Friday, June 18, 2010

Landless and Powerless

I simply cannot believe people have such wild and/or vivid imaginations – with no logic to back it up. I originally concluded I would not comment on the current election process unveiling in the USA. However, emotional black people believe Barrack Obama has the opportunity to become not only the Democratic nominee the presidential candidate but the President of the USA.
My first thought - it is simply preposterous – it is bordering on lunacy. At best; it is simply ludicrous. The rational thought process does not support the possibility. George Lamming, birthed in Barbados, an outstanding African in the Americas, man of the arts, pointed out in the preface to Walter Rodney’s classic epistle, “A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905”, the arithmetic of democracy does not support the possibility of minority of any nation occupying the highest office of the land – becoming the head of Sate. Rational thoughts would wonder; what really are the demographics supporting the idea – and conceiving thoughts and actions in the efforts to elect Obama president of USA? Historically; the Europeans did not steal this land from the indigenous people they found here – to turn around and give to some Black man
Europeans did not conduct genocidal campaigns against the aboriginals. They did not capture, kidnap, Black People from their ancestral homeland and bring our representatives to slave on plantations, Just to turn around in 2008 – and abandon their way of life – by electing and accepting a Blackman as their Head of State.

Well! Well! My ancestors and our kinships in the last 300 years in western society – are known by European names – therefore, if you begin to refer to me as doubting Thomas, so be it.
What is this fellow Obama parroting, anyway? All I ever hear is the word; change, change, change, - with no substance to it. Barrack Obama’s tune change the American want change is very hollow, indeed. It is a blatant attempt to pander to the young voters. However, I am very familiar with the tune, change gonna come needless to say I prefer Sam Cooke’s anthem over Obama rhetoric. It has body to it. It far more soulful and that’s the bottom line. I am positive Obama does not support reparation to Africans in the Americas. In fact, Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and John Edwards do not support reparations for black people in the USA. Black People must become politically savvy and support candidates who embrace, and directly speak to our issues. Malcolm X (1925-1965) (Pbuh) hammered home that point on numerous occasions during his rather brief life fighting for our freedom and liberty – everywhere on the planet earth.

It is my conviction Barrack Obama is the classic politician. Such as those who are all too familiar in the annals of black life and culture. Obama has not shown anything but the theatrics of hollow-wood. Obama is a fine character actor. He is certainly not some sort of Messiah of Black People. I could not believe Black people imagine Barrack Obama as a successor of the likes of Frederick Douglass (February 1818 – February 20, 1895) Martin Robinson Delaney (May 6, 1812 – January 24, 1885), Bishop Henry McNeal Turner (1834-1915), Hubert Henry Harrison (April 27, 1883 - December 17, 1927), Arturo Alfonso Schomburg also known as Arthur Schomburg (January 24, 1874–June 8, 1938), Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., (August 17, 1887 – June 10, 1940), El Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) (May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968), Sojourner Truth (1797 - November 26, 1883), Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Ross, c. 1820 – 10 March 1913) to name a few.
I am confident Barrack Obama does not, simply cannot carry their jock straps. He is foremost a politician. He is trying to position himself to occupy an office that is it. He is not about people’s power. He is about personal ambition; period.
I believe Hilary Clinton is the best choice of the Democratic Party. I am of the opinion; Hilary Clinton is the best choice for the people of the USA and indeed the globe. I believe if Hilary Clinton does not win the nomination as the candidate of the Democratic Party for the presidential elections on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, the candidate of the Democratic Party will not be the next President of the USA. I believe my arguments are supported by historical and demographics factors.

