Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Africans who identify themselves as Christians, Muslims and Jews are out of their right minds

The people referred to as Africans are neither Jews nor Jewish.  The so-called  Africans are Hebrews, Dravidians, Naga, Muurs (Moors),  Mande, Kushities and so on. Jews and Jewish peoples are Caucasians. During the first half of the eighth century, the  Khazarian Ashkenazi misappropriated Hebrew cultural traditions . Perhaps around 732 C.E., the ruling warrior class of Ashkenazi in Khazaria converted to Hebrew cultural religious tradition. The Khazarian ruling class previously tried Christianity and Islam. Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), a philosopher, unleashed the concept of Zionism as a vehicle for world domination. Rothschild males (1790-2016) are the greatest prophet of Zionism. Rothschild, utilizing their system of central banks and paper money currencies have enslaved some seven billions of humans.  By controlling the governments of nations, and the access to supply of money, Rothschild seized control of earth. Rothschild currencies are the major Gods of the human experience. I'm not aware of any human being who isn't enslaved by Rothschild. Jews are Caucasians. It's ridiculous for Africans to refer to themselves as Jews. Africans who identify themselves as Christians, Muslims and Jews are out of their right minds. Macedonians (Greeks) and Romans are the founders of Christianity worshipping of the sun and Saturn. Indigenous African religious systems existed predating the elements of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.  Why would conscious Africans subscribe to being subservient to Caucasian vehicles of white supremacy and world domination? Ignorance has no place in this age of access to information. The super information highway  (internet) is the greatest educational facility of the human experience. Africans need to use the internet as a means of self-emancipation. It's African consciousness and sociology which is the route to salvation of Africans. A Luta Continua

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