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Obama Is Not African Messiah by Talal Banambi (Brooklyn) followed by critical analysis by M'lilwana Osanku

"Show me whose bread you eat, and I’ll tell you whose songs you'll sing" . . . Hubert Henry Harrison (1883-1927)

"The politician has to tell lies. He has to say different things to different people. I could never defend politicians. They speak with a forked tongue." .... Rory Westmaas

Obama Is Not African Messiah by Talal Banambi (Brooklyn) followed by critical analysis by M'lilwana Osanku
Hello African Abroad,
I don't understand why my article on Libya which makes lot sense, was not published, everything I wrote was true and important for the people to read but it was shunned, anyway, the reason why I am writing this one is because I don't understand why people treat and think of Barack Obama as if he is a messiah for Africans!!? Just because his father is, an African doesn't mean he is an African hero! Barrack Obama right from the start was not interested in Africa in the first place, he only used his father and Kenya to rally support for his Presidency! Obama, has never lived in Africa for more than a month all his life in America, he called himself an African -American, most of his friends are African Americans and white American.
Obama, is a confused black man who doesn't understand Africa and its problems, and doesn't care! So all you Africans, who think Obama cares about you and is here to fix Africans problems are all dreaming, just like Martin Luther king, your dreams will never come true, Obama doesn't care about you and your African problem!!! Obama only care about African American, whom he views as his brothers and sisters and main ally. To me Obama is a traitor, an uncle torn, a house Negro and a puppet for white America!! Who was selected and elected by his democratic white superiors to run white affairs and to fix white problems?!! So African people wake up and smell the coffee ! Obama is not here to fix Africa, he is only here to fix white America, so get it straight or keep on dreaming like Martin Luther King!.
Source: Banambi, Talal (2011) Obama Is Not African Messiah - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR -African Abroad-USA, June 15 - June 29, 2011: Page 22
"But when the reek of the poison gas propaganda has cleared away and the smoke of the barrage has lifted it will be found that "White Men's Niggers" is a phase that need not be restricted to old-line politicians and editors. Criticism pungent and insistent is due to every man in public life and to every movement which bids for public support. "... Hubert Henry Harrison (1883-1927)
I really do not have much to complaint about respecting the facts stated by Talal Banambi. The only really profound expression given is the apparent failure of the numerous attempts in propagating the theology of cultural black unity amongst the global black Diaspora. The tone of the text exposes facts that even in this the age of information divisionism amongst our people still poses a real, clear and present threats to those of us who advocate total black unity across all forms of man-made boundaries. Programs of social and cultural reformation are obviously absolutely necessary in this epoch.
Also I cannot fathom where the author was going with respect to his expression of Kenyan support for the Obama Candidacy. I cannot imagine what the significance of the allegation Obama Campaign courted Kenyan support to the success of Obama becoming the forty-fourth president of the USA. Such an expression is similar to attempting to turn a mote hill into a mountain. It is a total stretch. It is at best, superficial.
Walter Raleigh in his text Dialogue between a Councillor and a Justice of the Peace. States that evil councillors should be delivered to the people. Raleigh also stated ambitious politicians subverted the monarchical state. He also proposed parliamentary appropriation of taxation and ministerial accountability.
It is my understanding. There are several meanings for the word, messiah in English Language. The word, Messiah is said to be identified with the following;
1.The promised liberator of a nation,
2.One who has been prophesied,
3.A leader,
4.A savior
5.An anointed one.