I hold an election is all about mathematics of the ethnic groups of the electorate. Therefore, Hilary Clinton being both white and female has the greatest chance of being next elected president of the USA. If females especially white females do not vote for Hilary Clinton, whether they like her and/ or policies or not, whom should they blame but themselves. Voting and supporting is totally about the message, females will be sending the future generations of females – being in the white house as the Head of State – is not beyond the station of females. Females ought to wage a Flower Power Campaign – Girl Power Campaign to elect Hilary Clinton on November 4, 2008 President of the USA. In a campaign of politics of gender and ethnicity Hilary Clinton wins hands down – no contest.
Why is cocaine found in the samples of the hair of the great Pharaoh Ramses the second of ancient Egypt?
“Golden age not in past but in future” Virgil (c. 20 BC)
The progress already made by reason through eight stages opens the prospect of a world that will be ruled entirely by knowledge, reason, and brotherly love Condorcet (1793)
Natural forces move all things from the simple and alike to the complex and unalike, which in human affairs means moral and mechanical progress. Spencer (1850)
I remain positive; improvements respecting the Rights of Man – including Gender Equality, Racial and/or Ethnic Equality, with the accent on People’s Power, Rights of Workers. They are necessary ingredients for the advancement of civilization
I would love to see total unity in the Caribbean basin.
Would love to see Puerto Rico be a participant of CARICOM.
Puerto Rico statehood or nation
Blacks in the Americas before Columbus.
I have seen homeless people begging at check cashing joints but they are armed with cellular communication devices.
I have seen fellows rapped in blanked stretched out on steps of churches in the fridge weather in Manhattan – but they have cell phones.

Barrack Obama is not the solution to the ills of Black America and Black life and culture on the Planet Earth. I am sure of it. Obama is not my messiah.
None of the candidates have embraced issues concerning Black life and culture. Leading contenders more precisely; what are their views on Housing , health care, employment, family values, communities, immigration, coast of living, racism, war on the Black and other non-white families and people, Education, US Foreign policy regarding Black people around the globe. US American policy regarding the nations in the Americas, particularly, CARICOM, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Guyana. And the unnecessary and unending wars in which poor people of the USA are sent to murder poor young people around the globe – and destroy their way of life, only to return in body bags, disabled, mentally and physically – with no income and no security for the remainder of their sojourn here upon earth. Returning soldiers obtain no benefits – war is only profitable to the members of the ruling class and the rich folks, and corporations. It is a travesty that after more than 5000 years after the founding of the Nile valley civilizations modern man is just as primitive as
Instead there are Chinese and Japanese fast food joints all over the place filled with black customers and not one solitary Black employee. Whenever I notice a black operated and or owned business place – it is common and familiar sight it is empty or almost empty of patrons except it is a church, place of worship, dance hall, laundry matt, pub, night club.

I believe black people are being priced out of their so –called neighborhoods and or communities – and the saddest part black people can not do a darn thing about it. Simply because they never listened to old man Marcus Garvey or his son Malcolm X nor did they read and understand the green book. If you do not own the land, building and jobs you own nothing – it is not yours. If you pay rent – you do not own the property – and you are at the discursion of the landlord. If you report to work you are at the mercy of your boss.
It is simply plantation economy. What is this false belief in politicians? It is beyond me – and my simple mindset. I believe in the historical truths and analysis.
When I look around in the so-called black communities in New York City, I notice numerous buildings being constructed, and or repaired; the owners are for the most part Jews. The vast majority of the laborers are Mexicans. There is the occasional window dressing. While the vast majority of the black men of the communities are seen standing around on the fore corners, doing whatever it is they are preoccupied with and are targets for the trigger happy law enforcement officers of the New York Police Department and the state of New York Prison complex system.
The wireless business is capturing a great deal of black America’s dollars. Yes indeed they have surpassed the Woolworths of the era of Malcolm X in handcuffing Black America. T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon – it sure costs a lot to talk – to run our mouths – and you know how much black people love to talk and carry on.

And what is most frightening in this modern age they refuse to look like themselves. This learned behavior wreaks self-hatred. Nine out of ten black females you will ever see in the western world mimic the white females of the society. I believe Harriet Tubman would be appalled if she were to ever witness this mess our females are education our future generations. I often wonder where and how much people spend to tell lies; God knows the amount could lift not only Black America but indeed peoples of African origins clearly across the digital divide well on the way on the threshold of developed society status. Black people love to dress and speak like our oppressors but do not own the building or the land upon which it stands. They rent yet holler about my building, my job, my that, my this, and my country – and they know they do not own a darn thing – nor control any government on the face of this planet Earth. The need is to cut deals just like the Jews do – the need is to own just like the Jews do.
Our ancestors were. How is it that in this day and age mankind still fight bloody encounters where by thousands if not millions of lives are lost? If you think I am not accurate simply visit military cemeteries – and check the life spans of the victims of America’s foreign policies and the wars which resulted from such behaviors – who are interred therein. I am sure the vast majority are between the ages of 18 and 35 years old when their lives were ended.
Owning business in the so-called black communities. Owning the land and the buildings there upon.

