Friday, January 6, 2012

Enough Already - Speaker Issue

Enough Already – APNU and AFC need to stop dragging their damn feet. APNU and AFC need to stop haggling like fish mongers as I recall at Bourda Market in the colonial era. Why not allow AFC to have the Speaker? PPP has the President. APNU is likely to have the deputy speaker, the majority leader, and chief whip. AFC must get some position in the National Assembly. The candidates the parties suggested have all been rejected. The likely solution is to appoint Raphael Trotman as the Speaker of the National Assembly and move forward onto more pertinent issues affecting the daily lives of the masses of the Guyanese Populace.
Constitutional Reform, GECOM, Local Government Reform, Education Reform, Job Creation, reliable sources of electricity and portable pure water supply are amongst the major issues facing our people.
Also addressing the overwhelming and/or disproportion appears of Indo-Guyanese at the head of management of governmental agencies needs to be addressed, immediately. I strongly doubt Guyanese of other ethnic backgrounds are satisfied with that situation. I believe numerous souls are imminently qualified to render service in the highest offices in the land of their birth but are denied such opportunities. Guyanese who happened to be Amerindians, Portuguese, and/or other European grouping, Chinese, and Africans and/or mixed must be included in the equation. They must not be allowed to be continually marginalized.
Job creation must occupy the highest priority in the thought process of the elected officials. There is simply and frankly speaking too much waste of manpower in such a small populace of less than a million people. Unemployment is somewhere in the vicinity of 55% of the working class. Too many females are listed as housewives and/or not employed in Guyana, today.
The need is encourage the establishment of cottage industries in the rural communities. Productivity must increase to the level as it were prior to January 1934. The ministry of Agriculture needs to be more proactive and support the local government administration in the effort to promote agricultural industry in the rural communities.
The three political parties, PPP, APNU, and AFC need to solve the business of parliament and move on. It has been more than a month since the November 28, 2011 national elections. Get it done, immediately, and begin to address the issues facing our people in their daily lives. I am positive that’s not asking too much. Stop the bickering, right this minute. Will you begin to address our concerns immediately? If it is not one thing it’s another with these damn elected officials in Guyana and elsewhere. They are simply too much. They average citizen could careless of who the Speaker is - you were given a mandate to address the conditions of life facing our people – and to hell with. The British parliamentary process be damned. It’sour people’s lives which are at stake.