Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Research Interests

I am a member of the kinship of Sancho of Nabaclis and Golden Grove Village District.  The following are amongst my research interests;
History of the kinships of Campbell, Sancho, Younge, Bentick, Solomon, Friday, Kissoon and Sandy and others.
The history of the working class people of the villages of East Coast of Demerara. The primary locations are; Nabaclis, Golden Grove, Victoria, Buxton, Friendship, Ann's Grove, Haslington, Beterverwagting, and Plaisance. I focus on the Slaves. Apprenticed and Indentured Labourers, Shareholders of Plantations, and the advocates of Community Development.
The aftermath of the Demerara Slave Revolt of August 1823 on the plantations.  The biographical information of the Guyanese teachers who were trained at Shortwood, Mico and St. Joseph colleges in Jamaica, Rawle in Barbados, Trinidad, Mico in Antigua and Bishop’s College , and Government Teachers’ Training College in  British Guiana, 1831-1966
Lists of Registered Sicknurses and Dispensers, Chemists and Druggists, Nurses, Nurse-Midwives, Dentists,1857 - 1966
Organizations and their organs, Education, agriculture and local government administration in rural communities. 
I am wondering whether you could point me to the immediate relatives of Leon Campbell, and Pamela Sancho.  I need to be enlightened regarding the relationships of Leon Campbell, and Pamela Sancho to my known relatives.
I would love to communicate with Col. Ulric Pilgrim, and Grease Lightning Pilgrim. I need to locate and communicate with members of the kinship of Pilgrim of Victoria and Buxton and Friendship village districts . . . 
I need to learn who the relatives of station master Charles Pilgrim are. I need to learn whether they are aware of the exact nature of his relationship to the people of Sancho.
I was also an enlisted member of the Guyana Defence Force. I am a younger brother of Captain Compton Ross. It is my understanding; Captain Victor Orlando  Wilson and Compton Ross were the officers in command of the first three groups of cadet officers in GDF who were trained in Guyana.  . He trained Davidson, Maynard and others.
I served from March 30, 1974 to November 15, 1977.  I was called for the most part, either Young Ross or Little Manish Puppy.  As the time went by I was simply called Puppy.  I did not mind that at all. In fact I rather enjoyed those aliases.  I do not think Captain Compton Ross wanted to be known as Manish Puppy. During the stint I had in the army; the commanding officers were Lt Boyce, Recruit Training, Tacama Battle School, Training Corps, March 30, 1974 - June 30, 1974 and Captain Victor Orlando Wilson, Captain George Arlington Davidson, and Lt. Edward Collins in D Company, June 30, 1974 - November 15, 1977. Collins would become a career soldier. He was appointed Chief of Staff.
During that three years’ period I admired the following;
Col. Ulric Pilgrim, Col. Carl Morgan, Col. Joseph Singh,  Maj. Fairbairn Liverpool, Maj. Marcus Monroe, Maj. Brenda Aaron, Capt. Ian C. Fraser, Capt. George Arlington Davidson, Capt. Victor Orlando  Wilson, 2Lt. Davis, and 2Lt. Aubrey Retemeyer.

WO 1  Bolton Sutton, WO 1  “Jungle Jim” Gerard, L/Cpl. Sugrim, L/Cpl. Moe, L/Cpl. Malcolm Grogan, Sgt. Leland Solomon, Sgt. Ewart Reynolds, and my squaddies Herman Reynolds and Dennis Simon.

I am trying to contact Curly Kissoon. I believe Curly Kissoon is a relative. I need to decipher the Kissoon-Solomon union. I also need to become enlightened respecting the names of my Kissoon and Solomon ancestors and their immediate relatives.

I am also curious; respecting the deaths of two Indo-Guyanese GDF officers, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I believe both were murdered. The officers hailed from the upper Corentyne region. Ramesh Narine  resided at Skeldon. The other was a resident of either # 67 or # 68 village. Ramesh Narine  was a school teacher at Skeldon Line Path Skeldon Government Secondary School. The Officers died in questionable circumstances. The official causes of deaths were said to be vehicular accidents.

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