When I arrived in New York City there were it seemed black-owned businesses particularly; Soul Food Joints and Fish & Chips Joints at almost every fore corner; rivaling the beauty saloons, store-front places of worship, churches, barber- shops, especially in Harlem and Brooklyn; – today they do not exists. If you ask me – you did not but I am going to tell you anyway Black People take too much time, pride and money and spend it upon appearance.
Millions of people have expressed their opinions on the chances of Barrack Obama becoming the next president of the USA. Thus Billions of words and thoughts have been expressed. Now I would love to be allowed to throw my tow cents into the mix. I contend there is a much needed dosage of reality needed. I did not intend to participate in hollow word play but however, a few days ago, one of my associates, a comrade, a black looking fellow birthed in America told me, he wants nothing more to do with me because of my opinions of Barrack Obama and the possibilities for a black president in the USA in the near future. I remarked Black people needed a great dosage of reality. They are only aware of their station whenever some events occur which adversely affects their personal well-being, here in the USA. On most occasions many offer it is not their business. It does not affect them. Oh slavery days are over – yet black people are landless and powerless all over the globe in the last 600 years.

Do not be ridiculous, people, the cry for change, has reverberated since time immoral. Do you think the working class people whose blood sweat and tears built the pyramids at Saqqara more than 4500 years ago – it is still standing – your twin towers were blow away smoldering a few years ago – one has to wonder about the magnitude of technology of our ancient people- with that said the working class certainly caught hell in ancient times as they do today. I believe they were not at all pleased with their station in life – and cried for change. The idea of wailing for change is not by any stretch of the imagination a new calling card. However, after eight years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, I guess any change is welcomed. I saw Oprah Winfrey the other day; I thought she has a melanin deficiency problem. The child is also almost as colorful as the Europeans both guests and in the audience on her talk- show. I remembered when Oprah Winfrey was a black female. What kind of a Zulu Oprah Winfrey is? Chaka (1787-1828) would certainly not approve, I am sure.
No where on this planet earth, does the electorate place a person of the minority ethnic group into office of the Head of State. It has not happened in Bermuda where the whites are the minority group. The blacks of Bermuda exercised good judgment and common sense and rejected that group at the recent polls. I believe the white folks in the USA will put an end to this scenario, bloodlessly by rejecting the candidacy of Barrack Obama at the polling place. That is indeed the honorable thing to do.
To see your enemy and know him is part of the complete education of man. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., (August 17, 1887 – June 10, 1940),Thaddeus Stevens (April 4, 1792 – August 11, 1868), what are 40 acres and a mule and $50? When it comes to black America Why is USA bankrupt. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was right in his day as he is today – insufficient funds.

Price for Failure

There can be no doubt; Black people are paying the price for failure. They failed to protect their human resources. They failed to protect the natural resources of their indigenous homeland. Their inability to protect themselves led to enforced migration, colonization, slavery and the seemingly never-ending holocaust. It seems an uphill task with little or no measure of success. Their overall, behavioural pattern can best be described as crabs in the barrel syndrome. The enemy within is as dangerous as the enemy of different and/or differing ethnic groupings. It is simply frightening the theology of self-liberation has been replaced by material self-worth and dependence on other ethnic groups and the language of political correctness. In this epoch, our people are caught-up with defeatist attitudes and practices. Consumerism and dollarism reign supremely. They present major stumbling blocks to socioeconomic and political development.

The scramble for Africa continues. East Indians and Chinese are making their presence known. The twentieth-first century edition of the scramble for Africa will not be totally dominated by Europeans. However, the so-called Africans are not exploiting the natural resources of the continent for the benefit of the people of Africa. The corrupt political and military leadership continues to rape their nations. They utilize their nations' finances as it was their personal bank accounts.
Black people are caught up with catch phrases - such as Money over arrogant women and patterns of behaviour our ancestors will not, and cannot comprehend. Harriet Tubman, Antonio Maceo, and the freedom loving people of the past would be appalled at the continued denigradation of our people. It is clear the era of paramountcy of the Party was obviously as terrible an episode to our people as any period under European colonial authority. The mere fact members of the ruling class are, and were members of the struggling class dampened the spirit of militant reaction to repressive measures enacted by the occupants of the highest offices in the land. One wonders when will our people realize and react and over turn conditions that are not in the best interest of the labouring class.
Obviously, politicians are the world's best gangsters. They are great con-artists. They send your babies to kill other people. The cemeteries are filled with the remains of the young. They are mostly less than thirty years of age. However, politicians get richer - and to top it off - declares each other National heroes. They use words and phrases - crying patriotism and threat to national security, national interest, way of life and democracy. Well you ought to be aware of the language of death and destruction by now. For it is parroted by those who benefit from the impacts of war.

