Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Disappointed and Disillusioned not Shocked

“Let the truth condemn whomever truth would condemn.” … Minister Louis Farrakhan

I possess every intention of paying the utmost attention to the legal ramifications of the fallout in the aftermath of the Manning Marable publication, “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention.” I would pay rapt attention closer than I ever did follow the exploits of Rohan Kanhai and Roy Fredericks in cricketing arenas in the British Commonwealth, 1954-1977. I admit I made scrapbooks with clippings of items taken from the newspapers circulated in the colony of British Guiana (Guyana) during the careers of those two illustrious batsmen. They are practically loved ones, members of my family unit to me. Mother would only pay attention to cricket whenever Rohan was batting. I offered Cricket begun and ended with their careers.
Malcolm X was assassinated forty-six years ago. The researcher applied himself for more than twenty years at the task. He is highly recommended and respected. However, I am of the opinion. Marable’s biography is likely to reopen wounds. Certainly, the publication will not provide closer for persons intimately connected to the principal character. In fact, it has opened fresh wounds.
It is my understanding Ilyasah Shabazz and Malaak Shabazz; two of six daughters of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz have begun voicing their thoughts of outrage against content found in the publication. The old adage sex sells remains quite true in perhaps all societies on earth even in this the age of information. What was the intention of Dr. Manning Marable? Did he deliberately add content of a sexual nature simply to ensure the venture was profitable? Did Marable allude to sexual improprieties on the behalf of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz out of malice? Was it a malicious effort to reduce Malcolm X and Dr. Betty to racial stereotypes? Can the claims of sexual malpractice be proven unfounded at this late date? Would not that be slander? Can children of dead parents, file, prove and win a law suit for slander on the behalf of their parents and/or the estate thereof in the State of New York and the other states in the USA? If, that is possible - How could the Shabazz family proceed in a Court of Law? Who is liable? Is the Estate of the Author Manning Marable, liable? Is the publisher, Viking, and Penguin liable?
I find that Marable should not have allowed unproven material in the publication. I am referring to the alleged sexual encounter between Malcolm and a white male and Betty Shabazz and Charles Kenyatta and Malcolm and unnamed females. Unless the white male and the unnamed females produce positive proof of the alleged encounters, people should regard this as gossip, and sleaze. That ought not to be associated with a respected researcher. Regarding the alleged Betty Shabazz and Charles Kenyatta affair, this too should be put to rest without authentic proof. There was no need to attempt to heap ridicule and scorn upon two of the most respected icons, easily the most outstanding male-female pairing in Global Black Experience. I find it reprehensible. That Marable would choose of his own free will to add further pain and suffering to the Shabazz family as if they have not endured more than enough pain during the last forty six years. It seems to me Marable acted in a most irresponsible way. I believe he focussed on profits over people. His effort must be classified as sensationalism and thus capitalistic. He perpetuated an attack against the integrity of the characters of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz. By, so doing, Dr. Marable has thrown blows against conscious black people, everywhere, for posterity. I am really, disappointed but not at all shocked by the assault Manning Marable delivered. I am disillusioned with the actions and thought processes as expressed by numerous professionals. I am referring to those trained and accepted in academic institutions of the western society. After all, why can not all of the academic professional aspire to be like Walter Rodney, George G. M. James, Ivan Van Sertima, Jan Carew, Edward Scobie, John Jackson, Yosef Ben Jochannan, and John Hendrik Clarke? Certainly, Malcolm X had a name for people like Dr. Marable. He referred to them prominently in his speeches. Simply said, I lost all admiration and respect I had entertained for Manning Marable. That’s my appreciation of the legacy of Manning Marable.
My heart bleeds for this family. I possess great love for the members of the Shabazz family. I grew up paying great attention to material respecting them as much as I could wherever I resided.
Perhaps, it is as good a time as any for the Shabazz sisters to visit their relatives. I am referring to the descendants and relatives of Jupiter and Mary Jane Langdon in La Digue, Grenada, British West Indies. Malcolm X never made it to Grenada. What’s preventing his daughters from visiting Grenada and West Africa is beyond my simple understanding?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ignorance Leads to Re-enslavement

