in their life was research the people of Sancho? Come on now - let us get real - the thoughts of three ninety-year-olds must never be taken verbatim or as gospel. You are not an eyewitness. Even eyewitnesses really reproduce the exact image of the reality. They are capable of giving fragments of the total picture in their accounting. The mind is not a recording machine... The mind is not the modern video recorder. And even when one uses those machines they have to capture scenes from several or various angles to be conclusive.

From Bentick-Sancho to Bentick Sancho
From Fothergill to Bentick Sancho
I do not know if any of the three is accurate. I do not know if one of the three is accurate. I never met Bentick Sancho.
It is said the ancients of the landmass bounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean and Red seas call upon their ancestors for guidance and for various reasoning. It’s a concept of life experiences of autochthons of earth. I called upon the spirit of Muriel Sancho. I called upon the spirit of Alexander Gustavus Sancho.  I called upon the spirit of Lambert Tuckness Sancho, I called upon the spirit of Bentick Sancho... I called upon the spirit of ancestor of Sancho to guide me. I cannot state whether that has occurred. The ancestor is the very reason, I am here, today, in the first place. I can never forget that fact.

Muriel Sancho
It appears there were at least four females named Muriel Sancho. I am aware of two of them. I have accepted one is my biological mother. The other was a participant in my birthing process. Thus I color her mother as well. furthermore I spent prolong periods at her residences at Pleyt Anker on the East Bank of the Berbice River and at Friendship on the East Coast of Demerara. I have not yet identified the other two females named Muriel Sancho. I am of the opinion one resided at Queen Street in either Georgetown or Kitty and the other at Lodge on the East Bank of the Demerara River.

THE FOUR PILLARS A Genealogical Journey by Kenneth Joyce Robertson is utter garbage devoid of proof of its premise. It is a haphazard, a mockery, a charade, a deception purporting to be scholarly discourse. It is malnourished by poor and inadequate research highlighted with a ridiculous conclusion.

The patterns of migration of Mande-speakers into the north-west shaped their identities. For instance, in the eighteenth century (and earlier), many interior Mande- speakers moved to the coast via the Susu-speaking belt that lay along the present-day Sierra Leone-Guinea border. These included, for instance, people who were originally Jakhanke- and Sarakuli (Soninke) -speakers, such as the Dumbuya, Fofana, and Sankoh kin groups.
This was evident in the negative response made in April 1808 by the governor, Thomas Ludlum, to a request from Ibrahima Konkori Sanko, the ruler of Port Loko, for financial assistance to open a trade route to Futa Jallon.
I believe the Bentick Sancho is a member of the kinships of Sanko.  The members of the Sanko clan were traders and political figures. Members of the Sanko clan were known as the alimami of Saindugu of Port Loko. Sanko also resided at Tawiya and other locations in Sierra Leone. I believe Sanko people were iconic in the Guinea region of our natural ancestral habitat. Sanko were prominent, primarily during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sanko is known to be Sosso, Temne and Sarakuli (Soninke)-speakers and other groups of people of Mande linguistic group. There is a geopolitical boundary known as Sanko in Guinea. The most difficult aspect for me to accept remains the fact that Sanko of Port Loko also traded in human beings. Tough isn’t it?
I need to know and not believe. Facts are preferable above and beyond beliefs.