Year after year, century after century, millennium after millennium, millions, perhaps billions of people suffer and die because of greed of the ruling class. Yet, militant action is rarely utilized to change the process and the outcome.
Whenever, conscious people expose truth; they are crucified. Christians revere the biblical Jesus Christ.

There were three major violent clashes between Africans and the Portuguese. They were 1848 on the East bank of the Berbice River, February 1856 and March 1889 in Demerara.
There were numerous riots, and strikes on the sugar plantations. The East Indian labourers caught share hell. I am positive; none were celebrating May 5, 1838 as Day of Arrival. The colonial authorities were simply using the threat of death to force the labourers to accept the horrendous conditions of labour. Hundreds of workers were murdered, and injured as results of violent acts perpetuated against them on the orders of police officers. The majority of the lower ranks were Africans, mostly from Barbados. One wonders what the total number of east Indians slaughtered and wounded on the sugar estates between 1869 and 1978 really is.
There were events of ethnic violence between Africans and every group found in Guyana except Chinese. The Native Americans were used to police African slaves. They were also employed in seek and destroy missions against Africans who ran-away from the plantations and established their own communities. Amongst the usual tactics was to burn the rice cultivation of the Africans. I wonder who brought #79 rice to Guiana. I prefer that type of rice. I don't love star bonnet and blue bonnet.

The problems between the Africans and the Portuguese can be easily traced to preferential attitude of the colonial government and the sugar planters. It is beyond my rationale - how people are so indoctrinated into believing the Portuguese in Guyana are not Europeans. Every occasion I look at a map of Europe I observe Portugal in the southern region of the continent. However, most Guyanese copycats the colonials who list the Portuguese separately from Europeans. The problems of 1848 and March 1889 were ignited by confrontation between Portuguese shopkeepers and young Black males. That is certainly a recurring theme in this era, especially on the Atlantic coast of USA. Too many of our young males have fallen victims of over zealous blood thirsty enemies of our people. Peter tosh correctly referred to them as vampires. Today, Arabs for the most part operate small businesses in poor neighborhoods such as 11212, 11216 and others in Brooklyn, New York and elsewhere in New York City. They are quick. They are adept in hurling insults to black males. However, they blatantly flirt with mostly poor black females seeking favors.

Recommended Reading:
Payne, Tommy - 10 Days that shocked the world
Mangru, Basdeo - A history of East Indian resistance
Seecharan, Clem - Bechu
Ramnarine, Tyrone - East Indian Resistence 1869-1978

Social Networking Sites

A number of our people on face book are not linked with me on face book.
I can tell you Venica Sancho the daughter of my beloved uncle Charles Sancho and his wife Auntie Bertha is on face book. She is not listed amongst my friends. That’s her prerogative. I wish she find some time to jump on board. She ought to have a wealth of information concerning our people who departed before I was born and other I don’t recall bonding with, primarily because I was simply too young.
Karen McWilfred my niece, Gillian Sancho, Eton McIntosh, Gregory McIntosh and Margaret Sancho, my First Cousin Once Removed, Lonnetta Sancho, the daughter of Prince Sancho, daughter of Kenneth Joyce, son and daughter of Dr. James Campbell, Daughter of Lloyd Bradshaw, daughter of Asquith Cosbert also have not responded.
I hope our people are communicating with them . . . I hope they are receptive to the information . . . well it comes to a point everything is meaningless.
If you are aware of our relatives on the social networking sites; please point them to my profiles. Also pass onto our people my email address and inform them of the efforts being made to account for our people as accurately as humanly possible.