Does Obama measure up fully to any of those criterions respecting Black America and the Global Black Experience? I cannot comprehend the reasoning behind the advocacy of Obama as a Black messiah. I understand such thinking. I perceive such rhetoric as an affront to black American messiahs such a Sojourner Truth, Harriet Ross Tubman, Dr. Charles Drew, William Still and numerous unsung heroes along the underground railway, the abolitionist, Malcolm X, and the African teachers, Dr. Ben and Dr. John Clarke, Arthur Schomburg, and Marcus Garvey others who struggled for the emancipation of Blacks in the Americas.
It is very unlikely Obama's African ancestors were ever enslaved in the Americas . . . Obama is not in the true sense of the phrasing, an African -American. I am willing to wager the remainder of my life, whatever it is worth, that African ancestors of Obama are not known to be buried in the Americas. They are not known to have been attached to any plantation in the Americas. It is very likely the only cotton and sugar cane any member of Obama's paternal ancestry ever picked and/or cut in the Americas were picked up off shelves of grocery stores in the USA . . .
During the Obama election campaigns I got the impression that the so-called African-Americans, African-Caribbeans, Latino-Americans, Africans, and African-Europeans, the global black experience, and even Asiatic have lifted Obama well clear of all of our champions of the past. I have accessed numerous texts making outrageous claims. I heard numerous African-Americans’ residents dwelling in the Zip Code 11216, and at institutions of higher learning, stating their impressions of the meaning of Obama to them. Well, would you know it the poor people and the immigrant communities are very disappointed in what they have received for their vote and support.
I think and accept, in the first place, poor people and non-European-Americans were not being realistic. No president of the United States of America has ever exercised absolute power. The US President does not dictate change of policy in the USA. The US President does not have the authority similar to that of either dictator or ruler of a dynastic monarchy. Pharaohs of Kemet (ancient Egypt) claimed to be God on earth, and whatever they wished were commanded and executed in the "land of the Gods.”
Henry Tudor (Henry the eight) of England (June 28, 1491 - January 28, 1547) wielded more freedom of action than Obama and all of the 44 US Presidents combined. Henry the eight ruled for about thirty-eight years. He was king of England from April 22, 1509 to January 28, 1547. Henry the eight acted as his heart desired. He chopped off the heads of Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, Sir Thomas More, and others. After he severed the necks of people’s he once loved, He acted as if he were suffering from either withdrawal syndrome or remorse. Henry Tudor the eight, did not refrain from severing the necks of those who opposed his desires. Yet, Henry the eight has remained very popular amongst his subjects. He is admired, even to this day. The people occupying the seats as decision makers were all self serving. They were also preoccupied with keeping their heads.
Even Chaka the Zulu Warrior King enjoyed more autonomy than Obama. Chaka had more authority over the Zulu nation any US President ever will over the American people. There are institutions of Government which are in place to prevent any man achieving absolute power in the USA. Every piece of legislature has to survive numerous institutions before that item become as American as apple pie. Obama cannot even make his aunt an American citizen. His aunt is labeled an illegal immigrant. She is a resident in the city of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts. Then, how upon this earth, can anyone justify their grievances against Obama is beyond my simple mind-set? He can only do what he was selected, and instructed to do. That's the bottom line. That is the exact nature of the matter at hand. It is the reality of the situation.
Obama is a symbolic figure. He is a politician. He is not a messiah. He is certainly not a messiah of Black people. I believe and accept Malcolm X was the last Messiah of Black people in the USA. I am not at all sure messiahs are generational phenomenons. I am not convinced a Messiah of Black people has appeared during the last forty-six years in the USA. Al Sharpton is the closest.
The simple and realistic conclusion is clear Obama is a politician. He does not advocate the issues facing Black America. It must be accepted politicians are adept at telling lies. Politicians have a history of saying different things to different people, in the interest of attaining their vote and/or support. I do not know why people, and most especially poor people defend politicians. I cannot understand why people kill others to advance the aims and ambitions of politicians. The politicians for whom you kill others become iconic figures, principally national heroes. Their foot soldiers remain for the most part poor and unknown. The politicians speak with forked tongues. I think that really means personal gain special interests and others hand over to politicians. Often political careers begin with the politicians being very poor and when their careers are over most have accumulated wealth beyond their wildest dreams. This is obviously most evident in the developing nations but is also commonplace in the USA and the developed nations of the western world.
I think Oprah Winfrey provides a great analogy for Obama. Oprah is obviously black. However, her enterprise is not constructed upon a black audience. If it were, she would not be a billionaire. Certainly, her show would not have survived and/or be as successful as it is for so long. Have you witnessed underprivileged working class people featured on Oprah Winfrey's Show regularly? I am positive. It is a very simplistic task to account for all of the Black people featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. They are all are well known. Most are in the entertainment industry, politicians, authors, and academics. Oprah does not advocate the issues which have and are handcuffing African-Americans, and/or the Global Black Experience. She may have occasionally give lip service to passing events. That’s about the size of it.
I think Oprah Winfrey is a person most Americans would support and elect as president of the USA. Did you get it?