Mr. Rascal Neggah man, I hereby ask it I require of you to cease and desist with your program of antagonizing me. You have gone much too far for me. I cannot stomach your blatant lies, fraudulent and deceitful agenda and methodology. Regardless of whom you think and/or claim to be you shall always be perceived to stand behind Sancho.
I am saying openly do not attempt to contact me ever again. I consider such acts stalking. Hating you and your ways is very easy for me to do. I do not intend to be further aggrieved by your kind of malicious and vicious people who seem to infect the kinship of Sancho in every generation. You never fooled me one bit. I was warned. The older ones Joe Hughes, Leebert Sancho, Cecil Morris, Brenda Abrams, and Felix Bastiani and others but I was still surprised by the extent of your malice. I am taken aback aggrieved and perturbed by your agenda and vendetta against my mother, Alexander Sancho, and myself. Some folks think the know it all but do they really know any relevant thing at all? Consequently, I placed distance between myself and those I never understood their attitude towards those I love unconditionally – the people of the past. How could a Sancho sell Sancho? Isn’t that the way of the capitalists white people who enslaved Sancho all those centuries ago?

Do you have reasons to be confident that change is at hand?

Why do you trust the politicians and their politics? Why do you vote in their elections? What do you benefit from your support for the politicians and their old boys club and network? I dare you to show me what you have benefitted in the last 58 years in the colony of British Guiana and the nation known as Guyana, 1953-2011? What was the state of the affairs of the people and their communities as of October 1953? What are the conditions of the people and their communities in 2011? Has condition of life drastically improved from 1953 to 2011 as compared with the developed nations in those time frames?
Do you see any reason to smile about? Do you think the majority of the Guyanese people more than seventy percent of the populace possess reasons to smile about reasons to be confident that change is at hand?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Amazing Grace: The Story of John Newton by Al Rogers.

Amazing Grace: The Story of John Newton by Al Rogers.

This article is reprinted from the July-August 1996 issue of Away Here in Texas.

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound..." So begins one of the most beloved hymns of all times, a staple in the hymnals of many denominations, New Britain or "45 on the top" in Sacred Harp. The author of the words was John Newton, the self-proclaimed wretch who once was lost but then was found, saved by amazing grace.
Newton was born in London July 24, 1725, the son of a commander of a merchant ship which sailed the Mediterranean. When John was eleven, he went to sea with his father and made six voyages with him before the elder Newton retired. In 1744 John was impressed into service on a man-of-war, the H. M. S. Harwich. Finding conditions on board intolerable, he deserted but was soon recaptured and publicly flogged and demoted from midshipman to common seaman.
Finally at his own request he was exchanged into service on a slave ship, which took him to the coast of Sierra Leone. He then became the servant of a slave trader and was brutally abused. Early in 1748 he was rescued by a sea captain who had known John's father. John Newton ultimately became captain of his own ship, one which plied the slave trade.

Church Apologises For Slave Trade Thursday, February 09, 2006
LONDON: The Church of England has voted to apologise to the descendents of victims of the slave trade. An amendment recognising the damage done to those enslaved was backed overwhelmingly by the General Synod.
Debating the motion, Rev Simon Bessant, from Pleckgate, Blackburn, described the Church’s involvement in the trade, saying: We were at the heart of it.
The amendment was supported by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Archbishop of York John Sentamu. Dr Williams said the apology was necessary
He said: The body of Christ is not just a body that exists at any one time, it exists across history and we therefore share the shame and the sinfulness of our predecessors and part of what we can do, with them and for them in the body of Christ, is prayer for acknowledgement of the failure that is part of us not just of some distant them

During an emotional meeting of the Church’s governing body in London, Rev Blessant explained the involvement of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts in the slave trade. The organisation owned the Codrington Plantation in Barbados, where slaves had the word society branded on their backs with a red-hot iron, he said,
We were directly responsible for what happened, Rev Simon Bessant. He added that when the emancipation of slaves took place in 1833, compensation was paid not to the slaves but to their owners. In one case, he said the Bishop of Exeter and three colleagues were paid nearly 13,000 in compensation for 665 slaves.
He said: We were directly responsible for what happened. In the sense of inheriting our history, we can say we owned slaves, we branded slaves, that is why I believe we must actually recognise our history and offer an apology. The synod passed a motion acknowledging the dehumanizing and shameful consequences of slavery.
It comes ahead of commemorations of the 200th anniversary of the Slave Trade Act of 1807, which will be marked next year. The debate heard from descendants of the slave trade including the Rev Nezlin Sterling, of Ealing, west London, who represents black churches. She told the synod that commemorations of the 200th anniversary would revive painful issues and memories for descendants.
The apology comes after Dr Williams was criticised in November for saying that missionaries sinned by imposing hymns ancient and modern on places such as Africa.