Good people - I believe you mean well. However, I would love you more and very much so whenever you cease and desists suggesting I become a fan of someone or the other. I am fanatical about the history of the kinships of Bentick, Campbell, Friday, Kissoon, Sancho, and Young. I am fanatical about the authentic history of the working class people of the villages of Nabaclis, Golden Grove, Haslington, Enmore, Cove and John, Victoria, Two Friends, Lancaster, Ann's Grove, Beterverwagting, Sparendaam, and Plaisance. I am fanatical about the history of the Guianese Trained Teachers who were student-teachers at colleges in the colonies of the English Speaking Caribbean basin 1838-1966. I have little interest and/or time for other activities. If it does relate to my interests - please do not shout at me - thank you ever so very much.
I am not into personal relationships. I am appalled. A female surnamed Young would ask me why I contacted her and asked her to be my friend on face book. Well that says it all - our people simply refuse to read. She could not have read my interests which are posted on the profile. Obviously she'd realize the potential of shared heritage.
Similarly a female Sancho did likewise. That was very upsetting - what ethnic groupings have to do with DNA and/or ancestral heritage?

Sagittarius People

Sagittarius people - bless up - big up yourself. It’s our time of the year. In a time like this really special people to me - nephews’ David and Ian and niece Lia - spring to the forefront of my thought process repeatedly. Let me make a few requests; you birthed on December 8 - hit me up. You related, you know, you heard of people of Bentick, Campbell, Friday, Kissoon, Sancho, Sandy, Solomon and young - enlighten me soonest. There is nothing I prefer more to day than chatting, communicating with relatives especially the young people of Sancho. Whenever I chat about Sancho of the past I feel like I am doing what Muriel and her generations did to me and the members of my generation and the following ones.
Again big up yourself my people oneness regardless whoever you are and wherever you are . . . one blood . .

Do you believe organic matter to possess super natural powers?

Do you believe organic matter to possess super natural powers? How about the silk-cotton trees, the obeah men and women, jumbies, jumbie trees, and jumbie birds? Oh! Well, you may not want to sleep alone. Aren’t you afraid of the dark yet? I have heard of two males. They are members of the kinship of Sancho. They were and/or are said to be obeah men. One of them is very much alive. He maybe a resident in Brooklyn, in the city of New York.
I am not really sure who the other person really is. However, he was called Sancho. He died prior to 1872. I wish mother were in the physical realm. She would not be happy at all to be so enlightened. She would cry blood upon me for even thinking such is possible.
Meh luv all una Sancho people, young people, Campbell people - de Young people - bless up - big up yuh chest and hold your head up high . . .

Black Militancy: Cyclical or Thing of the Past

Black Militancy: Cyclical or Thing of the Past
“The concept that the protection of the basic, fundamental human rights of every person transcends local and national law is an earthmoving idea like the abolition of slavery, the phasing-out of colonialism, and the death of Apartheid.”...from Cry of the oppressed by Robert F. Drinan.
“Riot is the language of the unheard” . . . Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

“The greatest slave revolts in the Western Hemisphere, except for the World-shaking revolution in Saint Domingue, took place in Guiana, and Jamaica, during every two years from 1731 to 1823 - that is, from the revolt in Berbice in 1731 to the massive revolt in Demerara in 1823. Berbice exploded, during the 1760's with revolts in 1762, 1763-1764 and 1767. Essequebo in 1731, 1741, and 1744. Demerara two in 1772, 1773, two in 1774-1775 which amounted virtually to full-scale civil war between the Black slaves, and Maroons on one side and the whites and Indians on the other” . . . Eugene D. Genovese, From Rebellion to Revolution, pages 33 and 34.

A few years ago, I accessed Eugene D. Genovese’s text, “From Rebellion to Revolution” in the Central Library of the Brooklyn Public Library system on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn in the city of New York. The content on pages 33 and 34 impressed upon my thought process to seek further sources of data, to explore the possibilities that there were numerous other discovered plots and/or failed revolts. Most of all what is the lesson to be derived from the ancestors in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and how best they could serve our need in the circumstances affecting our people in the present times. However, the most disturbing and/or unsettling thoughts arose. What transpired between 1621 and 1731 in the colonies of Essequebo and Berbice? What happened to Black Militancy between 1835 and 2009? If Genovese’s statement is accurate; if it is to be taken literarily; then there should be at least some 46 known slave revolts in the colonies of Essequebo, Demerara and Berbice between 1731 and 1823. However, historians have not informed the public of so great a number. Regardless of the actual amount of plots and revolts; one fact is irrefutable . . . it is astounding; Black people were oppressed. They responded in militaristic fashion as often as they could arrange such activities. It is clear intelligent people would make efforts to overthrow repressive regimes.