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measure of our people

"Every onlooker is either a Coward or a Traitor" - Frantz Fanon

Is a man who deceives his neighbor and says, "I was only joking?" Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down. As charcoal to embers and as wood to fire, so is a quarrelsome man for kindling strife. The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man's inmost parts. A malicious man disguises himself with his lips, but in his heart he harbors deceit. A lying tongue hates those it hurts, and a flattering mouth works ruin. New International Version Proverbs Chapter 26: 19-22, 24, 28

In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness. And you say, if we had lived in the days of our forefathers, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets. So you testify against yourselves that you are descendants of those who murdered the prophets. Fill up, then, the measure of the sin of your forefathers! . Matthew Chapter 23: 28, 30-32

Greetings in the name and in the spirit of Muriel Sancho, Alexander Sancho, Rachael (Campbell) Sancho, Lambert Tuckness Sancho, Josephine P. Young, Bentick Sancho, and Mary (Sumner?) Sancho
Sixty -seven years ago, Alexander Sancho, and his children and numerous members of the people of Sancho and Campbell were mourning the passing of Rachael Sancho which occurred on Saturday, June 24, 1944. In this age, I am mourning the passing of an era. I am referring to accepting the fact, that my impressions of our people of the past are not shared even by their own children. If they were the grandchildren of Rachael and Alexander Sancho would not stand silent as ridicule is heaped against us.
The instant my eyes were opened I saw three humans. I was made to understand. They are my mother, Muriel Sancho (1914-1990), her sister my aunt Inez (1912 -2003) and their uncle's daughter, Muriel Sancho (1912-2006). That was the beginning of my love affair with Sancho as an independent living orgasms. I must admit began my sojourn with apprehension, and eagerness to comprehend the relevance of my maternal heritage to my sojourn. I learnt to acquire and accept my mother's people, unconditionally. I understood and identified myself as a Blackman first and a Sancho second. All other considerations were minute in scope. I realized, simply because I am the son of Muriel members of her generation treated me in similar fashion as the fruit of their own wombs. Thus, Sheila Sharper and her sisters, and Rashleigh Sharper, and numerous other members of the kinship of Sancho impressed upon me that Unconditional love for Sancho is the least I can do.
However, today, and based on the revelations were identified, beginning about November 15, 2011, my love for Sancho has been tested, repeatedly. I can assure, that, I am not as fond of Sancho treading creation today as I am of Sancho of the past. In fact, I wonder who is next to break my heart. I have come to accept and to associate deceit and hypocrisy as apt descriptions for several members of my generation who in the days of my youth I held in great esteem. Respect once lost is never regained. And whenever I perceive my mother, and her siblings, and first cousins are questioned, much less denigrated. Had I met, and/or had I known that jealousy and envy infested their hearts and minds, I would have done what I should have done a long time ago. Ignorance is no excuse. I believe in the philosophy of scorched earth. Therefore, I pray for fire to burn them all. Am I not born under the fire sign?
My indoctrination as Sancho perhaps, began with my introduction to nourishment found within my mother's breasts. It was completed on the East Coast of Demerara, particularly in the Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District. I was instructed. I am to defend Sancho at all costs. I still believe and accept, to this very day, that, Sancho is the primary reason for my existence. It is my solemn duty as a living being to advocate, defend, and promote the issues which are in the best interest of the people of Sancho. I still fondly recall Mona Roxanne Sancho (Uncle Ossie's daughter) whipping members of a Simon family on the steps of Golden Grove Methodist Church in April 1966. The Simon’s siblings had administered physical and verbal abuse upon my being. I had loved Baby Sancho, perhaps, from the moment I set afoot in my uncle's residence. But, from the moment she represented and stood by me in public, I placed no other female of our generation above her. Thus, I am deeply offended whenever people (relatives and/or associates) enlighten me that the wish any Sancho disposition and/or physical harm, and most especially descendants of Oswald Alexander Sancho, and our parents’ Rachael and Alexander Sancho. I find such thoughts and expressions most revolting. I have had more than enough of that. In fact, too much - enough no more - I cannot tolerate any more of it . . . And that's not what I want to recall as I approach the ending of my sojourn . . .
I do hereby humbly state I wish those of you who will present yourself at the various events relative to the gathering of Sancho to be staged, during the first few days of July 2011 in the capital of the USA and it's vicinity, a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.
I must repeat myself as often as humanly possible - irrespective of people listening or not. I am against the Fothergill, William and Frederick nonsense. It may very well be possible but I doubt it, very much. I take offense to anyone labeling my ancestors, maternal ancestors as deceitful beings, even to their own children and grand children. Do you really understand the magnitude and the origins of such a thought process? I looked through the annals of accepted history of mankind - I have not found one instance of such a claim even amongst the most reprehensible beings known to inhibit the earth at this late date . . . am I then to accept that my ancestor, Bentick Sancho is a man of so unsavory character, that he would conspire with two or three others to deceive even his own representatives on creation . . . certainly, I will not regardless of the remote possibility. Am I to accept those who maliciously dishonor, discredit, deceive and steal property from the estate of Muriel Sancho (1914-1990)? Certainly, I will not cost it what it may. I am saying blast them all and let the chips’ fall where they may . . .
I am also simply saying to those who may very well be interested that I will not be present amongst the gathering of the people of Sancho and their associates in the Washington, D.C. area.
Here are a few of my reasons for dissent. I am not concerned whether you find them satisfactory or persuasive. I do not think I will ever be found at a major gathering of the people. I wear my emotions on my face. I am afraid my eyes won't allow my smiling face to pretend that I am not distraught and traumatized by the revelations which have been made known to me since the middle of November 2010. I have become far too bitter and far too angry to separate a friend from a foe. Muriel Sancho, the very being who stamped me Sancho, and three of our known ancestors, Alexander Sancho, Lammy Tuckness Sancho, and Bentick Sancho, have also been under attack and vilified. That’s not the sort of atmosphere. I would be comfortable therein without thinking and questioning my loyalties. In such a setting I am likely to explode. I really don't ever want to leave such an impress upon the minds of future generations of the people of Sancho. I love Muriel and her siblings, and their first cousins far too much to ever dare to hurt Sancho in such a manner which may be passed down to future generations.
I remain cognizant that Sancho is a microcosm of the African experience during the last six hundred years. Therefore, as found in every society in the human experience there will be found conspirators aiming to discredit our people. European academics have been at that practice for centuries. Is it not said that Judas sold Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver? Then, who be Sancho, that there would not be traitors and evil beings amongst us who are really selfish beings intent on self-promotion at the expense of the major iconic figures of the people of Sancho . . . those people are the ones found at the various gatherings of Sancho during the immediate past three decades. Two questions I would love answered are; what have the gatherings of Sancho achieved from its inception to this forth coming events? State valid reasons why such events should not be abandoned and discredited, and terminated and/or at least suspended until some clear and concrete vision promoting the interests of future generations of our people is put in place?
I remain a staunch defender and lover of Muriel Sancho, and her ten siblings, their immediate relatives, and numerous cousins. I remain completely outraged by the published slander, the malicious and blatant lies found in print credited to Kenneth Joyce Robertson claiming and/or expressing Bentick Sancho was a deceitful man and that he conspired with Tuckness Sancho and John Sancho to deceive the generations of Sancho birthed after them. I cannot with a sound mind be found in the midst of such ridicule heaped upon Sancho. I cannot go for that. Unless, I intend to experience my last breath.
There are also other hypocrites likely to be present whom I have no intention and certainly no desire to ever be found in their presence -and when the day I die dawns not over my dead body . . . the last is intended for grand children of Alexander and Rachael Sancho, in whose parents’ residences I slept therein the most. They disgust me - how could they do that to Muriel, Alexander, Rachael and I? The burden of being an indoctrinated Sancho is very heavy indeed . . . I wondered during this last nine months did Muriel do me an injustice and that I need to reprogram my computer - my brain . . . After all Sancho is indeed human - and as such has done what humans have done for millions of years and will do as such until humans no longer exist. There it is . . .
Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice, and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. 1 Peter Chapter 2:1.
You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. Matthew 7:5