I am not surprised. After hearing and reading about John Smith and his role in the Demerara rebellion of August 1823. I was convinced the missionaries were a hindrance to freedom. Their efforts pacified the slaves. Their teaching of leaving judgment up to God made Black people hesitant, to strike blows the effort to attain their freedom. I could not envision a white man being on the side of the Blackman living in the colonies. That simply does not hold water. The missionaries were just like the House Nigger enemies of the people of African origins.
I now wonder what will be revealed concerning British Guiana. The acts of the London Missionary Society, Methodist Missions, the Anglican, and Catholic churches, the entire Christian indoctrination which has poisoned the minds of black people against their own social sciences. Religious and/or belief systems which were put in place many thousands of years before Europeans happened upon our ancestral homeland with their bible in one hand and the gun in the other, is looked upon with disgust even though afro centric teachers are trying to combat ignorance I believe Malcolm X was absolutely correct when he pointed out the worst thing Europeans did to black people is he taught the black man to hate himself. Combating self-hatred is a most difficult proposition, but it must be successfully accomplished if black people and Africa is to rise again as the dominant force on earth.
Thus, soon there after, Africans begun to see ourselves as the Europeans were comfortable with ; slaves, subservient, negroes, nigger, coloured, Creole, Guyanese, west Indians, Caribbean people, any geographical identification, instead of what any mirror reveals a black man. The whip lash of terrorists brought with it, pain and suffering, death, and destruction, for the black man. The charismatic Water Rodney termed it the underdevelopment of Africa. Indeed peoples of African origins are not allowed to recover. The holocaust continues.
Who knows what acts against black people the founders of the ministry of the Church you attend committed. In fact, many Africans in western societies, still sing the songs of slave catcher; John Newton, including the ever popular Amazing Grace If you did not know now you know. Always endeavor to obtain a comprehensive measure of understanding of whatever you are getting into, before you get involved, you may not like it after you are into to it.

In fact, they seemed to be given prime locations in the villages. Look where they are located in Golden Grove village, on the East Coast of Demerara. I wondered who influenced my heroes, the forty-eight (48) shareholders of Golden Grove, including; my forefather; Bentick Sancho, Tuckness Sancho, Sam Sarrabo, Frank Seaforth, Blackwell Simon, James Simon, James Smith, Stewart Smith, Benjamin Solomon, John Sumner, Sambo Sumner, Duke Cato, Diamond Chester, Rowland Chester, Charles Christmas, Sampson Collins, Ben Conwright, Sophy David, Quammy David, Sam Dick, Frederick Hope, George Jack, Cheesewright Josiah, Quashey Luke, and Margaret McArthur, to give to the Methodist such an outstanding location. Could they not have foreseen such would very valuable for commercial real estate? The church should have been some where over the line. That would have encouraged development in that region of the village. The northern portion could have been industrialize. In fact, I read an article printed in the daily chronicle talk about an industrial area in Golden Grove. Well, I can not figure where they were talking about.
I would love to still be alive with my faculties intact so that I can run my mouth when it is revealed that John Smith and John Wray and those missionaries were enemies of the people. What will the Black people in Guyana do then? Will they rename the churches? Will they destroy the monuments they constructed in their honour? Lord have mercy upon my people and bring upon our enemies your full wrath especially upon those who have led your people astray - forgive them not. They have sinned against thee and your creation - peace. The struggle continues.

Eternal Blessings, Love, Peace, Power & Unity
M'lilwana Osanku - Sancho of Nabaclis.
Researching - Sancho, Campbell, Young (Younge), Solomon, Ross & Martin - Families of Guyana.
History of Golden Grove and Nabaclis Village District, East Sea Coast Demerara, Guyana.