Slavery is as dehumanizing as it is repressive. It is a despotic authority exploiting people for financial gain. It is similar to the machinery of Heads of States and governments and all forms of criminal enterprise which subject people to exploitation, loss of life loss of freedom loss of limbs, for the benefit of a few members of the society - the ruling class.
Again, the misconceptions, which social scientists and commentators’ term stereotype are nothing but hogwash - jargons of sociopaths of ethnic conflicts and social degradation.
It is clear Africans in the colonies of Essequebo, Demerara and Berbice never depended on indentured laborers to voluntarily arrive in the colony of British Guiana, much less to bring them rice, marijuana, opium and their culture. It just does not make any sense. It is highly illogical. It is without merit. What is absolute is that from the days of the arrival of Africans in the colonies to Damon of Essequebo, the Blackman waged a continuous struggle to free themselves of bondage. This fact is undeniable. Every location in the Americas, black people waged wars to be free. They resisted enslavement as best they could. That’s factual. It is irresponsible. It is downright false to promote any thoughts that black People accepted their condition peacefully - that they prefer to suffer peacefully.

The problem is all the revolts were not successful. All the revolutions must be regarded as failures. Haiti is in a mess, today. The nations on the African continent are all catching hell, today. Everywhere upon earth Blackman is catching hell. Why is that the fact of the matter? It is that corruption, and tribalism has handcuffed Black people every where upon the face of the planet. They allow petty man-made differences to imprison our people. They allow Eurocentric ideology to define, and to retard the development of our people everywhere. In fact, you and I are our worst enemies.

Africans managed to win the first strike in the colony of British Guiana. That was possible because the sugar planters did not have a ready supply of labor. Africans lost the second strike less than five years later. The Africans in the colony of British Guiana blamed the presence of East Indians in the colony of British Guiana for this loss. Thus, the relationship between Africans and East Indians in the colony of British Guiana began as distant and rocky during the first decade of East Indians in the colony of British Guiana. This was a deliberate act on the behalf of the Sugar Planters. Why would they want two groups of Black people uniting against them? That would be detrimental to their lifestyle in British Guiana and in Europe. Thus, the fact immigrant labor was available led to a weakening of the Blackman’s ability to maintain their institutions. That also was vital in the reduction of Militancy displayed by Blackman between 1838 and 1964. There were only a few incidents of black militancy in 126 years. Following the political coup in December 1964, Blackman reverted to what could best be described as mouthing of resistance to the Butcher from kitty Village, by way of Black Rock, in Barbados. It is apparent. The majority supported the Fat Boy. They turned blind eyes to his misdeed. However, as more of Black people began to suffer in their communities - especially the rural communities - those who could escape left the country. I am really sure the vast majority were PNC card holders. I agree with Janet Jagan when I realized she noted immigration played a vital role in Burnham’s 17 years of illegal reign of terror upon the Guyanese society. Hoyte’s seven years was too little and too late to address grievances. Moreover, Hoyte’s refusal to acknowledge the assassination of the Most Honorable Dr. Walter Anthony Rodney (1942-1980) was an assignment requested by the PNC and his utterance that the death by misadventure was definite proof Hoyte was also an enemy of black people everywhere as is his predecessor. It appears Black militancy has disappeared completely on the Guyanese Landscape. What was left of it was misused and misguided. The advent of the third PPP administration in 1992 was looked upon as providing the solutions to the problems. However, Cheddi Jagan continued to make errors. Then to top it off died shortly after regaining office. Since the death of Cheddi Jagan the PPP/C has made numerous ridiculous decisions. The rise of criminal enterprise is astounding. It is highlighted by incidents of depraved indifference to life by law enforcement authorities and criminals. The victims are always Black - and members of the underprivileged working class. Race and class are the major contributing factors to the shenanigans of the Guyanese society. Religious differences are also exploited. However ethnic differences are the blankets under which politicians cloak themselves while sucking the blood of our people. The people continue to allow this condition to fester - and the politicians to prosper while they suffer every living day are beyond my simple mind set.
The last 60 years inform me Guyanese aren’t as intelligent as they should be. They are certainly less militant than their preceding generations.
It is troubling when common criminals such as Gajraj, Blackie London, and Rondell Rawlins are considered in some quarters as militant heroes and freedom fighters. It is putrid. Guyana is run by homosexuals. The people support the homosexuals. There is no militancy. There is no open rebellion as they were in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Why is that a fact? You explain that - will you?
I wonder what views Hemraj (Skeldon Line Path Government Secondary School), Derrick Roberts (Golden Grove Government Secondary School), Walter Rodney, Norman Eustace Cameron, John Richard Moore and Jan Carew would make of the points I have expressed.

