Tuesday, March 8, 2016

community over personal construction over frustration and dissatisfaction

Personal not community perception not construction frustration and dissatisfaction propaganda
The attitudes and behaviors of the PNC and their supporters have always reflected hostility to the achievements of the shareholders. It is as though they never existed. The business of party over community is too ridiculous for my blood. I would not hesitate to remind all and or educate folks that good intentions are all resting in the cemeteries.
It is abundantly clear; in fact problems of objectives observations there is certainly a lack of validity and reliability in the reproduction of the thought process of parrots of the political entities. This phenomena is indeed a world wide
Guyanese society can ill afford to continue upon this path of reckless endangerment to its people. The situation as it exists today can not be described as at all favourable.
The main political parties resolutely oppose and alliance of the two major ethnic groups of the working class people of Guyana. They continue to twist the noose of our political and economic demise and underdevelopment.
Farmers, housewives – all the many mothers and fathers – who instill in me the need for respect for life, property and community. I am indeed grateful, they took their time to nurture me – especially in light of the abyss our young people have now apparently fallen victim in this era. Ronald Austin, Stephen Bamfield, Lennox Cush, William White, Lionel Abel, Edgar Henry, Ebenezer Alexander Trotz,
I am especially grateful to numerous souls who were instrumental in the welfare of my heritage, and the communities they were resident. Allow me; therefore to make mention of a number of them. James Alfred Trotman (1864-1961), Donald Ashley Bevel Trotman and their immediate relatives for nurturing my dearest ancestor of them al; Muriel Sancho. Leopold Duncan Sarrabo and Daniel Thomas Adolphus Jones (1855-1945) for their indomitable spirit. The teachers at Golden grove Wesleyan school who educated and encouraged my mother to be an educator. The members of the extended family and the people of the communities of the upper East Coast of Demerara who in whatever measures contributed to my mother's welfare. Sampson Nathaniel Collins for delivering the invitation to the Most Honourable Marcus Messiah Garvey (1887-1940) to visit the colony of British Guiana. James Donald Ainsworth for the historical articles of the rural communities – and for facilitating and or hosting the visit of E. F. M. Hercules at his residence at Victoria village, East Coast Demerara. LRD Ainsworth, one of my mother's favourite pupils for the interest in my welfare. Rohan Kanhai, another of my mother's favourite pupils for remembering her – and informing me of his appreciation of her efforts, at Enmore Community Center Ground, during his farewell tour of the cricketing venues in Guyana. Roy Clifton Fredericks for emphasizing to me the importance of education, academics over cricket. Fred Wills and Joseph Oscar Fitz Clarence Haynes for supporting my parents and my siblings. Eusi Kwayana and Walter Rodney for championing the cause of the underprivileged working class people. Edward Scobie and Nigel Westmaas for being my mentors. Captain George Arlington Davidson, Captain Victor D. Wilson, Colonel Carl Morgan, Colonel Marcus Monroe, Captain Ice Fraser, for encouraging me to be the best soldier I could be; while an enlisted member of the Guyana Defence Force.
Raymond Drepaul, Hemraj, Rampersaud Tiwari, Balram Singh Rai, Joe Doolam, Reginald Etwaroo, Slingshot Drepaul, Shango Umoja,
I am absolutely positive; their names do not honor their ancestors. I am cognizant Hemraj at Skeldon Line Path Government Secondary School, Derrick Roberts, Mamadou Lumumba and Shango Umoja at Golden Grove Government Secondary School – opened my eyes – with particular reference to knowledge of self.   I remain grateful.
In 1874, Reverend Reginald James Moore published - A Handbook of the causes of non-success and degradation of the Negro race in British Guiana - what is regarded to be the first book written by an African of the Guyanese experience. The twentieth century is littered with outstanding teachers. Among them superb historians, including Norman Eustace Cameron, Jan Carew, Ivan Van Sertima, Brian Moore and Walter Rodney. Eric Williams and Cyril Lionel Robert James among those in Trinidad.
Patrick Benn, Patrick Barker, Kingsley Coddette, Ralph Moore and countless others for touching my life in a positive manner.

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