Saturday, January 31, 2015

Praying never stopped enemies from preying upon melanin dominant peoples of earth in any millennium in this human experience.

Are you kidding me? Praying is indoctrination. What has praying ever accomplished? While you are praying bankers continue to prey upon you as they have do with prior generation and will do with succeeding generations. If you love your children why don’t make every effort to free them from slavery they are born into.
Praying never stopped enemies from preying upon melanin dominant peoples of earth in any millennium in this human experience. It never will. Black people needs to drop all habits they adopted from Europeans and or the ruling classes of our society.
Instead of praying become proactive, period. No god has ever rescued anyone from any given situation throughout the history of man. Moreover man probably never prayed until the Ice Age some twelve millenniums, ago. When man prayed and worshiped back then be did so to serpents and other animals.  This is exactly the period humans began eating carcasses of other animals.
Also, our people, melanin dominant peoples of earth need to stop with icon worshiping. Our people need to be addressing real issues handcuffing billions of people. I am referring, especially to our enslavement by the architects of paper money supply and paper money currency.
Our people need to be discussing tangible measures whereby our people can begin to free themselves from the clutches of economic slavery. Who can our people be freed from the bankers and their puppets preying upon us in all phases of life? That’s what ought to concern our people. That’s the current struggle.  our people need to be made aware of and committed to eradicating enslaved  debts, bills, mortgages, taxes,  loans, time is past due for open rebellion against the system of paper money supply and currency.
What is economic empowerment? If you are using paper money currency you are not empowering your people. You are simply contributing to our enslavement. Bankers make the money. The bankers can’t lose if you continue to sell you labour for their paper money currency. Be real. This phase of our enslavement is worse than perpetual physical slavery for most people don’t understand the dynamics of their enslavement. They think they are free persons. How dumb can you be in this age of access to information? Way back in the late 1960s Marvin Gaye declared he was enslaved and trapped by the controlling interests – the elitist classes. Swamp Dogg crooned about the system. Curtis Mayfield added his views. Prince made it clear he was enslaved. Why can’t you see the light of day? Why do you refuse to enlighten yourself?  The need is to focus on addressing and correcting the programing our people receive from and/or by all sorts of media. I hope you get. I hope you can handle truth, and reality and living mathematics.