Friday, June 13, 2014

Remembering Brother Wally, Dr. Walter Anthony Rodney (1942-1980) The Dashiki Revolutionary

Remembering Brother Wally - The Dashiki Revolutionary
The Most Honourable, Dr. Walter Anthony Rodney (1942-1980), was most a hero of the Guyanese underprivileged working class peoples. Dr. Rodney was an outstanding academic. His scholarship was revolutionary. Dr. Rodney’s expressions are etched in the consciousness of the people. He certainly influenced and impressed numerous persons during the later period of his life, 1968-1980.
In the aftermath of his assassination at the hands of and /or by agents under the command of Forbes Burnham and his PNC regime, Dr. Rodney became a martyr.  In the eyes and minds of those who believe in freedom and the greatest good of man in the human experience, a national hero. In some circles, it is felt, the assassination of Dr. Rodney was a requirement exhibiting a symbol of his gratitude to the US Government for their role in his rise to the office of head of state of Guyana. Perhaps, also a sign of commitment that he does not intend to ruffle the feathers of the US Government. In simple wording, there were, it seems, external forces and influences at work, resulting in the transition of The Dashiki Revolutionary.
Ultimately, Guyana is simply too small a political stage for two personalities such as Rodney and Burnham. One had to go. Unfortunately, Brother Wally was forcibly removed. The death of Walter Rodney especially under those circumstances was tragic. Indeed, Brother Wally is great loss to the people of Guyana.  The loss of his consciousness, his scholarship, his agitations on the behalf of the working class people are missed even during this period, some thirty four years after his most untimely death.
Currently, there is a PPP sponsored Commission of Inquiry into the assassination of Walter Rodney on Friday, June 13, 1980. Perhaps, the Commission of Inquiry is functioning on this day, Friday, June 13, 2014. I am sure the Whitney Smith creation, symbol of neo-colonialism the golden arrow-head has never flown at half-mast to honor Dr. Walter Rodney. I suppose unless and/or until the WPA holds office it never will. What is obvious is this effort is politically motivated. The PPP seeks to blame the PNC solely for the death of Walter Rodney. Wow it took the PPP twenty two (22) years in power to make this effort a reality.  Why would you think the PPP gives a damned thing respecting the interests of Africans in the Guyanese experience? The PPP never did. The PPP never will.   I am cognizant Walter Rodney would label this effort a travesty. A cheap political event, motivated as a distraction, a blatant disregard for the people of Guyana. The best thing about this commission is the appearance and statements of the Most Honorable Eusi Kwayana, made therein. Kwayana’s presence gives the commission an air of legitimacy.
Personally, I would love to be enlighten regarding when Dr. Cheddi Jagan knew of the plot to assassinate Dr. Walter Rodney? I know it is a legitimate question, for history shows Jagan approached Burnham in an effort to minimize Peter D’Aguiar and the united Force.  Also, on Thursday, June 11, 1964, Arthur Abrahams and seven of his immediate relatives perished in a fire at their lot 99 Hadfield Street, residence. The front page headline of the Daily Chronicle newspaper issued for Saturday, June 13, 1964, screamed, “Police Detain Three in Abrahams’ Disaster - Early Tip Leads To Freedom House”. Several PPP folks were questioned. It was believed in numerous circles, Janet Jagan was the orchestrator of the actions which resulted in the loss of lives of eight members of the Abrahams family. The treatment of Balram Singh Rai is another exhibition of cooperation between Jagan and Burnham exposing their narrow-mindedness against a common foe. I am sure, Balram Singh Rai has not received parliamentary pension from any of the governments of Guyana. That’s all you need to know to understand there were and/or are cooperation between the politicians of PPP and the PNC against perceived threats, period.

I beat my own drum. I march to my own drum beat. It’s the talking drums of the Mandinka people…A Luta Continua.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Africans in the Diaspora Need to Support Reparatory Justice on all Fronts, period.

If you are a so-called African – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you are identified as an African-American – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you are a so-called African in the Americas – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you are a so-called African in Europe – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you are a so-called African in ‘Africa’ – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you identify yourself as African wherever you reside – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you speak European languages, attired in European Clothing and subscribe to European sociology - you need to support reparatory justice...
If you do not own the means of production – you are an employee – you need to support reparatory justice.
If you do not own the building in which your rest yourself - you need to support reparatory justice.
If you do not own the real estate in which you frequent daily - you need to support reparatory justice.
Certainly there is no excuse, reparatory justice must be at the apex of your communications, conversation, discourse, discussions, sermon and what have you… You need to become enlightened. You need to get involved. It is the masses who determines the successes and failures of every effort. Reparatory justice depends on mass support. No enemy bows to any demand without overwhelming circumstances which permeates from the strength of the demand. Power concedes noting without facing struggle.  The technocrats, politicians, academics and scholars and other iconic figures will be at the forefront of the struggle. However, the success of the demand for reparatory justice must be a demonstration of the Masses in Action beyond borders, period. Long Live Peoples’ Power… A Luta Continua.