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Malcolm X - A Life of Reinvention - A Review

On the afternoon of Friday, June 10, 2011 I finally accessed Manning Marable’s publication; Malcolm X - A life of Reinvention. I was through reading the book by 12:30 A.M. Monday, June 13, 2011. I loved the fact that Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Malcolm X is considered spiritual kinfolk. In fact, I am taken aback that there is only one photograph showing Malcolm X with a freedom fighter. It’s the image of Muhammad Babu. There are no photographs displaying the images of Malcolm X and Che Guevara and other known freedom fighters in the publication. The vast majority of the Heads of States in Africa in that era were freedom fighters.
I would love to have been afforded the opportunity to solicit responses from Manning Marable and James 67X Warden on the following questions. Why are Jan Carew and Yosef Ben Jochannan not mentioned in the text? I am very sure Jan Carew and Malcolm X met in Great Britain. It was the Oxford Union debate at Oxford University. Ghosts in our blood: with Malcolm X in Africa, England, and the Caribbean by Jan Carew was influenced by his bonding with Malcolm X in the UK.
I heard it said Dr. Ben and Malcolm X were very close. Also Dr. Ben was one of the people who buried the body of Malcolm X. It is conceivable that both Dr. Ben and Dr. John Henrik Clarke were confidants of Malcolm X and participated in preparing him for numerous lectures and debates and organizing MMI and OAAU.
What are his perceptions of the WPA, Eusi Kwayana, Walter Rodney, Forbes Burnham and the PNC? Did he recognize similarities and differences between Malcolm X and Eusi Kwayana and Malcolm X and Walter Rodney? What did he conclude is the best solution to the problems facing Africans in the Guyanese experience? What are the Similarities between Africans in the Guyanese and African-Americans in the USA? How was his stay in Guyana? Had I know he was in the country I would have most certainly treated him to Sancho hospitality as perpetuated in the rural communities in Guyana in that period. How cruel could my fate be to me?