Recommended Reading:

Genovese, Eugene D. From Rebellion to Revolution: Afro-American Slave Revolts in the Making of the Modern World. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1992. (Other editions: c1979. 1981)
Farley, Rawle [1956] Aspects of the Economic History of British Guiana, 1781-1852: A Study of Economic and Social change on the Southern Caribbean Frontier. PhD Dissertation, University of London, 1956.
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Waddell, D.A.G. [1967] the West Indies and the Guianas (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1967)
Hartsinck, J. J. [1762] the Story of the Great Rebellion in Berbice, 1762. Journal of the British Guiana Museum and Zoo and the Royal agricultural and Commercial Society, NO# 20-27(eight parts; 1958-1960)
Levy, Claude [1959] Barbados: the Last Years of Slavery, 1823-1833. Journal of Negro History XLIV (October 1959) Pages 309-345.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Don’t Forget Your Past

“Good friends we have and good friends we’ve lost along the way in this great future don’t forget your past dry your tears I say” …Robert Nesta Marley (1945-1981) No Woman No Cry.

In recent times, dating back perhaps, the last ten to twenty years, I began hearing of members of the kinship of Sancho being butchers and carrying on the business of operating butcher-shops at the Stabroek Market and in Kitty, on the East Coast of Demerara. Prior, to that period, I was aware, Dumbie being the butcher amongst the people of Sancho. Dumbie is the son of Nelly Mackie. He carried on his business at various buildings, located at the fore corner of the Public Road and the Middle Walk at Nabaclis. I recall Dumbie’s butcher-shops being on the north of the Public Road and on the east and the west of the Middle Walk. I loved being at the slaughterhouse with Dumbie. Numerous Fridays were spent with Dumbie at the slaughterhouse. Also, on the evenings of most Fridays I would venture over to the residence of Nelly Mackie. There I feasted upon the delicacies prepared by Cousin Nelly. I regretted I was never really listening to Cousin Nelly. It seems to me, I protested that I was there for the business of eating and not talking. Whenever I displayed my appetite, most folks were amazed. Their unspoken expressions seem to question - how could someone so skinny and small put away that much food, without being sick?
My memory informs me, on most occasions, I was present, Matthews and Burchell were at the slaughterhouse. Matthews is a grandson of my Uncle. Burchell is a nephew of Dumbie. Thus, he is also a grandson of Cousin Nelly. He remains one of my most favorite people. I am not ashamed to state I miss Burchell even to this very day. I loved walking and chatting with Burchell. I do not remember how many occasions I got very angry at Harold for removing Burchell from my presence at Nabaclis or Cove & John. I remember clearly, the outlandish claims made by Clare Daly. It was reported to her brother and subsequently to her mother that their sister and daughter, was carrying on with Burchell. The mother forced her daughter to make an incredible report at the Police Station at Cove and John. Most incredibly, the mother tore her daughter’s clothing in front of my mother’s residence. Mother and Cousin Belle were eyewitnesses. Clare Daly apologized to us. The unsavory episode really had to adverse effect upon us. As a result of this incident, I had to accept employment. Thus, I enlisted into the Guyana Defence Force. Since, May 26, 1966 I aspired to be a Commissioned Officer, therein. I used to say I was born to be a soldier.
Tonka was also there on several occasions. He was also self-employed. He also sold meat. His wife prepared the delicacies made from animals. I am really sure; Tonka and his wife operated such a business at Victoria Village.

Don’t Forget Your Past?