Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Don't Bother Me With Your Whites Diseases

I'm not with religions. If I were into religious conditioning; it would be indigenous African religious practices. I don't have Whites' Disease beyond language and clothing. I really don't want to discuss anything with anyone embracing an economic system which enslaved their people, and exploited Africans and Africa . All western religions are economic systems. These Caucasians vehicles aimed to achieve world domination. Deeply melaninated peoples aren't originally Christians, Muslims and Jews. Africans were originally into worshipping NATURE in the manifestation as a serpent (King Kobra) and trees ( Baobab and Sita trees). Before 642 A.D. it's unlikely an African Muslim existed. Certainly, no African was a Muslim in the eras of the kushite, Nubian, Kemetian empires. Africans became Christians, Muslims and Jewish in similar fashion as they became Americans, Jamaicans, Guyanese, Haitians Brazilians and so on. Africans were conquered and conditioned to adopt alien behaviors. Africans killing Africans is most disgusting to my palate. Asinine at best. Africans must value the lives of Africans and deeply melaninated peoples all over the earth. Religions be fanned. Religions don't make humans. I haven't witnessed religions giving birth to life anywhere. Humans make religions. Religions don't predate any animal on this planet. Religions are unnecessary evils humans can do without. Probably more than seven billions died resulting from religious intolerance. What a waste of human resources. Africans must eradicate foreign behaviors to establish African unity upon the African consciousness and African sociology. I rest my case. Long Live indigenous peoples and cultural traditions everywhere. A Luta Continua