The content of the text addresses a number of questions I had entertained and/or pondered since claiming Malcolm X as one of my heroes. In the final analysis of the text simply neither persuades nor satisfies. It is inconclusive.
The researchers’ credentials are not in question. If one expected Malcolm X throughout his almost forty years on this planet to be similar to biblical characters such as Joseph, or Job, or John the Baptist and/or others - you need to come back down to earth. A number of people love to focus on the sexuality of heroes, icons and /or just other people. In this, the age of information, it is disturbing to me whenever one realizes people continue to be interested in rumors of sexual nature. The exploitation of sexual content and/or activities seems to be the major sales pitch. Small wonder our younger people walk around in western world exposing their under garments. What is worst - is a wide cross section of the society seems to admire and/or consider such behavior acceptable? I for one am not concerned about the choices Malcolm X made before he was awoken. I fully expect whenever a person is dumb, deaf, and blind that a person is likely to attempt to do whatever they think would acquire their means to an end. And for that matter I am not interested in accessing texts purporting to expose the sexual mind set of human beings. In simple words I do not see Malcolm X and/or Dr. Betty as symbols of human sexuality. They are not entertainers. They are simply iconic figures. They are freedom fighters. They are champions of self-emancipation. I am not interested in the sexual content surrounding Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and/or any one of the other outrageously beautiful females out there in the public eye. Why would I be interested in the sexuality and/or the rumors of sexual exploits of Dr. Betty and Malcolm X.? I fully expect them to do as humans do . . . I do not know about any other man . . . I speak for myself - and thus, I am saying it’s impossible for them to not behave as human beings have done for millenniums on this earth.
What concerns me is that the main questions surrounding Malcolm X have not been answered. Manning Marable knew it, too. The two primary questions are; who killed Malcolm X? Why was Malcolm X assassinated? The main actors in this sordid episode in black life and culture which resulted in his death are - the executive officers of the Nation of Islam - John Ali, Raymond Sharrieff, Ethel Sharrieff, Elijah Muhammad, Herbert Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad Jr., Louis Farrakhan, and a number of underlings including officials of numerous mosques around the USA and tough guys such as Benjamin Thomas, Leon Davis, Talmadge Hayer, Willie Bradley, Wilbur McKinley, Thomas Johnson and Norman Butler, and others who possess the physical appearance of deeply melanin dominant people of earth. Then there is also the role of US Government - at the city, state and federal and the usage of such agencies as New York Police Department, FBI and CIA.

The best thing about the text is that it offers enough fragments of evidence of surrounding relative to the events which resulted in the murder of Malcolm X, to warrant a Congressional Investigation and/or an international Truth and Rights Commission of Inquiry.
The author stated Thomas Johnson was once very close to Malcolm X. he was a driver running errands including shopping for groceries and returning with the groceries to Malcolm X's residence. Yet, Thomas Johnson participated in two attempts to execute Malcolm X in Philadelphia. Is not attempted murder considered a criminal offence in the USA? Thus, whether or not Thomas Johnson participated in the sordid event in the Audubon on February 21, 1965 - he was willing to do so. I for one see his sentence as meriting that of attempted murder.
What I found most unacceptable is the understanding that members of the Nation of Islam were physically and verbally abused by their comrades within the Nation of Islam whenever they accused and/or proven to have committed any violation. I cannot fathom either joining and/or staying amongst people who abuse me and/or others regardless of what. They accuse me of violating. Being thrown down a flight of stairs simply because you smoked, a cigarette is totally incomprehensive. What were they thinking? That’s black on black criminal behavior. It was man's inhumanity to man. How could anyone endorse such misconduct?